Surname: Bergin

Biography of Col Darby Bergin, M. D., M. P.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Darby Bergin, son of William Bergin, Civil Engineer, was born in Toronto, Ontario, September 7, 1826. His father, who was a native of King’s County, Ireland, came to Canada in 1820, and was a merchant for some time in the city where the son was born. His mother, before her marriage, was Miss Mary Flanagan, daughter of John Flanagan of Charlottenburg, County of Glengarry, Ontario. The subject of this notice received his literary education at the Upper Canada College, Toronto; graduated M.D. at the university of McGill College, Montreal, in 1847, and has since been practicing at Cornwall, having an extensive ride and a remunerative business. He was for some time one of the Examiners in the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, and recognized as the head of his profession in the United Counties. The doctor was a Trustee of the Cornwall High School, a member of the Town Council, and for many years physician to the Counties Goal, a position which he resigned upon entering Parliament. When the Trent affair occurred in 1861, he raised a company with great promptness and had command of it; was made a Major in 1866, and has since been promoted to the rank of Colonel of the 59th Stormont and Glengarry battalion of volunteer infantry. Dr. Bergin was...

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Biography of Alfred Bergin B. D., Ph. D.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Alfred Bergin, B. D., Ph. D.The Bethany Church at Lindsborg ever since it was established on the prairies of Central Kansas nearly fifty years ago had been a powerful influence not only in the religious life of Kansas but to a remarkable degree in the social and intellectual advancement of the people of the state. It is the oldest and the parent church of the Swedish Lutheran people who did so much to colonize and develop these prairles from a wilderness into a smiling landscape of farms and towna. The church had a membership of over two thousand people. It was organized by Dr. Olof Olson on August 19, 1869. After Dr. Olson’s ten years of service Dr. Carl Swensson served as pastor all his ministerial life, or for twenty-five years. Dr. Swensson will always be gratefully remembered by the church and by hundreds of people outside of the church. During his pastorate the famous Messiah concerts were started, and there is no one artistic movement or enterprise in the state of Kansas which had become so widely known and is more justly entitled to the appreciation of the cultured classes. The direct resuit of Dr. Swensson’s pastorate was the founding of Bethany College. For the past twelve years Dr. Alfred Bergin had been pastor of...

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