Surname: Warner

Biography of Allen Churchill Warner

ALLEN CHURCHILL WARNER-Away back in the days when Britain was a savage country the name Warner appears. In these days there were some tribes who lived in the southwestern part of what is now England, and who were more cultured than the savage races who surrounded them. These civilized peoples had to be constantly on the alert against the barbarians, and it was necessary for them to have outposts to guard against sudden attack These outposts, selected for their quick mentality and physical ability, were called “warners.” Since then the name has been well known in England and America, and one of the members of the family now living in New England is Allen Churchill Warner. He is a successful business man there. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Mr. Warner’s forebears have lived in Massachusetts for many years. The Warners were early emigrants from England to America, and have been prominent in politics and in the professions, and in other honorable callings. The immigrant ancestor...

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Biography of Edward Franklin Warner

EDWARD FRANKLIN WARNER, dealer in farm implements and cultivator of the ancestral farm of three hundred acres, where he passed his days, at Cummington, Massachusetts, was born on the homestead property, November 16, 1844, and died there March 27, 1911. He was the son of Franklin John Marvin and Vesta Wales (Reed) Warner. The Warner family, of ancient English origin, has had many honored representatives in England and America. More than twenty families of the name have coats-of-arms of different designs. Important branches of the name live to-day in the counties of Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk, Warwick, York, England; in Ayrshire, Scotland; and in Ireland. (I) Andrew Warner, immigrant ancestor in America, was born in England about shoo. He came to America in 1632, and was a proprietor of Cambridge in 1633. He was admitted a freeman, May 14, 1634. In 1635 he was living in Cambridge on the northeasterly side of Eliot Street, about midway between the westerly end of Winthrop and Brighton streets. He owned also several other lots in Cambridge, but sold his property there to Captain George Cooke, December 30, 1636, and removed to Hartford, Connecticut. He removed to Hadley, Massachusetts, about 1659, and was one of the first settlers. He died there December 18, 1684. (II) Daniel Warner, son of Andrew Warner, was born about 1640. He married (first) a lady who died September 1g,...

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Dr. Lucien C. Warner, New York

Dr. Lucien C. Warner, New York. It has been my privilege to spend about two weeks in traveling through the Sioux Reservation, and I want to speak especially of the Standing Rock Agency, where there are about 4,000 Indians. It is a grazing country, where it is impossible to raise any crops. Grain and vegetables do not succeed oftener than once in three years. There is no water outside the river and wells, and the water of the wells is often so mineral that it destroys the grass. If you were to give land in severalty and fence off the portion next to water, the rest would be worthless. It must be used for grazing in large parcels. For the Indians to get a living by grazing is not so simple as it might at first appear. I made inquiries as to how much land it would take to keep one cow, and the very best informed men assured me it would take 25 acres. With 160 acres a man could keep 6 cows, but if he had to buy wheat and potatoes, and could raise nothing but meat, that would not be enough to support a family; it would hardly support a single person. Most of the Indians have only 2 or 3 cows, though some have as many as 20 or 30. They realize that only by...

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Biographies of the Cherokee Indians

Whatever may be their origins in antiquity, the Cherokees are generally thought to be a Southeastern tribe, with roots in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, among other states, though many Cherokees are identified today with Oklahoma, to which they had been forcibly removed by treaty in the 1830s, or with the lands of the Eastern Band of Cherokees in western North Carolina. The largest of the so-called Five Civilized Tribes, which also included Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, and Seminoles, the Cherokees were the first tribe to have a written language, and by 1820 they had even adopted a form of...

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Biographical Sketch of John Warner

John Warner dentist at Garden Grove, was born in Otsego County, New York, in 1820. His parents, Zachariah and Laura (Hale) Warner, were natives of Connecticut and of English ancestry. John, the fifth in a family of eight children, learned dentistry at Cincinnati, first started in business in Kentucky in 1840, and from 1865 to 1877 he was at Leavenworth, Kansas, engaged in wholesale queensware and plated-ware. In 1877 he came to Oakland, this State, where he practiced dentistry for seven years. Since coming to Garden Grove he has practiced his profession to some extent, but most of his attention is given to the cultivation of his fruit and ornamental trees and the beautifying of his home. Here he hopes to spend the rest of his life, free from the excitement and worry of business. He is a member of the F. & A. M. and I. O. O. F. He was in early day a Whig, but is now an ardent Republican. Mr. Warner was married in 1853, in Estill County, Kentucky, to Miss Harriet Wilber, a native of the Empire State. Her parents were Church and Hannah Seva (Gambel) Wilber, natives of Barnard, Windsor County, Vermont, and of English, Scotch and French descent. They had ten children, and moved from New York to Michigan when Mrs. Warner was but four years old. They subsequently Iived in Indiana...

