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Lowell Massachusetts Genealogy

Tracing ancestors in Lowell, Massachusetts online and for free has been greatly enhanced by the University of Massachusetts in Lowell which provided digitized version of a large quantity of the Lowell public records. Combined with the cemetery and census records available freely online, you should be able to easily trace your ancestors from the founding of Lowell in 1826 through 1940, the last year of available census records. To add color to the otherwise basic facts of your ancestors existence we provide free access to a wide range of manuscripts on the history of Lowell, it’s manufactures and residents.

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Biography of Cyrus Marden

Cyrus Marden, a prosperous farmer of Epsom, was born in this twon, May 16, 1850, son of David and Ann (Bickford) Marden. The grandfather, William Marden, who was a native of Portsmouth, came to Epsom about the year 1790. He followed the carpenter’s trade in connection with farming during the active period of his life, and died at the age of ninety-two years. Of his nine children two were born before he came to Epsom. David Marden, born in Epsom, and the youngest son of William, in early life assisted upon the home farm. Following the example of his father, he made carpentry and farming his chief occupation. He was a hard-working man, very seldom going from home; and, although the cars ran within a half-mile of his house, he never rode upon them. In politics he supported the Democratic party. He died at the age of seventy-five. His wife, Anna Bickford, was born in Epsom, daughter of Sam Bickford, who was the father of seventeen children. She became the mother of eleven children, of whom Carrie, Noyes, Freeman, Moses, and Cyrus are living. Carrie married James M. Gordon, of Concord, N.H., and has four children-Flora B., Hattie S., Leon S., and Ena L.; Noyes Marden married Ella Merrill, of Concord. Freeman Marden married Lavinia Bickford, of Epsom, and has three children-Etta M., Lillie M., and Nellie R. Moses...

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