Topic: Apalachicola

Treaty of October 11, 1832

The undersigned chiefs, for and in behalf of themselves and warriors, surrender to the United States, all their right, title and interest to a reservation of land made for their benefit, in the additional article of the treaty,...

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Apalachicola Tribe

Apalachicola Indians (meaning: possibly people on the other side). A Hitchiti town formerly situate on the west bank of lower Chattahoochee River, Alabama, a short distance below Chiaha, nearly opposite the present Columbus,...

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Apalachicola Indian Tribe

There has been considerable confusion regarding this tribe, because the name was applied by the Spaniards from a very early period to the Lower Creeks generally, Coweta and Kasihta in one account being mentioned as Apalachicola...

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It takes a village to grow a family tree!
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