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Johnstown Flood Victims

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List of dead and missing people in the Johnstown Pennsylvania Flood of 1889. To find out more information about this flood, view pictures and video, visit the main page: The Johnstown Pennsylvania Horror

Last Name, First, Age(if known) Address Buried

Abbreviations used in the list of dead and missing:

GCG:German Catholic Cemetery (Geistown)
GC-PL: Grandview Cemetery Private Lot
GC-PP: Grandview Cemetery Public Plot-Bodies found but not recovered by family/friends
GCS: German Catholic Cemetery (Sandyvale)
LYC: Lower Yoder Catholic Cemetery
Missing: Body Never Recovered
NCR: No Cemetery Record
OCG: Old Catholic Graveyard (Conemaugh Borough)
SC: Sandyvale Cemetery
SM: St. Mary’s Cemetery (Lower Yoder)

E Surnames

  1. Eager, Annie (unknown) GC-PP
  2. Early, Mrs. Ella, 59 Woodvale Missing
  3. Early, Mary, 22 Woodvale LYC
  4. Eberle, Joseph, 63 Conemaugh SC
  5. Eberle, Lena, 14 Woodvale NCR
  6. Eck, Edna Marie, 1 1/2 Woodvale Missing
  7. Eck, Ellen, C., 6 Woodvale Missing
  8. Eck, Mary Ann, 37 Woodvale GC-PP
  9. Eck, John, B., 38 Conemaugh Street Missing
  10. Eck, Lily, 12 Conemaugh Street GC-PP
  11. Eck, Dora, 7 Conemaugh Street Missing
  12. Eck, Mabon, 2 Conemaugh Street Missing
  13. Eck, Mary Ellen (unknown) GC-PL
  14. Edinger, Annie, 19 Millville Missing
  15. Edmonds, Nancy (unknown) Missing
  16. Edwards, Mrs. Annie, R. (unknown) GC-PL
  17. Edwards, Mrs. Ann R., 70 Union Street GC-PP
  18. Edwards, Roger, 55 Millville Missing
  19. Elder, Mrs. Cyrus, 49 Walnut Street Missing
  20. Elder, Nannie, M., 23 Walnut Street Missing
  21. Eldridge, Pennell, 39 Morrellville Missing
  22. Eldridge, Samuel, B., Apple Alley GC-PL
  23. Eldridge, Mrs. Sarah, T., 71 Woodvale Missing
  24. Eldridge, Mrs. Sallie, 27 Woodvale Missing
  25. Eldridge, Clara, 3 Woodvale Missing
  26. Eldridge, Annie, 1 Woodvale Missing
  27. Eldridge, Abram, S., 34 Merchants’ Hotel GC-PL
  28. Elsaesser, Andrew, 16 Conemaugh GC-PP
  29. Elsaesser, Constantine, 44 Railroad Street Missing
  30. Elsaesser, Mrs. Frances, 41 Railroad Street Missing
  31. Elsaesser, Charles, 13 Railroad Street Missing
  32. Elsaesser, Adolph, 11 Railroad Street Missing
  33. Elsaesser, Maggie, 10 Railroad Street Missing
  34. Elsaesser, Rose, 4 Railroad Street Missing
  35. Elsaesser, Mary, 1 Railroad Street Missing
  36. English, John (unknown) Missing
  37. English, Joseph, 24 Railroad Street GC-PP
  38. Eskdale, James, 42 Woodvale Philipsburg, PA
  39. Eskdale, Mrs. James Woodvale Philipsburg, PA
  40. Etchison, John, 44 Napoleon Street GC-PL
  41. Etchison, Samuel, 37 Hulbert House Missing
  42. Evans, Albert, 12 Conemaugh Missing
  43. Evans, Annie, 26 Millville Missing
  44. Evans, Jennie, 13 Millville Missing
  45. Evans, Susannah, 9 Millville Missing
  46. Evans, Idris, 3 Millville Missing
  47. Evans, Evan, B., 50 Woodvale Missing
  48. Evans, Susannah, 16 Woodvale Missing
  49. Evans, Maggie, 11 Lewis Alley GC-PL
  50. Evans, Kate, 5 Lewis Alley GC-PL
  51. Evans, Mrs. Josiah, 36 Vine Street GC-PL
  52. Evans, Maggie, 16 Vine Street GC-PL
  53. Evans, Walter, 8 Vine Street Missing
  54. Evans, Lake, 6 Vine Street GC-PL
  55. Evans, Ira, 6mo Vine Street GC-PL
  56. Evans, Mrs. Maggie, 37 Vine Street GC-PL
  57. Evans, Sadie, 8 Vine Street GC-PL
  58. Evans, Herbert, 3 Vine Street GC-PL
  59. Evans, Pearl, 1 Vine Street GC-PL
  60. Evans, Mrs. Ann (unknown) GC-PL
  61. Evans, Elizabeth (unknown) Missing
  62. Evans, Lizzie (unknown) GC-PL
  63. Evans, Mrs. Mary, 55 Main Street Missing
  64. Evans, Mrs. William, F., 63 Union Street GC-PL
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MLA Source Citation:

Walker, James Herbert. The Johnstown Horror! or Valley of Death: being A Complete and Thrilling Account of the Awful Floods and Their Appalling Ruin. H. J. Smith & Co. 1889. Web. 30 July 2016.
- Last updated on Feb 10th, 2013

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