Surname: Dawes

Genealogy of the Reed and Loud Families of Abington, Massachusetts

These families, Reed and Loud, allied by marriage, are still represented in the ancient town of Abington, where for three generations the Reeds have been engaged in the lumber business with other lines connected with it. Reference is made to the late Amos S. Reed, to his son, the late Maj. Edward Payson Reed, and to the present Arthur B. Reed, son of Major Reed, all active business men, prominent and influential citizens of what is now North Abington. Both the Reed and Loud were early Weymouth families, and we take up the records in order. There follows from William Reed, the immigrant ancestor of the North Abington Reed family alluded to, chronologically arranged, the genealogy of the family.

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Ancestry of the Mortons of East Freetown, Bristol County, Massachusetts

The Mortons of East Freetown, Bristol Co., Mass., formerly quite numerous in that vicinity, but not now represented by many of the name, are the posterity of Maj. Nathaniel Morton and descendants of the eminent George Morton.

George Morton, born about 1585, at Austerfield, Yorkshire, England, came to New England in the ship “Ann” in 1623. He had married in Leyden, in 1612, Juliana Carpenter, daughter of Alexander Carpenter, of Wrentham, England. He is said to have served the Pilgrims in important relations before coming to this country, and published in England in 1621 the first history of the Colony, which was entitled “A Relation or Journal of the Beginning and Proceedings of the English Plantation settled at Plymouth in New England.” It is commonly known as “Mourt’s Relation.” He died in 1624.

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Dawes Laurin T. – Obituary

Laurin T. Dawes, 70, died at his Fairview District ranch on Sunday [December 5, 1976]. He was born February 21, 1906 at Silverton, Ore. He came to Ellensburg from Portland in 1930. He was married to Edna Cooke in 1933 and was a...

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Dawes, Edna Cooke Pierce – Obituary

Edna Dawes, 90, lifetime Ellensburg resident, died Wednesday [February 29, 1984] at Gold Leaf Nursing Home. She was born Sept. 4, 1893 in Ellensburg, a daughter of the late Moran and Bell (Fulton) Cooke. She and Laurin T. Dawes...

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Letter From Senator Dawes

Third session, Thursday morning, October 17. The following letter from Hon. Henry L. Dawes, who was unable to attend the conference, was read by Dr. Foster: Pittsfield, Mass.., October 15, 1901. My Dear Mr. Smiley: I had...

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