Surname: Wadewitz

Biography of Herman O. Wadewitz

Herman O. Wadewitz, secretary and treasurer of the Racine Trunk Company identified with this industry for more than three decades and has contributed much to the success which has made it an important business concern of Racine. He was born in Port Washington, Wisconsin, July 26, 1865, a son or John F. Wadewitz, who is mentioned elsewhere in this work. With the removal of the family to Racine he obtained a public school education here and was twenty years of age when he started in the trunk manufacturing business, becoming one of the organizers of the Racine Trunk Company, which was established April 1, 1885, by J. F., T. C. and H. O. Wadewitz and A. B. Augustine. Upon the incorporation of the business ten years later he became secretary and treasurer and has so continued to the present time. Not only each year but also each month and day has brought him broader knowledge of the business and its opportunities, and in the line of manufacture the company has kept abreast with the tendency of the age in making improvements which add much to facility and comfort in traveling. They put forth the latest and best that is to be found in trunks and traveling bags of every description and the excellence of their product is demonstrated in the continued growth of their patronage, their output being today...

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Biography of John F. Wadewitz

Broad and varied have been the experiences which have come to John F. Wadewitz because of his extensive travels. A native of Germany, he spent some time in Australia, while in the year 1850 he first arrived in Racine. Here he has made his home almost continuously since, although absent for brief intervals at different periods. In 1886 he established a trunk manufacturing business, which in 1889 was incorporated as the Racine Trunk Company, and in this enterprise he has since been financially interested, although not active in the management, for he is now enjoying a well earned rest, having passed the eighty-fifth milestone on life’s journey. He was born in Saxony, Germany, December 30, 1830. a son of Johan Gottlob and Victoria (Schulz) Wadewitz. The father, who devoted his life to the business of mason contracting, died in Germany. John F. Wadewitz spent the first twenty years of his life in that country and then, in 1850, sailed for the new world, hoping to find better business opportunities and conditions than he believed existed in the fatherland. He spent a brief time in Port -Washington. Wisconsin, and in April, 1850, came to Racine. He did his first work here in a brick yard. He had but eleven dollars remaining when he reached Wisconsin and his financial condition rendered it imperative that he secure immediate employment. For a time...

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Biography of Edward H. Wadewitz

Edward H. Wadewitz, secretary, treasurer and general manager of the Western Printing & Lithographing Company, is prominent among the alert, enterprising and successful business men of Racine, whose efforts have been a substantial factor in the city’s growth and prosperity as well as in individual success. Honored and respected by all, he occupies an enviable position, not only by reason of the success to which he has attained, but also owing to the straightforward business methods which he has ever followed. In the conduct of his interests he has displayed marked initiative, as well as executive force. A native of Wisconsin, Mr. Wadewitz was born in Fredonia, February 22, 1878, a son of Henry and Augusta (Muehlberg) Wadewitz, the latter a native of this state, where her parents located in pioneer times. The father, Henry Wadewitz, a mason by trade, also came to Wisconsin at an early day and eventually removed to Iron Mountain, Michigan, where he passed away in 1892. His wife remained there for a number of years and is now in Racine. Edward H. Wadewitz removed to Port Washington, Wisconsin, about 1890, and in 1894, when a youth of sixteen years, came to Racine, where he was afterward joined by others of the family. He was one of four sons and there was also a daughter in the household. He obtained a common school education and...

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