Surname: Robertson

Biography of Alexander Robertson

Alexander Robertson, Mayor of the City of Belleville, and one of its prominent barristers, is a native of the Province of Ontario, being born at Trenton, County of Hastings, December 5, 18 38. His father was William Robertson, lumber merchant, from Glenelg, Inverness-shire, Scotland, coming to Canada in 1827; his mother, Jane Simmons, a native of Canada, and daughter of a United Empire Loyalist. William Robertson, who died in 1861, was a descendant of the Robertsons of Strowan, “who were noted for their bravery and fine physique.” When James I. was murdered in Black Friars Monastery, in the presence of the Queen and her attendants, by Sir Robert Graham, the murderer made his escape to the Highlands, hiding in the Braes-o’-Mar, where he was captured by Robert, grandson of Robert of Athol, founder of the Clan Robertson. For this brave deed, and the taking of Graham to the Queen, he was rewarded with a Crown Charter, dated in 1451, erecting a large quantity of lands into a free Barony, and also with a coat of arms “A naked man, manacled under the achievement, with the motto, Virtutis gloria merces.” Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS...

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Biographical Sketch of W. M. Robertson

W. M. Robertson, firm of Robertson & Campbell, attorneys at law. Is a native of Delaware County, N. Y.; at about the age of ten, came with his parents to Forreston, Ill.; in 1867, he commenced the study of law; was admitted to the bar in 1869, at Ottawa, Ill.; has since been actively engaged in the practice of his profession, first practiced in Ogle County. In 1874, came to Norfolk, Neb.; soon after removed to Madison, where he has since resided; was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1875, which framed the Constitution of Nebraska. He enlisted in 1864, in Company D, One Hundred and Forty-second Illinois Volunteer Infantry; served about six...

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Biography of Fred Robertson

Fred Robertson, the present United States district attorney for Kansas, with office and residence at Kansas City, Kansas, had been a resident of this state since 1885. It is only necessary to recall some of the early conditions of his life in Kansas to show that he had won his way to influential poaition over many obstacles. He was fourteen years old when his parents came to Kansas, and he had been born in Orange County, New York, and his early boyhood was spent on a farm, with an education in the district schools. His parents were John M. and Nancy E. (Haley) Robertson. It was an economic reason that brought his parents to Kansas. They were people in limited circumstances in the East, and it was for the purpose of securing cheap land and getting the opportunities of the wide open West that brought them to Kansas. Their first home was a sod house in Cheyenne County. Later they removed to Rawlins County, where the mother died. In spite of the adverse conditions of pioneer life they prospered at first, but subsequently the farm could hardly be made to pay on account of continued drought and general financial and local conditions. In 1901 John M. Robertson moved out to Seattle, Washington, where he still resided. From the time he came to Kansas until comparatively recently Fred Robertson lived...

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Biographical Sketch of Archibald Robertson

Archibald Robertson, born in Scotland, in 1708, emigrated to America in 1754 with his wife, Elizabeth, and children. He came to Chesterfield, and December 14, 1775, he was chosen to represent Chesterfield and Hinsdale in the provincial congress, that was to assemble at Exeter, the twenty-first of that same month, being the first person ever chosen by the town for such a purpose. James, son of Archibald, came to Chesterfield in 1762, married twice, first, Sarah Bancroft, and second, Mrs. Mary Snow. Ebenezer, one of his large family of children, was born July 7, 1787, married Phila, daughter of Samuel Walker. Noyes, the third child of Ebenezer, was born November 4, 1818, married for his first wife Evaline M., daughter of David Day, and had born to him one son, Edgar, who died at Springfield. Ill., November 13, 1879. He married for his second wife Helen M. Cobb, who bore him two children, Gertrude E., and Cadmen D., both now living in Keene. Mr. Robertson now resides in this town. His wife died July 14,...

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Biographical Sketch of Lauson Robertson

Lauson Robertson, son of Alexander, was born in the town of Chesterfield, N. H., April 23, 1811, in the western part of the town. When a young man he worked in a store for Oscar Cooledge, in his native town. October 13, 1835, he married Edith, daughter of John Harris, of Chesterfield, and came to the town of Alstead and located at the Center, where he kept a store. He remained there for five years when he sold out and removed to what was known as Paper Mill Village, now Alstead, and purchased the hotel and brick store opposite. Here he carried on both enterprises about nine years, when he gave up the hotel. He then built the house where his widow, now Mrs. Kimball, resides, and continued in the store for some years longer, and then, sold out. He carried on a large business, was called upon to settle estates and act as guardian, and was sought often in counsel by his townsmen. He was county commissioner in 1858-’61, and was also selectman. He died October 31, 1863. His family consisted of four children: Herman L., born October 19, 1838, died December 30, 1868; Stella E., born September 18, 1841, died July 16, 1843 ; Edward H., born June 19, 1844, died February 12, 1849; Frank H., born June 18, 1853, and is now residing in Boston, Mass....

