Surname: Woodward

Biography of Tyler Woodward

Tyler Woodward was born in Hartland, Windsor county, Vermont, in 1835, and is of Puritan descent. His grandfather fought in the war of the revolution, while his father, Erastus Woodward, participated in the war of 1812. He was educated in the common schools and the academies at Kimball, Union and Meriden, New Hampshire, and Thilford, Vermont. When he reached his majority, he taught school in his native town for one term during the winter. He lived at home until 1860, when he came to Marysville, California, and for one year served as clerk in a hotel of which his brother was proprietor. In the summer of 1861, he went to Washoe county, at the time the gold excitement had broken out in that region. Here for some months he was interested in a saw mill, located on the Truckee river, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where the Central Pacific railroad starts up the mountains. In the spring of 1862, he sold out and came to Oregon, spending the summer prospecting and mining in the vicinity of the Florence mines. The following winter he clerked in a store in John Day’s mines, where Canyon City is now located. He then located at Umatilla and for several months was engaged in stock feeding. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any...

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Biography of John Henry Woodward

John Henry Woodward was born at Peach Orchard in the. town of Tompkins (now Hector), Schuyler County, New York, February 9, 1836, and is the eldest son of John Woodward, who, with his father’s family came to America from London, England, in 1824, settling on a large farm in what was then comparatively a wilderness on the banks of Seneca Lake, New York, where members of the family still reside. Mr. Woodward received his primary education at the county district school. Later on he attended an academy at Peach Orchard under the management of John A. Gillette and was finally prepared for college at the Ithaca Academy, Ithaca, New York, having as classmates Eugene Schuyler, Wm. L. Bostwick, and others who have since become men of note. During his school days young Wood-ward was a leader in athletic and outdoor sports, and is still remembered by his schoolmates for his proficiency in feats requiring muscle and physical endurance. The rugged health he still enjoys, the elasticity of movement and splendid physical condition which now belie the years he has lived may be largely ascribed to his youthful love for physical exercise. After completing his preparations for a collegiate course he commenced the study of law in the office of Douglas Boardman, since Judge of the Supreme Court of New York State. A year later he went to Elmira, New...

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Biography of Frank R. Woodward

Frank R. Woodward, a widely known manufacturer and a prominent resident of Hill, was born in the town of Salisbury, February 9, 1845, son of Daniel S. Woodward, of that place. Ancestors of his Woodward, the first representative of the family in this country, who came here from Ireland in the first half of the last century, and settled in Maine, fought in the war of the Revolution; and his sons, Stephen and Jesse, fought in the second war with England. Daniel Woodward, a son of Jesse, married Dorcas, daughter of Enoch Adams, of Salisbury, who fought in the war of Independence from April, 1775, until its close. In 1848 Daniel moved to Penacook, then called Fisherville, and later to Franklin. Frank R. Woodward received his education in the public schools of Franklin and at Noyes Academy. In 1868 he went to Manchester, where he was employed as superintendent of the Forsaith Latch Needle Factory. Two years later he purchased the business, and in 1872 he moved the plant to Hill. In the following year he sold the needle factory in order to engage in the manufacture of glass-cutters and other light hardware. He has continued in this line of business up to the present time, gaining a wide reputation in Europe as well as in this country. The establishment of the factory in Hill has stimulated the other...

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