Surname: Ellis

Fanny Taylor, Mrs. Thomas Harding Ellis

The loveliness of Virginia women has been a theme of song and verse. Among the Richmond belles of sixty years ago none were more justly celebrated than that trio known as the Richmond Graces, Sally Chevalier, Fanny Taylor, and Sally Watson. Close companions from early childhood, their unusual beauty as they grew to womanhood brought them fame individually and collectively. Sally Chevalier became the wife of Abram Warwick, Sally Watson, of Alexander Rives, and Fanny Taylor, of whom this sketch is designed to treat at greater length, was twice married. She was educated at the excellent school of Miss...

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Biography of Rewell J. Ellis

Rewell J. Ellis, a well-known Grand Army man and a prominent farmer of Cornish, was born at Brandon, Vt., September 5, 1840, son of Seneca and Aurilla (Bagley) Ellis. His grandfather was John Ellis, who married Margaret Holt, and was the father of Seneca and William Ellis. William, who was born at Shoreham, Vt., went West a number of years ago, and has not since been heard from. The family do not know whether he is living or not. Seneca Ellis was born at sea, July 26, 1809. He was educated in the schools at Brandon, Vt., and subsequently followed the occupation of farmer in Vermont and New Hampshire. The last thirty years of his life were spent in Cornish. In August, 1862, he enlisted in the Sixteenth New Hampshire Regiment, and afterward was in action at New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and in Florida. Although his term of enlistment was but nine months, he remained in the service for nearly a year. He August, 1863, suffering from a mortal illness contracted in the war. The desire of seeing home faces appears to have kept him alive until it was gratified. He died a few days later, having given his life for his country as surely as if he had been shot down on the battlefield. His wife was Aurilla, daughter of Curtis and Phylinda (Downing) Bagley; and their eleven...

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Biographical Sketch of Benjamin Ellis

Benjamin Ellis settled on South Bear creek in 1815. He was a wheelwright and chair maker, and also had a hand-mill. He had ten children. James Ellis settled on Bear creek in 1819. He married Elizabeth Bowen, and they had six children Edmund, Benjamin, Leeper, William, Fanny, and Martha. Benjamin married Catharine McGarvin, and now lives in Callaway...

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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Thomas J. Ellis

(See Adair and Grant)-Mary May, daughter of Robert Taylor and Sue Krebs (McCoy) Morrison born April 12, 1884 in Sequoyah District. Educated in the Cherokee National Schools. Married in Bartlesville Jan. 28, 1901 Thomas Jefferson, son of Thomas Jefferson and V. Elks, born Dec. 16, 1881 in Sedan, Chautauqua County, Kansas. They are the parents of Gladys, born May 10, 1905; Evelyn, born June 23, 1907 and Judson Ellis, born Oct. 29, 1909. Thomas Jefferson Ellis is a member of the Masonic fraternity and is one of the substantial cattlemen and bankers of Washington County. One of the leading democrats of Washington County, he was appointed as the first county assessor in 1911 and elected to the same office in 1912. Ellen, daughter of Andrew and Mary (Miller) Adair married Richard Martin, son of Alexander and Sarah Elizabeth (Hicks) McCoy and they were the parents of Mrs. Sue Krebs (McCoy)...

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Slave Narrative of Elsie Pryor

The first Mistis I remember was named Mary Ellis, she was part Choctaw Indian. I don’t remember ole Marster at all. When ole Miss’s daughter got married, ole Miss give her a little nigger girl. That was me an’ when I was a little thing, too. I don’t remember who young Miss married. They didn’t tell little niggers nothin’, we just found out what we could and din’t pay much tention to that. An’ not much ‘tention to what we saw. We was jes like little varmints. They’d cut arm holes and head holes in croker sacks and tell us to put them on and go along to work and we did, too. That was the only garment we would wear. We’d go ‘long totin’ in chips, and wood and just anything they had for us to do. I was sold so many times I hardly knew who my marster and mistis were. First good price come ‘long, away I’d go. They said I was nine years old when the niggers were freed. I din’t know ’cause I couldn’t read nor spell nor nothing. I only knew what they told me and they didn’t tell us little niggers much, and they’d give us a whack up the side of the head if we asked too many questions. The first dress I remember having besides croker sacks, was cotton homespun....

