Collection: History of the State of Nebraska

Biographical Sketch of John P. Rosen

John P. Rosen, of the firm of Rosen, Olander & Co., dealers in general merchandise, is a native of Sweden. In 1869, he came to Oakland Precinct; in 1878, he formed a company known as J. P. Rosen & Co., who bought out the stock of Samuel Fried, carrying on this business till the fall of 1879. He then bought out his former partners and formed the company of Rosen, Olander & Co., which has since continued. He was married, in 1880, to Clara E. Peel, of Des Moines, Iowa. They have one daughter. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Biographical Sketch of E. D. Canfield

E. D. Canfield, of the firm of Canfield & Hobbs, dealers in general merchandise, was born in Essex County, N. Y., in the spring of 1848, and came to Waukesha, County, Wis., in 1858; came to Decatur and worked at the carpenter trade two or three years; he then worked on a contract in building four or five houses on the agency. He was then appointed Assistant Engineer at the Omaha Agency Mills; held that position three and a half years; then removed to Omaha, and clerked in a store fifteen months at $100 a month; he then bought a farm of 120 acres two miles south of Decatur, which he has since improved, working on this farm in the summers and clerking in Omaha about three and a half winters. After living on this farm about three years longer, after repeated solicitations from Bishop Hase, he, with his wife, removed to Dakota Territory and taught school there four years. He was then urgently requested by the Commissioners of Indian Affairs to go about two hundred miles north in the Territory, and take charge of their school. After remaining there about one month his wife died. He soon after resigned his position and returned to Decatur, September 1881, and became a member of this...

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Biographical Sketch of W. L. Handy

W. L. Handy, hardware, stoves, tin ware, etc. Is a native of Albany, Mo.; in 1872, he came to Blair; worked for Reordan & Kerney, hardware, about five years; the firm of W. L. Handy & Co. was then established, they buying out C. A. Meyers & Co.; this business continued till January, 1880, when Mr. Handy came to Oakland; worked for Blanchard & Latta about one year; W. L. Handy then bought out Blanchard & Latta, and has carried on the business ever since March 12, 1881; he does a business of about $17,000 a...

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Biographical Sketch of E. R. Libbey

E. R. Libbey, farmer, Section 31, P. O. Lyons, is a native of Pittsfield, N. H.; in 1849 came to Dane County, Wis.; engaged in farming and lumbering; in the spring of 1867, came to this farm. He owns 240 acres of land, about one hundred and sixty acres under cultivation; is one of the first settlers in this locality. He is feeding about twenty-four head of cattle, one hundred hogs and employs two teams to run this...

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Biographical Sketch of David Clark

David Clark, farmer, Section 24, P. O. Alder Grove, Burt County, was born August 20, 1815, in Jefferson County, N. Y.; at the age of ten years, came to Lorain County, Ohio, with his parents. In 1851, he went to California, where he remained two years, then returned to Ohio. