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Surname: Bruton

Biography of Hon. J. J. Bruton

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now There are men, and the number is by no means small, who drift into what we are accustomed to look upon as the learned profession in the same way that thousands of men in the lower walks of life drift into the ordinary bread-winning occupations. Having no special preference for any calling, and without feeling that they have any particular fitness for a certain profession, they find themselves drifting in that direction as a result of associations or environment, and in the course of time they find themselves shouldering responsibilities for which they have scant liking, carrying burdens which rest heavily upon them, and laboring in a field which has for them no attraction other than what is yielded in the way of annual incomes. The prominent lawyer whose name heads this sketch impresses even those who meet him in a casual way as a man who has drifted easily and naturally into his calling, who realizes he has made no mistake in the choice of his vocation, and feels thoroughly at home in the position which he occupies. This first impression deepens as a more intimate acquaintance and familiarity with his life leads to the unbiased and impartial view that the success he has achieved is the logical sequence of talent rightly used, together with...

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