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Biography of Abraham Ellis

Abraham Ellis, for many years a resident of Miami County, was popularly known as “Bullet-Hole Ellis,” from the fact that for twenty-three years he carried a deep wound, almost in the center of his forehead, in which had originally been buried a bullet fired by the noted raider, William C. Quantrill. His recovery was one of the most remarkable in surgical annals, and the ball which inflicted the wound, as well as the twenty-seven pieces of froutal bone which were picked from his skull at the time, are among the remarkable exhibits displayed in the Army and Navy Medical Museum at Washington, D. C. Mr. Ellis was born in Green County, Ohio, April 22, 1815, and for many years in his earlier manbood was a successful teacher, but his health compelled him to cling to the soil. In September, 1857, he left Ohio and located in Miami County, six miles from the Missouri line. He was therefore in the very hotbed of the Border warfare, and his strong free-soil sentiments and capacity for organization made him a personal friend, a co-worker and a tristed lieutenant of John Brown. In October, 1858, he was elected a member of the Territorial Legislature and in the following December a representative of the lower house of the First State Legislature. At that time Mr. Ellis was county commissioner and superintendent of public instruction,...

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Biographical Sketch of E. Ellis, Jr.

E. Ellis, Jr. was born in McLean county, Illinois, November 5, 1853. His father, Elijah Ellis, was a native of Virginia, and his mother, Gracie Canada Ellis, a native of Illinois. His parents came to Missouri in 1859 and located in Daviess county, where they still live. The subject of our sketch received only a common school education, and at twenty. years of age went to Texas where he remained about eight months and then came back to Missouri and farmed one year. In the fall of 1873 he began the drug business in Coffeysburg, remaining one year, then removed to Havana for a short time and returned. to Coffeysburg where he remained till August, 1875, then permanently located in Pattonsburg. Here he has succeeded well and built up a fine business. He has been the architect of his own fortune, for with but a limited education and no finances he has within a few years conquered and. become well read in medicine and surgery and has gained considerable property, owning a residence and business house, and doing an extensive and lucrative business. He still continues his studies and is continually adding to-to his fine library. He was married, February 14, 1876, to Miss Sarah Belle Coffey, born in. Indiana, November 5, 1855. Her parents moved to Missouri and still live’ in this county. He is a leading member...

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Biographical Sketch of Clark Ellis

Clark Ellis, druggist, was born in Ohio, in 1843, and with his widowed mother, moved to Harrison County, Iowa in 1853. He enlisted in 1862, in Co. C, 29th Ia. Inft.; returned to this county at the close of the war, and engaged for a time in farming, after which he established his present business. He graduated from the Iowa State Pharmacy in 1880. A.M. Ellis, an older brother, now engaged in the stock business at this place, is also an old settler of this county. He enlisted in Co. H, 15th...

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Biographical Sketch of Timothy Ellis

Timothy Ellis was born in that part of Keene which is now Roxbury, about 130 years ago, upon the place where William Ellis now lives. Samuel son of Timothy. was born there, where he lived until he was about thirty years of age. He then moved to Stockbridge, Vt., where he remained four years, and then he came to Fitzwilliam, where he died in 1826. George W., son of Samuel, was born in Keene, came to this town in 1814, and lives on road 15, corner of...

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Biography of George Dabney Ellis

One of the founders of Boise City and one of the most active spirits in the upbuilding and progress of this thriving place during the past quarter of a century has been George D. Ellis, a pioneer of Idaho, whither he came in 1863. He is and has been the president of the Capital State Bank of Boise City for several years; is a stock-holder and general manager and treasurer of the electric street-car line of this place and is a stock-holder and a director of the Artesian Hot & Cold Water Company, besides having materially aided and fostered many other local enterprises calculated to benefit the city. He is a man of great public spirit, ever ready to do all in his power to promote the well-being of his brother men; and herein lies one of the secrets of his popularity. By birth George D. Ellis is a Virginian, and comes from one of the honored old families of that state. His father, Thomas Ellis, married a lady of the same state. Miss Polly Ballard, and ten children were born to them, five of the number still living. Thomas Ellis, who was a soldier of the war of 1812, lived to be seventy-seven years of age, and his wife departed this life when in her seventieth year. George D. Ellis was born in Albemarle County, Virginia, April 10,...

