Jany 6th 1736/7 Patrick Son of Henry Duffey and Deborah his Wife was born

March 23rd 1736/7 Martha Daughter of James Osmond & Mary his wife was born

Jany 20th 1736/7 Mary Ann Daughter of John Scott & Mary his Wife born

Mar 13 1736/7 John Son of Peter Laroche & Rose his Wife was born

Mar 2d do John Son of Richard Lampart & Mary his Wife born

May 23 do Mary Daughter of Thomas Dale & Mary his wife born

May 12th do: William Son of Edward Simpson & Sarah his Wife was born


May 29 1737 Elizabeth Daughter of Jacobus Kipp & Elizabeth his Wife born

June 1737 Jacob Son of Benja: Godin & Marianne his Wife born

May 13 1737 Robert Son of Robert Pringle & Jeane his Wife was born

May 12 1737 John Son of George Vane & Sarah his Wife was born

June 16th 1737 Jane Daughter of Thomas Aurrt & Eleanora his Wife born

Mar: 30th 1737 Robert Son of Robert Colles & Elizabeth his Wife

July 5th 1737 John Son of John Owen & Meriam his Wife born

June 15th 1737 Rebecca Daughter of Robert Brewton & Mary his Wife born

July 25 1737 Mary Daughter of Edward Stephens & Cathrina his Wife born

June 20th 1737 Catherina Daughter of Moreau Sarrazin & Elizabeth his Wife

Angst: 17th 1737 John Son of Giles Holliday & Elizabeth his Wife

Angst: 8th 1737 Mary Daughter of Jordan Roche & Rebecca his Wife

May 25th 1737 Anne Daughter of Robert Whittford & Mary his Wife

Octobr 16th 1737 James Son of Thomas Weaver & Ruth his Wife

Angst: 17th 1737 John Son of Daniel Pepper & Mary his Wife

Angst: 8th 1737 -Magdalena Daughter of Makdalena Peraud Illegitimate

Octor: l0th 1737 Lewis Son of Charles Shepherd & Anne his Wife

Novr: 2d: 1737 Sarah Daughter of Hugh Evans & Mary his Wife

Mar: 27th 1737 Mary Daughter of Daniel Green & Sarah his Wife

May 9th 1737 John Son of John Guerarard & Elizabeth his Wife

Octor: l0th 1737 Mary Daughter of Henry Harramond & Mary his Wife

Novr: 7th 1737 Anne Daughter of Rice Price & Jane his Wife.

Novr: 7th 1737 Andrew Son of George Higgins & Anne his Wife

July 14th 1737 Sarah Daughter of John Davies & Theodora his Wife.

Novr : l0th 1737 Elizabeth Daugher of William Roper & Mary his Wife

Decr: 1st 1737 Rachel Daughter of Xtopher Smith & Susannah his Wife

Deer: 6th 1737 Lewis Son of Lewis Thimoty & Elizabeth his Wife

June 2d 1737 Elizabeth Daughter of William Day & Anne his Wife

Feebly 16th 1737 Francis Bathurst Daughter of Francis Piercy Mary his Wife

May 26th 1737 Thomas Son of William Yeomans & Mary his Wife

August 25th 1737 Henry Son of Henry & Sarah Christie was born

Jany 19th 1737 John Son of John Cleland & Mary his Wife

Septr 29th 1737 John Son of Henry Fletcher & Mary his Wife

Septr 18th 1737 thomas Son of Thomas Hollins & Hannah his Wife

ffebry: 22d 1737 Anne Daughter of William Stone & Anne his Wife

Octor: 15th 1737 Anne Daughter of John Beswicke & Silence his Wife

Jany 24th 1737 Sarah Daughter of George Dela Pierre & Elizabeth his Wife

Jany 21St 1737 William Son of Elizabeth Lindsey Illegitimate

Angst: 28th 1737 Anne Daughter of Xtopher Hopkins & Anne his Wife

Mar: 17th 1737 Francis Daughter of John Miller & Julia his Wife

Mar 30th 1737 John Son of William Mckenzie & Sarah his Wife

Jany : 21st 1737 Mary Daughter of William Harvey & Sarah his Wife

ffebry 19th 1737 Mary Hester Daughter of Archibal Yong & Martha his Wife

Decr: 20th 1737 Joseph Son of Joseph Griffith and Mary his Wife

October 11th 1737 Thomas Son Thomas Gadsden & Alice his Wife

1737 Rachel Daughter of Daniel Bourget & Susannah his Wife (month and day destroyed

July 1st. 1737 James, Son of Colen & Sarah Sharpe was born


April 2d 1738 Susannah Daughter of George Tabart & Rebecca his Wife

May 3d 1738 Peter Son of Thomas Goodman & Barbara his Wife

April 29th 1738 William Son of John Dunn & Katherina his Wife

June 29th 1738 John Son of Charles Fanshawe (of his Majestys Ship the Fenix) and Elizabeth his Wife, born

