Surname: Burge

Biographical Sketch of John W. Burge

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Was born in Patrick County, Virginia, September 21, 1838. He is the son of Woody Burge, now living in Daviess. County; his mother died in Virginia in 1836. Our subject was reared principally upon his father’s farm in Virginia. September 10, 1836, he left Virginia for Platte County, Missouri, where he made his home until 1857, at which time he came to Daviess County, where he has been ever since. In 1861 he enlisted in the Confederate army under General Sterling Price, and was in the battles of Carthage, Pea Ridge, Sugar Creek, Pleasant Hill, and finally surrendered at Shreveport. Soon after his surrender he returned home and resumed his labors on the farm. October 29, 1874, Mr. Burge married Miss Nannie Peniston, daughter of Robert Peniston, now living in Livingston County. The issue of this %union is three children; viz., Robert W., William E. and Iva V. Mr. Barge and wife are both members of the church; he of the Cumberland Presbyterian, and she of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. They are regarded .as good neighbors and valuable...

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Biography of Napoleon B. Burge

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now N. B. Burge, of Topeka, whose knowledge of real estate and commercial interests, and whose business ability, have brought him a particularly high standing in the state had lived in Kansas since boyhood and by hard work and ability he had earned the right to associate on terms of easy equality with the leading men of affairs in the state. The Elmhurst Investment Company, the only concern of its kind in Kansas, was organized in the fall of 1910 by Mr. Burge. It was incorporated with a capital of $500,000, and its purposes were to buy and sell state, county and municipal bonds, farm mortgages, and to purchase, sell and develop real estate. Since then the Elmhurst Union Trust Company, performing a regular trust business and handling farm mortgages, had become an important adjunct to the original company. This company is admitted to do business in four states, Kansas, Illinois, South Dakota and Florida. The company had laid out and developed Elmhurst Addition to Decatur, Illinois, Pinehurst Addition to Topeka, Elmhurst Addition to Concordia, Kansas, and is now developing Orangehurst in Orange County, Florida. Orangehurst is a community center and comprises over four thousand acres of land, laid out in ten acre lots, devoted to orange and grape fruit culture. From its organization Mr. Burge had...

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Biography of Will R. Burge

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Will R. Burge. Trained faculties and an enlightened understanding are necessary requisites of a newspaper man in these modern days. The responsibility resting upon the man in eharge of the policy and editorial branch of a newspaper is heavy and should not be lightly assumed. From the time of the discovery of the art of printing, the power of the Fourth Estate has been great, and fortunate indeed is the community whose newspapers are directed and controlled by men of real worth, integrity and knowledge. In Will R. Burge, the City of Cherryvale has a newspaper man of this enlightened class. As proprietor and editor of the Cherryvale Republican he is doing much to forward the interests of his community, and under his management the sheet is becoming a power in Southeastern Kansas affairs. Mr. Burge was born in a log house in the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, October 18, 1880, and is a son of S. B. and Josephine (Grubb) Burge. The Burge family originated in Germany, where the name was originally spelled “Buradge,” and during the days preceding the American Revolution was founded in this country, one of the early members settling in Ohio. John Burge, the grandfather of Will R. Burge, was born in Ohio, and for many years followed farming in Paulding...

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Biography of James A. Burge

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now James A. Burge. The oldest citizen of Fredonia, in point of residence, James A. Burge had watched and participated in the progress and development of this thriving city for forty-seven years, during forty-three of which he was identified with enterprises that contributed materially to the city’s prestige. From 1879 until his retirement, in 1912, he was connected with the Western Union Telegraph Company, first as messenger and later as manager, and the many friendships which he made while acting in these capacities have remained with him during the passing of the years. Mr. Burge was born in Lake County, Illinois, January 17, 1847, and is a son of James and Sarah (Chittenden) Burge. James Burge was born in Somersetshire, England, in 1812, and accompanied his six brothers and his parents to America when a lad, the family first settling in Ontario, Canada. When still a young man James Burge removed to Lake County, Illinois, where he was married, and settled on a farm forty miles northwest of Chicago, at a time when the present Illinois metropolis had only one log hotel. Mr. Burge was a farmer all his life and was successful in his operations, accumulating two properties aggregating 300 acres. He was first a whig and later a republican, and while he was a man...

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