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Biographical Sketch of John Warfield Ellis

Ellis, John Warfield; mfg. chemist; born, Princeton, Ill., Aug. 28, 1877; son of John and Ella H. Gary Ellis; educated at North-western University; married. Cleveland Oct. 18, 1909, Mildred L. Furness; one son, born Feb. 6, 1911; pres. and mgr. Prescott Chemical Co.; genl. mgr. Chemical Supply Co.; member Beta Theta Pi, Iris Lodge, F. & A. M., Webb Chapter, R. A. M., Chamber of commerce, Cleveland Athletic and Euclid...

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Biographical Sketch of Charles Ellis

Charles Ellis, of Virginia, married his cousin, Nancy Ellis, and they had Thomas, Polly, Stephen, Elizabeth, Nancy, Charles, Joseph, Martha, James M., and Susan. Mr. Ellis removed from Richmond, Va., to Shelby Co., Ky., in 1815. Stephen married Mary Young, of Kentucky, and settled in Warren Co., Mo., in 1826. In 1847 he removed to St. Charles County, where he died. His children were James, Charles, Nancy, Sarah C., Martha F., Mary H., and William T. Joseph Ellis was married twice; first, to Nancy Netherton, by whom he had Henry C., Mildred C., Charles M., Ann E., Lucy B., Paulina, Joseph, Stephen E., John G., William S., and Martha L. After the death of his first wife Mr. Ellis married the widow of Benjamin Pitts, whose maiden name was Susan R. Simms. Martha Ellis married Thomas Moffitt, of Virginia, who settled in St. Charles Co., Mo., in 1830. Elizabeth married Edward R. Kelso, who settled in St. Charles Co., Mo., in 1831. Then most of their children moved to...

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Biography of R. T. Ellis

R. T. Ellis, a member of one of the old and prominent families of Oklahoma, is well known in agricultural circles of Washington county as the owner of a highly productive and well improved farm near Ochelata. A native of Kentucky, he was born in Rockcastle County and is a son of Thomas J. and Vera Ellen (Smith) Ellis, who were also born in the Blue Grass state, the father’s birth having occurred at Vernon on the 25th of January, 1842. The paternal grandparents were Thomas and Susan (Wadzle) Ellis, the former a native of North Carolina and the latter of Kentucky. Since 1882 Thomas J. Ellis has been a resident of Oklahoma, arriving here at an early period in the development of the state. For many years he devoted his attention to agricultural pursuits and subsequently assisted in laying out the town of Ochelata, where he engaged in merchandising. He was very successful in the management of his business affairs and is now living retired in Ochelata, at the age of seventy-nine years, being highly esteemed as one of the pioneer settlers of the state. When twelve years of age R. T. Ellis accompanied his parents on their removal to Indian Territory, their home first being established on Cotton creek. On starting out in life for himself he took up the occupation of farming, which he continued to...

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Biography of Paris Tilghman Ellis

Paris Tilghman Ellis, of Pittsburg, dealer in insurance, real estate, loans and rentals, is a native Kansan, and since entering business for himself had enjoyed a satisfactory success and at the same time had proved his worth and public spirit as a citizen. Mr. Ellis was born on a farm in Montgomery County, Kansas, June 17, 1878, a son of C. R. and Martha A. (Ferguson) Ellis. In early Colonial days three sailor brothers left England and immigrated to America, locating in the colony of Virginia. From there the family went across the mountains into Kentucky. Mr. Ellis’ grandfather, R. R. Ellis, was born in Kentucky in 1807, and later went as a pioneer into Crawford County, Indiana. There be cleared a farm from the wilderness, engaged in agricultural pursuits, and spent the rest of his life as a farmer. He was one of his community’s most highly respected citizens when he died in 1884 at Hardinsburg. C. R. Ellis was born in 1854, in Crawford County, Indiana, was educated there in the public schools and was reared on his father’s farm. Not long after his marriage he left his native community to seek the greater opportunities of the open West. Thus in 1875 he arrived in Montgomery County, Kansas, and was identified with the early settlement and development of that section. From farming he finally turned his attention...

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