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Biographical Sketch of Dr. R. H. Robertson

R. H. Robertson was born in Augusta county, Virginia, September 15, 1819. His parents were also natives of Virginia. He was educated at the University of Virginia, located in Albemarle county, and received his medical education at the Richmond Medical College, of Richmond, Virginia, under Professors John Cullin, R. E. Bohannon, and Dr. Chamberlain. He began the practice of his profession in his native county in 1842, and removed to this county in 1857, began practice, and has continued ever since. In 1861 he went to Texas, returning in 1869. Dr. Robertson was married, August 22, 1839, to Miss Elizabeth A. Miller, who was born January 11, 1821. The fruits of this union were nine children, seven of whom are living; namely, George A., born June 5, 1840; James S., born March 19, 1842; Henry G., born July 2, 1844; John M., born March 11, 1848; DeWitt C., born October 16, 1853; Virginia, born July 6, 1858; and Laura, born July 1, 1861. Dr. Robertson was elected justice of the peace at the April election of...

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Biography of James W. Robertson

JAMES W. ROBERTSON (deceased). There is little need to portray the virtues or defend the memory of this gentleman, for he lives in the affection of his family and friends as a devoted husband, kind neighbor and public-spirited citizen. During the many years he resided in Christian County he was to the people all that is required in good citizenship, public enterprise and sympathetic friendship. In the love of his estimable wife he found his cares lightened, and in the respect of his fellow-citizens received the reward of his faithfulness. Mr. Robertson was born in middle Tennessee May 15, 1830, to Lindsey Robertson, whose ancestors came from England at an early date. The first member of the family to cross the ocean was Thomas Robertson, who located in the Old Dominion. The original of this notice left his native State and came to Greene County, Missouri, in 1837, locating near Republic with his parents. There he grew to mature years and assisted his father in clearing a tract of Government land, for they were among the pioneers. He obtained such educational advantages as those days afforded, and when about twenty-two years of age branched out for himself. He and his brother, T. E. Robertson, went to the mouth of the Finley Creek and bought the old Lochmer Mill, following milling from 1854 until 1861, when the war put a...

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Biography of William L. Robertson

WILLIAM L. ROBERTSON. Among the worthiest of the representative business men of Christian County, Missouri, stands the name of William L. Robertson, whose standing is high for character, ability and enterprise. He is the eldest but one of the children born to James W. and Martha J. (Payne) Robertson, his birth occurring in Stone County, Missouri, February 23, 1858, at the mouth of Finley Creek. There our subject resided with his parents until three years of age, when they removed to Greene County on Grand Prairie, a mile and a half south of Republic and made their home there for two years. Thence they moved to Iowa, where they remained until 1864, when they came to Ozark, Christian County, Missouri Our subject received the rudiments of an education in the common school and finished in Drury College. After leaving school, he engaged in farming and followed that for three years near Ozark, on the old home place, a mile and a half from that city. He married Miss L. F. Crain, a native of this county, born about four miles north of Ozark, and the daughter of one of the old pioneers, A.C. Crain. (See sketch.) Mr. and Mrs. Robertson are the parents of three living children and have lost two: Annie S. (died in infancy), Ross, Clyde, Myrtle (who died at the age of thirteen months) and Arthur....

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Biography of Thomas L. Robertson

THOMAS L. ROBERTSON. A man’s life work is the measure of his success, and he is truly the most successful man who, turning his powers into the channel of an honorable purpose, accomplishes the object of his endeavor. In the study of every man’s life we find some mainspring of action, something he lives for. In Thomas L. Robertson it seems to have been an ambition to make the best use of his native and acquired powers, and to develop in him self a true manhood. A native of Stone County, born October 26, 1856, his early life was spent in Ozark, attending the schools of that place. Later he became a clerk in his father’s store, and when about twenty years of age went to St. Louis, where he was with a wholesale house for about a year and a half. Returning to Ozark he bought out the interest of Mr. Yoachum and embarked in business with his father. In the year 1874 he entered Drury College and there remained for about a year and a half, thus securing a good, practical education. The business in which he is now engaged is one of the oldest in Christian County, having been established in 1864, and they carry a fine line of dry goods, boots and shoes, hats and caps, clothing, etc., valued at about $10,000. This business is...