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Biographical Sketch of Jesse Warner

Jesse, son of Samuel and Hannah (Sackett) Warner. was born May 6, 1718. He resided in Belchertown and Conway, Massachusetts. He married Miriam Smith, born October 30, 1718. Children: 1. Elisha. born April 1, 1740. 2. Hannah, August 28, 1741 3. Miriam, July 21. 1743. 4. Rebecca, September 16, 1745. 5. Jesse (2), of further mention. 6. Philotheta, born February 21,...

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Biography of Jesse Warner

Jesse (2), son of Jesse (1) and Miriam (Smith) Warner, was born in Conway, Massachusetts, February 1, 1747, died August 14, 1834, and was buried at Orleans. He was father of Jesse Warner (see p. 439) who was a soldier in the War of 1812, was captured by the Indians, taken to Canada, made his escape and returned home, migrated to Michigan at an early date, and died there at an advanced age. He, no doubt, served in the war of the revolution, but Massachusetts records give four of the name Jesse Warner who served, and he cannot be positively identified. Twelve pages of “Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution” are required to register the names and services of Warners in the revolution from Massachusetts alone (volume XVI). In 1796 he settled on what was afterward known as Warner Hill. two miles east of the village of Orleans in the town of Phelps, Ontario county, New York. where he resided until his death. He was a rigid Baptist and fond of theological argument, and very positive that his belief only was orthodox. In 1812, when an epidemic of fever swept the country he was sorely stricken and so near death that his son Lewis measured him and went to Geneva (the nearest point) to obtain a shroud. On his return with it his father was on the road...

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Biographical Sketch of Andrew Warner

Andrew, son of John Warner, of Hatfield, England, was born there in 1595. e came to America in 1630 and in 1632 was a resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts. He removed to Hartford, Connecticut, with the party of original proprietors, and was chosen deacon of the First church there, October, 1633. He held this office continuously until 1660, when, owing to an unhappy and protracted quarrel in the church, he removed with others of the church to Hadley, Massachusetts. An agreement to go was signed “at Goodman Ward’s House in Hartford, April 18, 1659,” among them being Andrew Warner. He was living in Hatfield, October 8, 1660, as a meeting was held at his house there on that date, which passed resolutions of government. This was the beginning of the settlement. He later was an early settler of Hadley, Massachusetts, where he died. The name of his first wife, who was the mother of all his children, is unknown. He married (second) in 1659, before leaving Hartford, Esther, widow of Thomas Selden, who survived him until 1693. Children: 1. Andrew, married Rebecca Fletcher and died in Middletown, Connecticut. January 26, 1681. 2. Robert, married (first) Elizabeth Grant: (second) Mrs. Deliverance Rockwell; he died in Middletown. April 10, 1690. 3. Jacob, married (first) Rebecca ; (second) Elizabeth Goodman; he died September or November 29, 1711. 4. Daniel, of further mention. 5....

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Biographical Sketch of Daniel Warner

Daniel, son of Andrew Warner. “the Emigrant,” died April 30, 1692. He may have lived for a time at Milford, but later was a resident of Middletown, Connecticut. He married (first) Mary , mho died September 19, 1672; married (second) April 1, 1694, Martha, daughter of Robert Boltwood, sister of Sarah Boltwood, wife of his brother Isaac. She died September 22. 1710. Children: 1. Mary, died young. 2. Daniel, married Mary Hubbard. 3. Sarah. born November 25, 1665, married Isaac Sheldon. 4. Andrew, born June 24, 1667. 5. Anna, November 17, 1669, married Isaac Hubbard. 6. Mary, born September 19, 1672, married Samuel Sheldon. 7. Hannah, born January 24, 1675, married Samuel Ingram. 8. John, died aged thirty-eight years. 9. Abraham, born December 20, 1678. 10. Samuel, of further mention. it. Ebenezer, born November 5, 1681, married Ruth Fly. 12. Mehitable, October 1, 1683, married Preserved Clapp. 13. Elizabeth, married, December 26, 1705, Thomas Wells. 14. Esther, born December 15, 1686, married Samuel Henry. 15. Martha. born April 3, 1688, died November 25, 1689. 16. Nathaniel, born October 15,...

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Biographical Sketch of Rufus Warner

Rufus, son of Jesse (2) and Sarah (Warrener) Warner, was born in Conway, Massachusetts, in 1775, died in Ontario county, New York He came to the town of Phelps, Ontario county. with his father in 1796, and later settled in the town of Hopewell, same county, where he engaged in farming. He married Rice, a sister of “Elder Caleb Rice,” whose mother was a sister of Rev. John Leland, of New England fame. Children: Two sons and two...

