Surname: Gist

Early Exploration and Native Americans

De Soto and his band gave to the Choctaws at Moma Binah and the Chickasaws at Chikasahha their first lesson in the white man’s modus operandi to civilize and Christianize North American Indians; so has the same lesson been continued to be given to that unfortunate people by his white successors from that day to this, all over this continent, but which to them, was as the tones of an alarm-bell at midnight. And one hundred and twenty-three years have passed since our forefathers declared all men of every nationality to be free and equal on the soil of the North American continent then under their jurisdiction, except the Africans whom they held in slavery, and the Native Americans against whom they decreed absolute extermination because they could not also enslave them; to prove which, they at once began to hold out flattering-inducements to the so-called oppressed people of all climes under the sun, to come to free America and assist them to oppress and kill off the Native Americans and in partnership take their lands and country, as this was more in accordance with their lust of wealth and speedy self-aggrandizement than the imagined slow process of educating, civilizing and Christianizing them, a work too con descending, too humiliating; and to demonstrate that it has been a grand and glorious success, we now point with vaunting pride and haughty...

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Biography of Almon A. Gist

Almon A. Gist. Arkansas City is one of the most important points on the system of the Santa Fe Railway, the Oklahoma & Gulf Line there connecting with the eastern and western divisions of the system. Many of the important offices connected with the traffic and operating departments are located in Arkansas City, and some of the men who have risen highest in the service have their business headquarters there. One of them is A. A. Gist, now train master, who had been a railroad man during the most of his active career and had been located at Arkansas City since 1909. Mr. Gist is a native of Kansas and is a member of that prominent Scotch-Irish family of Gists which were Colonial settlers in Virginia and some of whom were frontiersmen in extremely early times. There was a Gist whose name is frequently mentioned in the history of Revolutionary times, was a path finder over the Alleghanies, and was frequently employed by Washington and other notables of the time. From Virginia the family came west and were pioneers in Missouri, where they located about the time that district was acquired as part of the Louisiana purchase. Mr. Gist’s paternal grandfather, William J. Gist, was born in Missouri as early as 1810, nine years before Missouri became a state. He spent his life there as a farmer, and died...

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