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Surname: Greeson

Biography of William R. Greeson, M. D.

WILLIAM R. GREESON, M. D. This gentleman is one of the successful physicians of Van Buren County, Arkansas, and as he has ever been very conscientious in the discharge of his professional duties, is well up with the times in medical lore, and as he has the ability to apply his knowledge at the proper time and in the proper place, it is not to be wondered at that he has always had a large patronage. He was born in Tennessee, January 5, 1850, and received his literary education in the schools of Clinton. In 1872 he took up the study of medicine in the University of Louisville, Kentucky, and graduated from the Vanderbilt University class of 1881-82. Immediately thereafter he came to Clinton, Arkansas, and established himself in the practice of his profession, which he continued exclusively up to 1887, at which time he entered the mercantile business with his father, although he did not allow this occupation to interfere in the smallest degree with his practice. In 1894 his father retired from the business, and C. W. Patterson took his place, the firm taking the name of Greeson & Patterson. The Doctor has always done a general practice and during the twenty-two years that he has been a follower of the healing art he has made both name and fortune for himself. He is a member of...

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