Surname: Taylor

Biography of S. B. Taylor

S. B. TAYLOR. In no way can the growth and prosperity of a city be determined so well as by the progress made by the leading business houses therein, such always standing as general indices to the city’s condition. Among such business barometers the livery stable should rank in the midst of the first. A prominent one in Galena, Missouri, is that conducted by S. B. Taylor, who enjoys a widespread reputation as an honorable, upright business man. Ohio is his native State, born in Madison County March 4, 1847. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now S. B. is the son of Asa and Eliza Taylor, natives of New Jersey and Ohio, respectively. The father moved to Madison County, Ohio, at an early day and there followed agricultural pursuits until his death in 1883. The mother is still living on the old homestead on the old National Pike, seven miles north of London, and enjoys comparatively good health. Their union was blessed by the birth of...

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Slave Narrative of Dave Taylor

Interviewer: Jules A. Frost Person Interviewed: Dave Taylor Location: Tampa, Florida A Marine In Ebony From a Virginia plantation to Florida, through perils of Indian war-fare; shanghaied on a Government vessel and carried ’round the world; shipwrecked and dropped into the lap of romance – these are only a few of the colorful pages from the unwritten diary of old Uncle Dave, ex-slave and soldier of fortune. The reporter found the old man sitting on the porch of his Iber City shack, thoughtfully chewing tobacco and fingering his home-made cane. At first he answered in grumpy monosyllables, but by the magic of a good cigar, he gradually let himself go, disclosing minute details of a most remarkable series of adventures. His language is a queer mixture of geechy, sea terms and broad “a’s” acquired by long association with Nassau “conchs.” Married to one of these ample-waisted Bahama women, the erst-while rambler and adventurer proved that rolling stones sometimes become suitable foundations for homes – he lived faithfully with the same wife for fifty-one years. “Shippin’ ‘fore de mahst ain’t no job to make a preacher f’m a youngster; hit’s plenty tough; but I ain’t nevah been sorry I went to sea; effen a boy gwine take to likker an’ wimmen, he kin git plenty o’both at home, same as in for’n ports.” The old man bit off a conservative...

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Biography of Capt. George W. Taylor

CAPT. GEORGE W. TAYLOR. It is the men of broad and comprehensive views who give life to communities and build cities, men who in the darkness of adverse circumstances, as well as in more favorable periods, look beyond the clouds, and have the pluck, energy and foresight to push forward their enterprises, extend speculation and fairly wrest success from calamity. Just such a man is Capt. George W. Taylor. He was born n Greene County, Missouri, January 4, 1840, and his father, Martin Taylor, one of the early pioneers of Greene County, settled three miles south of Springfield in 1834, and came from Robertson County, Tennessee. The latter’s father, David Taylor, was a pioneer of Tennessee, came from North Carolina at an early date, settled in Robertson County, and there passed the rest of his days. The family was prominently known in Tennessee, and are well known yet. The early members were leading business and professional men, and took an active part in political matters. They were of Irish origin. The father of our subject was born in 1809, and was killed by accident in Greene County in 1841. He was an old-line Whig in politics and a prominent man in public affairs. He married Miss Catherine Jones, a native of Georgia, and the daughter of William Jones. She was born in 1811, and died January 13, 1893. Five...

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Biography of Shelby D. Taylor

Shelby D. Taylor. A large tract of Champaign County’s fertile acres have been developed and improved by Shelby D. Taylor, who still owns one of the valuable farms of the county, though for a number of years he has lived retired at Champaign. Mr. Taylor came to Champaign County thirty-five years ago. He was born in Morgan County, Illinois, May 15, 1851. His parents, both natives of Kentucky, were George and Polly E. (Tucker) Taylor. His father was born July 20, 1805, and died September 23, 1886, and his mother was born August 15, 1807, and died January 22, 1894. Both of them died in Jacksonville, Illinois. George Taylor spent his active years as a farmer. He and his wife had ten children: Maxmillie, who was born January 6, 1831, and died in February, 1916; Edward A., born January 9, 1833, and died in February, 1912; Benjamin H., born October 2, 1835, and died October 26, 1892; William P., born December 22, 1837, now lives at Springfield, Illinois; Casabianca B., born December 2, 1839, is a resident of Jacksonville; Phoebe, born March 13, 1842, wife of George Scott of Norfolk, Virginia; Sarah F., born May 5, 1844, wife of Edward E. Telling of Champaign County; George Z., born September 20, 1846, died October 21, 1907; John H., born February 20, 1849, a resident of Mattoon, Illinois; and Shelby D.,...

