William Bell came from Ireland about 1780 and settled in Dauphin county, Pennsylvania . He had previously married Kitty Parks of Dublin, and had one child, John. The wife and son joined the father and they settled in Stony Creek valley.

John Bell became a linen weaver and served in the war of 1812, dying in barracks on Lake Erie . Children: William, John, Polly, Catherine, Eliza, Sarah and George.

Walter Bell of Ireland had William, Walter and Janet.

Walter Bell, the second, married Janet Knox and had William, John, Samuel, David, Robert and Walter. All the children except William came to America with their father, either to the Carolinas about 1768, or to Pennsylvania earlier.

William Bell, son of Walter and Jane (Knox) Bell , born in 1747, lived in Ennyvale, county Monaghan , Ireland , becore coming to America . Eight children were born in Ireland, 1769-1789, but were brought to Pennsylvania by their parents; Sarah, Rachel, Walter, John, William, Samuel, Ann and Elizabeth. Two children, David, 1793, and Mary, 1794, were born in Path Valley, Penn.

Matthew Bell, son of Matthew Bell of Scotland and Ireland , and elder brother of John Bell who founded the Londonderry , N. H., family was born near Coleraine, county Londonderry , about 1677. He came to America about 1710, landed in New York , later settled in Chester county, Pa. Children: Samuel, William, John and Joseph.

John Bell, son of Matthew Bell of Ireland and Pennsylvania , was born in Chester county, Penn. , about 1712. His children were: Samuel, born about 1732; Adrew, James, Robert, and William.

Andrew Bell, son of John Bell, was born about 1734 in Lancaster county, Penn. , was a large real estate owner.

James Bell, another son of John Bell, was born about 1736 in Lancaster county and lived near Carlisle . Children: John, William and Samuel. Robert Bell, another son of John Bell, was born in Lancaster county, Penn. ; In December, 1776, he was a captain in the Ninth Virginia regiment of the continental army. After the revolution he went to Fayette county, Pennsylvania and there was a lieutenant in the Pennsylvania state troops. His son, Robert Bell, was a second lieutenant in the Eighth United States infantry in 1799.

John Bell, son of James Bell, was born about 1762 and moved to western Pennsylvania or Ohio . He had a son, James M. Bell, who was a member of congress from Ohio, 1833-35.

William Bell, another son of James Bell, was born in Cumberland county, Penn. , about 1764. He was a justice of the peace thereabout 1791.