Surname: Maher

War With The Modoc – Indian Wars

Early April 16th, the Modoc had a big fire in their camp. Major Thomas dropped a shell directly into it, provoking a frantic war whoop, and causing the sudden extinguishing of the fire. Another shell was dropped in the same locality, and was followed by yells of pain and dismay. The┬áModoc then appeared and challenged the soldiers to come out and fight. Another shell was the answer, and they were driven back. At 4 o’clock A. M. , after another fight, the┬áModoc gave up the attempt to break through the line and retired. Scattering shots were fired on the...

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Biography of Edward A. Maher

EDWARD A. MAHER THE annals of Albany furnish several striking instances of the gradual rise of young men from the humbler walks of life to places of distinction and responsibility in political affairs. And among the number of such persons whose early aspirations have been crowned with success is included the name of ex-Mayor Edward A. Maher. His career is certainly a notable one, while it is full of inspiration and encouragement to young men. He was born in the city of Albany on the 20th day of May, 1848, little over forty years ago. He was not rocked in the cradle of wealth and luxury; and yet in his young, healthful, vivacious life there seemed to exist the elements which are necessary for the proper development of a genuine self-made man. While childhood’s days were passing over him he delighted not in the sports of reckless boys on the streets or in the fields, but was longing after something more substantial and elevating. His parents gave him all the advantages within their means of obtaining a good education. When a mere child they placed him in a public school of the city, where he was not slow in learning his lessons, or in forming the studious habits of mental discipline. As he grew older he became a pupil of the State Normal school, from which excellent institution he...

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