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Biographical Sketch of Knox Taylor

This gentleman, who has furnished for this work the history of the mines with which he has been connected, is a native of New Jersey, born at Highbridge, on the 19th of October, 1873. His father and grandfather are the principal owners of the large Taylor Iron and Steel Works at his native place, the grandfather being the president of the company. Knox Taylor was educated in the noted College of New Jersey at Princeton, graduating in the class of 1895, and he has made metallurgy and mining engineering a specialty. After graduating he went to New Mexico to engage in mining, as his chosen vocation. In October, 1896, he came to Ketchum, Idaho, to take charge of the large mining interests which he now represents. He is a thorough expert in his calling, is a social and courteous gentleman, and withal an enthusiastic sportsman. Just previous to his interview with the writer of this sketch he had killed five out of eight black-tailed deer in the mountains but a short distance from Ketchum; and May 23, 1899, he killed a black bear near the town. Wood River, directly at the door of the residence of the Philadelphia company, where he resides, affords an abundance of fine...

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Biography of William Taylor

For twenty-eight years William Taylor has resided in Latah County, and is therefore one of the honored pioneer farmers of the locality. He has not only witnessed the entire growth and development of this section of the state, but has ever borne his part in the work of progress, and his name should be enduringly inscribed on the pages of its history. A native of the Emerald Isle, he was born in county Armagh, Ireland, April 15, 1820, his parents being Joseph and Elizabeth (Rankin) Taylor. In 1840 the father came to America, bringing with him his wife and seven children. They made the voyage on the sailing vessel Fairfield, and were five weeks on the passage. They took up their residence on Bonus prairie, Boone county, Illinois, near where the city of Belvidere now stands, the father purchasing forty acres of land, from which he developed a fine farm. The city of Chicago was then but a little muddy village and the country was largely unimproved. Both he and his wife were members of the Presbyterian Church, were highly respected people, and each lived to the age of seventy-three rears. William Taylor, their eldest child, was educated in his native land, and learned the mason’s trade, serving a five years’ apprenticeship. After becoming a resident of Illinois he followed that pursuit, doing much of the work in his...

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Biography of Hon. Samuel F. Taylor

Hon. Samuel F. Taylor was not a pioneer of Idaho Falls simply. He was one of a very few who were pioneers at that locality before the town had a beginning, and was active in an enterprise which was influential in locating a town at that point on the Snake river. He came to the place in 1870 with his cousin, J. M. Taylor, who with the firm of Taylor & Anderson, built the bridge across the Snake river at the falls. It was the first bridge in this part of the state, was a great aid to immigration and made Idaho Falls (then Eagle Rock) a point of so much importance on the route into this country, and to the country beyond, that the springing up of a good town there was a foregone conclusion, and only a matter of time. Samuel F. Taylor is a member of an old Kentucky family, and his paternal grandfather was a pioneer in that state. Samuel F. Taylor, Sr., his father, was born there and married Fanny Simpson, and in his time was prominent in that state. Samuel F. Taylor, Jr., was born in Kentucky April 18, 1848, and in 1849 his parents removed to Missouri and located in Lafayette County. His father was a lawyer and a farmer. The family were strict Presbyterians. Samuel F. Taylor, Sr., was an ardent...

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Biographical Sketch of Virgil Corydon Taylor

Taylor, Virgil Corydon; real estate; born, Twinsburg, O., Aug. 4, 1838; son of Hector and Polly Carter Taylor; educated, public schools and Geauga Seminary; married, June 23, 1863, Marguerite Minerva Sachet; issue, four children, Harriet, now Mrs. F. E. Bunts; Katherine, now Mrs. R. O. Carter; Grace, now Mrs. J. B. Cochran, and Alexander S. Taylor; joined the Union Army in Company 1, 84th O. V. I.; commissioned 1st lieut. and assigned to the Army of the Potomac; business career, entered father’s store, and received general education in mercantile lines; came to Cleverland in 1856; entered the dry goods business, and continued in it till the outbreak of the war; for eight years, cashier of the Farmers’ Bank; in 1873, went into the real estate business; has had an active part in the real estate transactions of “the modern Cleveland”; some years on the old school board of East Cleveland; director Chamber of Commerce; member Loyal Legion, Euclid, and Union Clubs, and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Recreations: Hunting and Fishing; spend summers among the Thousand...

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Biographical Sketch of Henry Taylor

Taylor, Henry; florist; born, England, March 16, 1852; son of Charles and Susan New Taylor; educated, West Fendred British National School; married, Wellsville, O., Feb. 8, 1877, Susan Coyle; issue, five children; at the age of 16, began working at plumbing; followed that until 1908; worked for some of the best firms in Cleveland, Cincinnati, O., and Lafayette, Ind., as a journeyman plumber; held responsible positions with good firms in all the abovenamed cities; 1908, started in the florist...

