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Surname: Shelor

Biography of Henry Stanley Shelor

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Henry Stanley Shelor is conducting a general insurance agency at Muskogee and has here developed a business of large extent that is indicative of his close application, his persistency of purpose and his sound judgment in all that he undertakes. He was born in Montgomery County, Virginia, September 14, 1879, and is a son of Crockett Pierce and Clara (Abell) Shelor, the former a planter, well known in the Old Dominion. Henry S. Shelor obtained his education in the public schools of Danville until he had completed his high school course and then entered the Danville Military Institute. His initial step in the business world was made as secretary to the Superintendent of the Southern Railway, a position which he occupied for two years. He was afterward with the American Tobacco Company of New York, for a similar period, connected with the manufacturing department. In September, 1905, he came to Muskogee with the Dawes commission and through the intervening period has here made his home, a contributing factor to the growth and progress of the city and state. He served for a time as United States court reporter and for a year and a half occupied the position of under sheriff of Muskogee County. In 1910 he established a general insurance agency, since which time he...

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