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Biographical Sketch of Hiram Warner

Hiram, son of Rufus and (Rice) Warner, was born in the town of Hopewell, Ontario county, New York, May, 1808, died October, 1884. He settled in the town of Phelps, same county, in 1836, purchased a farm and built the residence which is yet occupied by the family. He was a Republican and held several of the town offices. While many of the descendants of Jesse Warner have been Baptists, this branch belongs to the Methodist Episcopal church. He married Mary Jane Knapp, born 1809, died April, 1889. Children 1. Maria, married Robert B. Ferguson. 2. Mary Jane, married Edward Aldrich. 3. Rufus, born February 26, 1833, married Charlotte W. Rice. 4. Henry D., of further...

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Biographical Sketch of Henry D. Warner

Henry D., youngest child of Hiram and Mary Jane (Knapp) Warner, was born in the town of Phelps. Ontario county, New York, June 17, 1844, died June 4, 1908. He was a prosperous farmer, owning two hundred and five acres and an orchard of fifteen acres. He was a Republican in politics, and a member of the Universalist faith. He married, January, 1875, Frances Belle Spear, of Maryland ancestry, daughter of James Allen and Mary (Baggerly) Spear. of Clifton Springs, in the town of Manchester, Ontario county, New York. Children: 1. Belle W., married Charles J. Carr, of Dayton, Ohio. 2. Earle S., of further mention. 3. Theodore Henry, born May 16....

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Biographical Sketch of Earle Spear Warner

Earle Spear, eldest son and second child of Henry D. and Frances Belle (Spear) Warner, was born in Phelps, Ontario county, New York, August 12, 1880. His early and preparatory education was obtained in the public schools. He then entered Hobart College, whence he was graduated, class of 1902. with the degree of Bachelor of Letters. Choosing the profession of law he entered the law department of Cornell University, whence he was graduated, Bachelor of Laws, class of 1905. He was admitted to the bar of New York state the same year, and in January, 1906. opened an office in Phelps for the practice of law, where he still continues. In 1908 he was chosen village attorney, and is still in that office. He is president of the Phelps Business Men’s Club, and in 1910 was chosen treasurer of the Cayuga, Ontario, Seneca, Yates, Schuyler, and Honeoye Falls Firemen’s Association. Mr. Warner is a Republican in politics, and a Universalist in religious faith: his societies are: Sincerity Lodge, No. 20, Free and Accepted Masons, of Phelps: Newark Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; Geneva Commandery, No. 29, Knights Templar; Damascus Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, of Rochester. His college fraternities are : Theta Delta Chi and Phi Delta Phi, a legal fraternity. He married, November 26, 1907. Selma. daughter of Charles H. and Lucretia (Dillingham)...

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Biographical Sketch of Samuel Warner

Samuel, tenth child of Daniel and Martha (Boltwood) Warner, was born April 13, 1680. He married (first) May 1, 1715, Hannah Sackett; married (second) Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Morton. Children : 1. Rebecca. born May 6, 1716. 2. Jesse, May 6, 1718. 3. Samuel, October 27, 1722. 4. Nathan, no further record. 5. David. born February 15, 1732. 6. Joshua, December 12, 1733. 7. Hannah, died in infancy. 8. Elizabeth, married Israel Chapin. 9. Abraham, lost at sea. 10. Sarah, married Elijah...

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Spence, Mary Jane Warner Mrs. – Obituary

Mary Jane Warner Spence, age 85, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 surrounded by her eight children. She will be greatly missed by her large and loving family and friends. Mary was born in Baker, Ore., on April 3, 1924, to EJ and Hazel Warner. She married her high school sweetheart Meredith Spence in 1954. She graduated from Baker High School. She enjoyed baking, gardening, and was an accomplished flower arranger. She was a long time member of the Provo Community Church. Mary is survived by her children: Greg (DeeAnn), Tim (Cindy), Loy (Mark) Holt, Roger (Megan), Brad (Anita), Rob (Audrey), Kurt (Marie) and David (Sherry); 14 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents, one brother, and her grandson Christopher. A special thanks to the staff at Highland Care Center of Salt Lake City for their years of dedicated service and loving care of our mother. Funeral services were held Saturday, April 11, 2009 at 2 p.m. at the Berg Drawing Room Chapel, 185 E. Center, Provo, Utah. Interment was held in East Lawn Memorial Hills, 4800 North 650 East, Provo, Utah. Used with permission from: The Record Courier, Baker City, Oregon, April 30, 2009 Transcribed by: Belva...

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