Surname: Peniston

Biographical Sketch of Theodore Peniston

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Was born in Jessamine County, Kentucky, May 6, 1812. His father, Robert P. Peniston, was one of the first settlers of Daviess County. His mother’s maiden name was Miss Nancy Nuttall. Our subject was principally reared on a farm, and educated in Kentucky. In 1831, he came with his parents to Daviess County, Missouri, and settled where the old town of Millport formerly stood. It was in this town that Robert P. Peniston operated one of the first mills in the County. February 17, 1848, Theodore Peniston was married to Miss Susan Witdams, daughter of George Williams, both natives of Virginia. The issue of this union was six children, whose names are as follows: Frances Matilda, wife of Dr. A. F. McFarland, of Gallatin; George W., Anthony, William P., Mary Ann and Robert. Our subject is one of the oldest settlers now living in this section of the County, and has done a great deal to promote the County’s welfare. In former days he practiced law in addition to superintending the working of his farm. He is regarded by all who know him as a quiet and valuable...

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Biography of William Allen Piniston

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now William Allen Piniston. Among the farmers of Shawnee County the results of whose operations render a good account of their husbandry, is William Allen Peniston, the ownor of a well-cultivated property located near North Topeka, where he had been a resident since 1888. A member of the publicspirited, progressive class, he had aided his community while advancing his own interests, and although not an office seeker or public figure as a politician, had wielded some influence in the locality in which he had made his home for so many years. Mr. Peniston was born in 1856, in Pike County, Ohio, where the family was well and favorably known for nearly a century. Joseph Peniston, his grandfather, located in that region in early territorial days, or long before the county was named in honor of Col. Zebulon Montgomery Pike, who passed through the neighborhood about 1805 while on his way to Pike’s Peak, Colorado. Joseph Peniston was a farmer by vocation and took up a claim in the new country, where he developed a good farm from the wilderness and lived to see the community grow and prosper as a fertile agricultural region. George Peniston, son of the pioneer and father of William A. Peniston, was born in Pike County, in 1800, and, like his father, was...

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