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Biography of Alexander S. Robertson

In the field of political life and commercial activity Alexander S. Robertson has won distinction, and today is numbered among the leading, influential and honored citizens of Nampa. A young man, he possesses the enterprising spirit of the west, which has been the dominant factor in producing the wonderful development of this section of the country. Brooking no obstacles that honest effort can overcome, he has steadily worked his way upward until, having long since left the ranks of the many, he today stands among the successful few. A native of Ontario, he was born in Elgin County, June 22, 1863, and when a child of two years was taken to Whiteside County, Illinois, by his parents, J. A. and Christina (McFarlane) Robertson. They made their home in Morrison and the father was accounted one of the industrious and leading farmers of that community. In 1878 the father removed with his family to Exeter, Fillmore County, Nebraska, where he carried on agricultural pursuits until 1883, when he went to Custer County, Nebraska, and engaged in the banking business, being president of the State Bank at Arnold for several years. In 1890 he took up his residence in Boise, where he still makes his home. He has put aside all business cares, and now in his sixty-fifth year is enjoying the rest which he has so truly earned and richly...

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Biography of George M. Robertson

The treasurer of Idaho County, George M. Robertson, of Mount Idaho, is a native of Kaufman County, Texas, his birth having there occurred February 4, 1862. He is of Scotch descent, his great-grandfather, John Robertson, having emigrated from Scotland to New Jersey in colonial days. When the oppression of Great Britain became so intolerable that the colonies rose in rebellion, he joined the American army and served throughout the Revolutionary war, which brought to the nation her independence. He afterward became one of the pioneer settlers of Kentucky, where he spent the remainder of his life. His son, William Robertson, the grandfather of our subject, was born in Kentucky, and removed thence to Missouri, where his active business life was passed. He served as colonel of militia at the time the Mormons were driven out of Jackson County, that state. His son, George W. Robertson, Sr., was born in Missouri, and having arrived at years of maturity married Larcena Van Pool, a native of that state. He was a talented and devoted minister of the Christian church and made the preaching of the gospel of peace his life work. He died in Lewiston, and was called to his final rest in 1889, when fifty-four years of age. His wife, a most estimable lady, departed this life in 1874. They had five children, four sons and a daughter. George M....

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Biography of George W. Robertson

GEORGE W. ROBERTSON- In the person of the subject of this sketch, we have exemplified the typical pioneer qualities that are so worthy of encomium, and that have done so much, for this country, practically making it what it is today, and our subject has spent a life of activity in the industries that develop and build up the country, while he has constantly displayed resources of ability and adaptability for the various positions of life that have held him in his career of varied and interesting achievements, manifesting as well, moral worth and a genial and kindly spirit throughout. George W. was born in Newton county, Missouri, on February 3, 1859, and two years later was brought by his parents across the plains by ox teams to Umatilla county, Oregon. In that place they remained until 1864, then came to Union county and the father bought the farm where our subject now resides, one mile south from Island City, and consisting of one quarter section. In the same year in which they came to the county, the father was called hence by death, leaving a widow and a little group of children in the frontier home. Our subject being the only boy, naturally muh of the burden fell upon him and he nobly wrought as his tender years would allow. In this place he gained his education, working...

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Biographical Sketch of Gunder Robertson

Robertson, Gunder; cement contractor; born, Denmark, March 7, ___; son of Robert Gunderson and Marie Laursun Robertson; educated, Denmark; married, Painesville, 0., June 1, 1890, Annie M. Robertson; issue, eight children.

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Biography of Willis Grafton Robertson

Willis Grafton Robertson, member of the Muskogee bar, his attention being devoted to civil law practice, was born in Jefferson county, Missouri, December 10, 1850, and is a son of James A. and Mary J. (Cundiff) Robertson. The father, a farmer by occupation, was born in the year 1818, in what was then the territory of Missouri, and in the early days he hauled iron ore to St. Louis with ox team. He died at the notable old age of ninety-three years, while his wife lived to the advanced age of eighty-nine years. She was a native of Kentucky and went to Missouri during her girlhood days. Willis O. Robertson was reared upon the home farm, his early educational advantages being such as were accorded in one of the old time log schoolhouses of Hickory county, Missouri. The father and one brother of Willis G. Robertson were soldiers of the Union army during the Civil war and thus much of the work of the farm devolved upon the subject of this review. He early became familiar with the tasks of plowing, planting and harvesting and continued upon the farm until he reached the age of twenty-seven years, when he determined to turn his attention to professional interests and became a law student at the county seat of Hickory county, entering the office of F. W. Wilson, who directed his...

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