Surname: Paschal

Biography of Ridge Paschal

Ridge Paschal was born July, 1845, at Van Buren, Arkansas, the second son of George W. Paschal, supreme judge at Arkansas, and author of Texas Digest of Decisions and Texas Digest of Laws, besides other legal works. Ridge’s mother was Sallie, only daughter of Major Ridge, and sister of John Ridge, prominent Cherokees. His father came to the old nation in 1833, being at that time an officer attached to the staff of Scott and Wolfe. When the Cherokees moved west, he went to Van Buren, Arkansas, and resumed the practice of law, becoming attorney for the treaty party of the Cherokees. The subject of our sketch attended Wharton College, Austin, Texas, until 1860, when he was sent to the Virginia Military Institute, where he remained until 1861. Ridge, like the other members of his family, was devoted to the Union, therefore identified himself with the Federals until the close of the war in 1865, when he went to Galveston, Texas, and became editor of Flake’s Bulletin, the organ of the Republican party in that State. Afterwards he entered the law office of J. R. and George W. Paschal, at San Antonio, Texas, and while studying, was the associate editor of the San Antonio Express. His brother dying soon afterward, he entered into partnership with his father, and retained charge of the firm’s business from 1868 to 1874. In...

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