Surname: Feuerbacher

Biography of Frank W. Feuerbacher

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Someone has said that the banking system is the heart of the commercial body, indicating the healthfulness of trade, and the banking institution that follows a safe, stable course is an element in bringing about a substantial prosperity, upon which the growth of a country much depends. With the banking interests of St. Louis Frank W. Feuerbacher has long been identified and he still remains an active factor in financial circles, although he has passed the Psalmist’s allotted span of threescore years and ten, for his birth occurred on the 30th of July, 1850, in St. Louis where his entire life has been passed. His father, Max J. Feuerbacher, was born in Bavaria, Germany, and came to the United States when quite young. After reaching adult age he was engaged for a number of years in the brewery business and here passed away in 1883. Frank W. Feuerbacher was educated in the Christian Brothers College and also in the Rohrer Commercial College of St. Louis, and in early life began learning the brewery business and also that of a malster. At a later date he engaged in malt manufacturing under the firm name of Frank W. Feuerbacher & Company and continued his business along that line for thirty-six years. He also entered banking circles and for...

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Biography of Arthur H. Feuerbacher

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Arthur H. Feuerbacher, president of the Western Foundry & Sash Weight Company of St. Louis, represents a family that has long been connected with the business development of the city. He was here born July 9, 1881, and is a son of Max W. Feuerbacher, who was the founder of the Green Tree Brewery. He was born near Bamberg, Muhlhausen, Germany, June 30, 1835, his parents being John and Doretta Feuerbacher, the former a brewer by occupation, and under his direction the son, Max Feuerbacher, learned the business. He came to the United States when seventeen years of age and found employment in the Uhrig brewery of St. Louis, which was one of the early business interests of the kind in the city. He was afterward an employe at the Philadelphia brewery and eventually he became interested in the firm of Joseph Schnaider & Company in 1857. In 1865 this company built what was known as the Green Tree Brewery at Ninth and Sidney streets. Two years later Mr. Feuerbacher purchased the interest of Mr. Schnaider and a little later was joined in a partnership by Louis Schlossstein under the firm name of Feuerbacher & Schlossstein. At a subsequent date their business was incorporated under the name of the Green Tree Brewing Company, of which Mr....

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