Surname: Avery

Biography of J. C. Avery

J.C. AVERY. – Mr. Avery, the first owner, and, in almost every respect, the founder of Corvallis, was born in Punckhannock, Pennsylvania, in 1817. He received his education at Wilksbarre, and thereafter studied medicine, but, preferring a less confined life than that necessitated by this profession, went as a pioneer to Illinois in 1837. Engaging in the land business, he at length undertook the life of a farmer, and was married in 1841 to Miss Martha Marsh. Farming upon the prairies at that early day did not prove remunerative; and in 1845 he came alone to Oregon, bringing an ox-team and about twenty-five stock cattle. Making his headquarters at Oregon City, he spent the first months exploring the Willamette valley; and, as all the land on the west side of the river south of the La Creole was absolutely without occupants except Indians, he had only to exert his judgment to select the best site from among the thousand good ones. He chose the plain lying at the Great Bend of the Willamette, where this river approaches nearest the Coast Mountains. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY...

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Biographical Sketch of Christopher Avery

Christopher Avery, the founder of this family, was born in England, about 1590, and died in New London, Connecticut, March 12, 1679. There are several traditions as to his place of origin, one that he came from an old Cornish family, another that he was a native of Salisbury, county Wilts. According to one statement, he accompanied Governor Winthrop to Boston, on the “Arbella” in 1630, and a second account says he emigrated with the younger Winthrop, in 1631 and on the voyage formed a close friendship with the latter, which eventually led to his settling in Connecticut. Whether, as has been said, he spent several years at first in Boston is uncertain, but he was in Gloucester about 1644, and was selectman there 1646, 1652 and 1654. He was made freeman at Salem June 29, 1652, and was also clerk of the band, constable, and clerk of the market there. In 1658 be sold his Gloucester land and removed to Boston, where he purchased, March 18, 1658-59 a house and lot. This he sold again a few years later, and followed his son to New London, where he bought property August 8, 1665, and finally settled. His wife, and possibly his children with the exception of his son James, referred to below, did not come to this country, as in 1654, the court passed a resolution relieving him...

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Biographical Sketch of James Avery

(II) James, son of Christopher Avery. the only child of whom there is any record in America, and the founder of the Averys of Groton, was born in England about 1620. He accompanied his father to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and lived with him for several years in Gloucester, and then removed to New London, Connecticut, where the first entries in the town book are the births of his three eldest children, who were born in Gloucester. He took up many land grants and built the Hive of the Averys “at the head of Poquonnock Plain in the present town of Groton, about one and one-half miles from the River Thames.” He was a prominent public character, was ensign, lieutenant and captain of the train band, deputy to the general court. Indian commissioner and agent, and townsman from 1660 for twenty years. He married, November 10, 1643, Joanna Greenslade, of Boston. Children : 1. Hannah, born October 12, 1644, married, June 20, 1666, Ephraim Miner. 2. James, born December 16, 1646, died August 22, 1748: married, February 18, 1669, Deborah Stallyou. 3. Mary, born February 19, 1648, died February 2, 1708, married, October 28, 1668, Joseph Miner. 4. Thomas, born May 6, 1651: died January 5, 1737; married, October 22, 1677, Hannah Miner. 5. John, born February 10, 1653-54. married, November 26, 1675, Abigail Cheeseborough. 6. Rebecca, born October...

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Biographical Sketch of Samuel Avery

(III) Samuel, son of James and Joanna (Greenslade) Avery, was born at Groton, August 14, 1664, died there, May 1, 1723. He was a large farm owner and most of his life a magistrate. For some time he was captain of the train band, and when the town was legally organized in 1704, he was its moderator. He became the first townsman, at the first town meeting in 1705, and held the position till his death. He married, October 25, 1686, in Swansea, Massachusetts, Susanna, daughter of William and Ann (Humphrey) Palmes, born about 1665, died October 9, 1747. Children: 1. Samuel, born August it, 1687, died August 7, 1714. 2. Jonathan, born January 18, 1689, died June 12, 1761; married Preserved . 3. William, born August 25, 1692, died February 20, 1718. 4. Mary, born January 10, 1695, died in May, 1739 married, June 16, 1720, William Walsworth. 5. Christopher, born February 10, 1697, died January 17, 1768; married, June 25, 1719, Mary Latham. 6. Humphrey, referred to below. 7. Nathan, born January 30, 1702, married Mary . 8. Lucy, born April 17, 1703. John, born September 17, 1705, died September 9, 1792, married Bridget Higgins. 10. Waitstill, born March 27, 1708, married (first), September 18, 1729, Deborah Williams and (second) Margaret Childs. 11. Grace, born June 2,...

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Biographical Sketch of Humphrey Avery

(IV) Humphrey, son of Samuel and Susanna (Palmes) Avery, was born in Groton, July 4, 1699, died there, March 28, 1788. He married there, February 25, 1724, Jerusha, daughter of William and Margaret (Avery) Morgan, who died September 20, 1763. Children: 1. Humphrey, born March 10, 1725, married, June 19, 1745, Mary Baldwin. 2. William, born September 13, 1726, married Abigail Williams. 3. Solomon, referred to below. 4. Samuel, born October 17, 1731, married (first) in 1760, Sybil Noyes, and (second) Mary Ann Rose. 4. James, born August 13, 1733, married Williams. 5. Jerusha, born June 17, 1735, married Latham Avery. 6. Palmes, born April 3, 1737. 7. Christopher, born May 3, 1739, died July 3, 1778, in Wyoming, Pennsylvania. 8. Waitstill, born May 10, 1741, died March 13, 1821, married in 1778, Leah, daughter of Captain William, and niece of Sir William Peyton, of Virginia, and widow of Franks. 9. Isaac, born October 27, 1743, married (first) Margaret Strothers, and (second) Stringer. 10. Nathan, born November 20, 1746, died in July,...

