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Surname: Gildersleeve

Biography of Charles F. Gildersleeve

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Charles Fuller Gildersleeve, Mayor of Kingston, and one of the leading business men of this city, was born here on the 17th of October, 1833, his parents being Henry and Sarah (Finkle) Gildersleeve. His father came from Portland, Conn.; settled in Kingston in 1816; was a ship builder and steamboat owner, and an energetic business man. His maternal grandfather was a United Empire Loyalist. The subject of this notice received his literary education at the High School of Ontario, better known as the Upper Canada College, Toronto; prepared for the profession of law, partly in Kingston and partly in Toronto; was called to the Bar in 1859, and practiced in Kingston for five years. Since March, 1864, Mr. Gildersleeve has been in the steamboat business on Lake Ontario; he owns the steamer Nor email, running between Rochester, N. Y., and Port Hope, Ontario, and the Hastings, plying between Kingston and Belleville. He is, or has been, identified with various public interests; has been President of the Kingston and Pembroke Railway Company since the enterprise was started in 1871, and was for some time Vice President of the Canadian Navigation Company. Probably no man in Kingston is more active in pushing forward local improvements; he was for several years in the City Council, and in January, 1879,...

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