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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 3rd Battalion, Company E.

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CAPTAINS: Hunter, Melnott, Fowler, W.H., Ware, H., Burnside, Alien.

LIEUTENANTS: Riddle. A.J., Cooper, E., Cox, M.C., Henry, B.L., Moore, P.

SERGEANTS: Fowler, W.D., Farburn, N., Mills, J.A., Armstrong, D., Owens, M.

CORPORALS: Riddle, M., Ball, S.P.

PRIVATES: Balle, L.G., Bramlett, C., Bramlett, H., Bramlett, J., Bramlett, R., Brown, J., Bryant. T.T., Bryant, W., Burdett. J., Burns, J., Burns, R., Cheek, J., Cook, W.C., Cox, S., Culbertson, B., Culbertson, M., Farrow, T., Fleming, P., Fowler. J.R., Frank, J., Fowler, W., Garner, J., Garrett. P., Garrett, W.A., Gillian. W., Gideons, J.L., Guinn, M., Gray, J., Grumble, W., Hand, W., Handback, M., Handback, W., Higgins, A.H., Holcomb, A., Holcomb, H., Holcomb, J., Holcomb, S., Holcomb, Wm., Hunt, —-, Hunt, —-, Kernell, Wm., Knight, J., Long, J., Long, T., Martin, J.R., McNeely, J., Miller, J.D., Moore, G., Newman, B., Newman, S., Osborn. W., Owens, A.Y., Owens, G., Owens, T., Owens, Y., Park, J.H., Park, T., Patton, W.P., Powers. B., Powers, P., Prior, L, Riddle, D., Riddle, F., Riddle, G., Riddle, L., Riddle, M., Riddle. N., Riddle, W., Robertson, J.R., Ropp, H., Spelts, R., Stuart, B., Stuart, J., Stuart, John, Stuart, Joseph, Stuart, Robt., Sumerel, M., Sumerel, T., Sumerel, W., Switzer, L.O., Thompson, W., Todd, R.J., Garrett, J., Morgan, S.

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