Surname: Brashears

Brashears Choctaw Family – List of Mixed Bloods

The Brashears family represents one of the most industrious and influential included in this study. The genealogical thread running through this line can be traced back to the early Scotch trader, Lachlan McGillivray, and his father-in-law, the French trader aptly named Marchand, in Creek country in the mid-eighteenth century (see Chart 4). This family spans the Creek, Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes. Samuel Brashears was an early trader with the Creeks and married Rachael Durant, the mixed-blood daughter of Ben Durant (another trader) and Sophie McGillivray (the mixed-blood daughter of trader Lachlan McGillivray and mixed-blood Sehoy Marchand). 1Woodward. Reminiscences, 113.┬áHis presence was marked by the naming of Brashears Landing on the Alabama River at the spot where he lived. 2Pickett, History of Alabama, 562. Another Brashears, Turner, is documented as the pro-Spanish trader — among the Chickasaws at Muscle Shoals on the Tennessee River — who furnished liquor to the Indians. During a meeting with the American commissioners there in 1792 some Indians went on a drunken spree which resulted in “a black eye and a dead horse.” 3Jack D. L. Holmes, “Spanish Regulation of Taverns and the Liquor Trade in the Mississippi Valley,” in John Francis McDermott, ed., The Spanish in the Mississippi Valley, 1762-1804 (Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1974) 162.┬áThis is probably the same Turner Brashears who for some years had a stand on the Natchez Trace...

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