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Biographical Sketch of Solomon Avery

(V) Solomon, son of Humphrey and Jerusha (Morgan) Avery, was born in Groton, June 17, 1729, died there, December 23, 1798. He married there, February 18, 1751, Hannah, daughter of the Rev. Ebenezer Punderson, who was born about 1783 and died February 5, 1775. Children: 1. Zipporah, born February 8, 1752. 2. Esther, born November 19, 1754. 3. Solomon, born August 13, 1757, died May 13, 1833; married Sarah Bugbee. 4. Miles, born September 5, 1760, died June 27, 1850, married in November, 1783, Malinda Pixley. 5. Stephen, born August 13, 1762, died in October, 1842; married (first) in 1780, Sarah Bement, (second) Renewey (Carpenter) Maxson and (third) Anna (DeLap) Reynolds. 6. Ebenezer Punderson, born May 21, 1765, died September 10, 1840; married, January 12, 1787, Lovina Barnes. 7. Henry, referred t0 below. 8. Cyrus, born May 12, 1771, died February 28, 1833, married, May 16, 1791, Lydia Marny. 9. Humphrey, born January 17, 1775, died February 8,...

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Biographical Sketch of Henry Avery

(VI) Henry, son of Solomon and Hannah (Punderson) Avery, was born May 4, 1767, died March 25, 1853. He removed to Columbia county, New York, where he married in Taghkanick, May 20, 1i94 or 1795, Hannah Rockefeller, who was born August 5, 1780 and died February 4, 1865. Children: 1. William, born October 16, 1796, died January 1, 1846; married Sarah Armstrong. 2. Hannah, born January 24, 1800, died September 10, 1855; married Edward H. Reynolds, M. D. 3. Amanda, born July 17, 1802, died August 9, 1841; married, July 23, 1820, Isaac Schaurman. 4. Henry Cyrus, born October 26, 1803, died November 17, 1856; married Elizabeth Silvernail. 5. Sarah, born August 15, 1805, died January 16, 1884, married Monmouth Buckbee. 6. Peter Rockefeller, referred to below. 7. Elizabeth, born October 16, 1808, married. February 27, 1821, Conrad Silvernail. 8. Lucinda, born September 10, 1810, died February 10, 1841 ; married, October 14, 1832, Milton W. Armstrong. 9. Solomon, born October 17, 1812, married. September 22, 1838, Sarah Caroline Bain. 10. Caroline, born October 16, 1814, married Henry Kells. 11. Jacob, born June 11, 1816, died October 3, 1848. 12. Esther, born August 25, 1819, married, January 21, 1842, Jonas W. Rockefeller. 13. Stephen, born May 10, 1822, died January 1, 1854; married in 1850, Susan J....

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Biographical Sketch of Peter Rockefeller Avery

(VII) Peter Rockefeller, son 0f Henry and Hannah (Rockefeller) Avery, was born in Columbia county, New York, March 20, 1807, died March 4, 1854. He married, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, December 6, 1829, Elizabeth, daughter of Asahel and Mary (Rockefeller) Blakeman, born October 4, 1807, died December 18, 1883, Children 1. Mary, born April 3, 1831, married (first) Cunningham Case and (second) Mark Johnson; children: Esther and Bertha Case, and Caroline Johnson. 2. Asahel Blakeman, referred to below. 3. Esther, born May 23, 1836, married Nelson N. Newman; children: Libbie, Morton, Avery and...

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Biographical Sketch of Asahel Blakeman Avery

(VIII) Asahel Blakeman, son of Peter Rockefeller and Elizabeth (Blakeman) Avery, was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, May 16, 1834, and died in Phelps, Ontario county, New York, September 19, 1894. He came to the town of Phelps as a boy of fourteen and engaging in farming there, he became and was for many years one of the representative men of the region. He married Julia, daughter of Ashbel and Emily Horsford, of Phelps. Children: Minnie L., born in 1864, died in 1884; Elizabeth, born in 1873, married Elmer Miller; Willis, referred to below; Frank A., referred to below. (IX) Willis, son of Asahel Blakeman and Julia (Horsford) Avery, was born in Phelps, Ontario county, New York, October 28, 1875. He and his brother are farming the old homestead. (IX) Frank A., son of Asahel Blakeman and Julia (Horsford) Avery, was born in Phelps, Ontario county, New York, August 20, 1877. He married Evangeline Do Prey. Child : A daughter, Virginia H., born March 10,...

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Biographical Sketch of J. L. Avery

J. L. Avery, editor and proprietor of the Arcola Weekly Herald since April 1, 1893, was born four and one-half miles southeast of Arcola, in Coles County, Illinois, November 25, 1866. The Herald was founded in the year 1883 by H. H. Moore, who conducted it until about the year 1891, when Willis S. Scales bought it and published it until he sold it to Mr. Avery. The paper is in a flourishing condition, strictly Democratic in politics and full of local news, with a circulation of about fifteen hundred. J. L. Avery was educated in the common schools, the Arcola high school, and took a teacher’s course of two years. Afterward he taught school for seven years in Douglas and Coles counties. In 1892 he was married to Miss Nellie I. Fancher, of Charleston, Illinois. They have one child, Paul Kenneth. Mr. Avery is a member of the Knights of Pythias and the Woodmen. He is a splendid news gatherer, a pungent writer and a young man of splendid...

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