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Topic: Cheeosaio Nation

1757, October 11, Letter #2

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Sir On the 13th September arrived at his House Judge Friend very Sick from Virginia, he has brought some Horses Loaded with presents, and a White Man to wait on him, the next Day at his own Request I went to see him, as he Lives but Little Distance from the Fort. he told me he was very glad to see me, and if he had been well, he would have sav’d me the Trouble, but as soon as he should find himself better, he would come to have a talk with me, and would Inquire of the Conduct of Some of the Indiens, Expecially, of the Telliquo People, & that he Loved the English, and was always ready to serve them, he also Said he was going to Chotee to speak to the Indiens in favour of the English, how friendly he had been used by them, and at the same time Deliver them Mr. Alkins Talk, which said Talk I send your Excellency a Copy of, the very same Evening I received from Chotee the Compliments of Old Hopp, Little Capenter, the Great Warrier, and other-headmen, Desireing me to come the Next Day to see their Green Corn Dance, and the Path very Clear; Accordingly I went, and was received by Old Hopp, who...

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