July 24th 1738 Thomas Son of Tho ____ggles and *___y his Wife (parts of name s destroyed)

3d 1738 Ann Daughter of Charles Shephard & Anne his Wife (month destroyed)

1st 1738 Anne Daughter of Jordan Roche & Rebecah his Wife (month destroyed)

21st 1738 Thomas Son of James Reid & Dorothy his Wife (month destroyed)

4th 1738 Mary Daughter of George Cockel & Elenor his Wife (month destroyed)

27th 1738 John Son of John Brathwaite Esqr & Silvia his Wife (month destroyed)

3d 1738 Elizabeth Daughter of John Owen & Mariam his Wife (month destroyed)

1st 1738 Sarah Daughter of John Lewis Poyas & Susannah his Wife (month destroyed)

13th 1738 Priscilla Daughter of Samuel Glaser & Sarah Lewisa his Wife (month destroyed)

13th 1738 William Son of Richard Masson and Margaret his Wife (month destroyed)

3d. 1738 Thomas Son of Thomas Cooper & Margaret Magdelaine his Wife(month destroyed)

3d 1738 John son of the Honble Capt Henly Scott & Eliza his wife was born (month destroyed)

4th 1738 Henly Son of John Scott and Mary his Wife. (month destroyed)

30th 1738 Mary Daughter of James Osmond & Mary his Wife (month destroyed)

7th 1738 Martha Daughter of James Mechie & Martha his Wife (month destroyed)

l0th 1738 Eyda Daughter of John Beckman & Ruth his Wife (month destroyed)

Octor: 22d 1738 Sarah Daughter of thomas Sharpe & Sarah his Wife

Decr: 8th 1738 Isaac Son of Jacob Motte & Elizabeth his Wife

Decr: loth 1738 James Son of John Watsone & Abigal his Wife

Novr: 18th 1738 Eleonor Daughter of George Austin & Anne his Wife

Septemb. 2 1738 Elizabeth Ann, Daughter of Maurice Lewis and Jean his Wife

May 1, 1738 Jane Carolina, Daughter of John Wathen & Jane wife was born

May 1 1738 Jane Carolina the Daughter of John Wathen & Ann his Wife was born


April 1st 1739 John Bland Son of Peter Jeyes & Mary his Wife.

April 2d 1739 Thomas Son of Henly Harramon & Mary his Wife

April 12th 1739 William Son of William Woodrope & Elizabeth his Wife

May 12th 1739 Richard Son of Richard Lampart & Mary his Wife

May 24th 1739 William Son of William Dean & Anne his Wife

May 26th 1739 Anne Daughter of David Malice by Ann Harris

June 6 1739 Anne Daughter of George Vane & Sarah his Wife

* * Shallot, * * of Rebeka Tattle (Parts of record destroyed)

t t t t% 9t% 9t (Whole entry so much mutilated as to make it undecipherable)

October 10 1739 Rice Price, the Son of Rice Price and Jane [19] his Wife

Septemr 13 1739 Joseph Taylol, Son of William Williamson & Sophia Chlistiana his Wife

Septr: 10 1739 Charles the Son of Charles Patchelbel and Hannah his Wife

Duly 29 1739 John, the Son of John Hollybush and Sarah his Wife

Septr. 23 1739 Daughter of Peter Horry and Martha his Wife

Novemr 18 1739 Robert, the Son of John Remington and Margaret his Wife

Septr. 15 1739 Mary, Daughter of William Stone and Anne his Wife

June 11 1739 William, Son of William Pinckney and Ruth his Wife

April 13 1739 Peter, Son of Robert John’s and Anne his Wife

Februy 1, 1739 Josias, the Son of thomas Tatnell and Elizabeth his Wife

9 1739 John, the Son of Archibald Young & Martha his Wife

16 1739 Walay Edmond, Son of Charles Sheppard and Anne his Wife

14 1739 John the Son of Dames Howell and Elizabeth his Wife

Decemr 16 1739 Mary Ann the daughter of Martin Coleman & Mary Ann his Wife

Februry. 3 1739 Mary the Daughter of Daniel Wood & Mary his Wife was born

Febry. 27 1739 David the Son of John Mackall & Martha his Wife was born.

Februy. 18. 1739 William Son of William Yeomans & Mary his Wife was born

Dcemr. 8 1739 Mary, Daughter of William Comer and Mary his Wife was born

Septr: 30 1739 Sarah Hilliard Daughter of Moses Hilliard & Mary his Wife was born.

Duly 20 1739 Ann, Daughter of Thos: & Bulah Rose was born

Novem. 8, 1739 John the Son of Peter Oliver & Margret his Wife was born.

*uary 25 1739 Elizabeth, Daughter of James Withers & Mary h Wife was born

Augt. 9 1739 John, Son of Colen & Sarah Sharpe was born