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Biographical Sketch of Frank S. Taylor

Taylor, Frank S.; attorney; born in the country, near Alliance, O., Dec. 11, 1879; son of Hugh S. and Catherine Taylor; educated, Alliance High School, Mt. Union College, and took legal training at Ohio State University; married, Jamestown, N. Y., April 11, 1909, Mabel C. Todd; June 12, 1904, began the practice of law in Cleveland; member Masonic Lodge, and Knight of Pythias, and The Tippecanoe...

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Biographical Sketch of Frank F. Taylor

Taylor, Frank F.; oil business; born, Cleveland, July, 1867; educated, public schools; married, Cleveland, 1892, Carrie J. Dennis; issue, two sons and one daughter; started in the lubricating business with the Excelsior Refining Co.; twenty-seven years ago, went with The Stevens Grease & Oil Co.; treas. and director of the company; member Chamber of Commerce, and Automobile...

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Biographical Sketch of Alexander S. Taylor

Taylor, Alexander S.; real estate operator; born, Cleveland, April 3, 1869; son Virgil C. and Marguerite M. Sacket Taylor; educated, public schools and Brooks Military Academy, graduating in 1888; married, Cincinnati, O., May 16, 1894, Clara Therse Law; issue, one son, Virgil Corydon Taylor, second; served five years in the Gatling Gun Battery; never held political office; in 1911, was tendered directorship of public works under Mayor Baehr, and has been under consideration as Republican nominee for mayor; in 1892, became member of firm of V. C. Taylor & Son; 1908, elected pres. of Cleveland Real Estate Board; 1910, elected pres. of National Association of Real Estate Exchanges; director Guarantee Title & Trust Co., The Bailey Realty Co., Cleveland Paper Box Co., Cleveland Collateral Loan Co.; pres. Coventry Road Land Co.; vice pres. The Wilbrandt Co.; treas. and director The United Realty & Investment Co., trustee The Cleveland Real Estate Board, The Babies’ Dispensary and Hospital; director The National Association of Real Estate Exchanges; member Loyal Legion, Sons of American Revolution, Rotary Club, and Chamber of Commerce; member Athletic, Union, Tavern, Euclid, Mayfield, and Country Clubs; the firm conducts general real estate business, and enlarged transactions, resulting in the erection of large buildings in the downtown section, including the First National Bank Bldg., the Hippodrome Bldg., the Higbee Bldg., the Wilbrandt Bldg. and the New Statler Hotel; also handle...

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Biographical Sketch of William N. Taylor

Taylor, William N.; mnfgr.; born, New Straitsville, August, 1879; son of Thomas and Ester Taylor; educated, common schools, New Straitsville; finished in mechanical engineering; married, Cleveland, Aug. 9, 1904, Mary A. Beerer; issue, one son and one daughter; active in politics, but has never run for any office; organized The Taylor Machine Co., which manufactures dairy supplies and gear cutting; has interest in several important patents; member Y. M. C. A., Foresters. Recreations: Motoring and...

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Biographical Sketch of John Warren Taylor

Taylor, John Warren; law and real estate; born, Mecca, O., Nov. 10, 1851; son of William D. and Mary A. Moran Taylor; educated, West Farmington Seminary, University of Michigan, LL. D., 1898; not married; adopted daughter, Mary B. F. Taylor; studied law; admitted to the bar in 1876; practiced in Warren, O., until 1884; resident of Cleveland since 1884; pres. and treas. The Taylor Land & Improvement Co.; pres. and treas. The Taylor Realty & Investment Co.; director Land Title Abstract Co.; director Cleveland Real Estate Board; member Euclid, and Colonial Clubs, Cleverland; Detroit Country Club, Detroit, Mich.; Ohio Society of New...

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Biographical Sketch of F.M. Taylor

F. M. Taylor, farmer in Coffee County, was born January 16, 1845, in Tennessee. He is the son of Daniel and Mary (Angel) Taylor, the former born about 1813, in Tennessee, and the latter about 1811, and is still living, while her husband died in 1846. His grandmother, also Mary Angel by name, a native of Virginia, died in 1885, about one hundred years old. Leaving the farm, our subject served a year in Company A, First Tennessee Infantry. Not yet eighteen, he was discharged on account of his years, and after two years’ teaching, he began his life of farming, uninterrupted except from January 1, 1883, to October 1, 1885, in general merchandising at Manchester. Blowing spring, a natural curiosity, is located near his land. December 17, 1863, he married Lucinda J., daughter of Anderson and Rebecca Lambert. Their nine children are Andrew J., William T., Robert E. L., Sarah E. (died September 1878), Albert S., Eliza J., Roger S., Lulu F. and Josephus Z. Mr. Taylor served two terms as magistrate, is justice of the peace, a member of the Masonic order and of the Separate Baptist Church. He is a democrat. Mill Cove is a remarkably finely watered land and well...

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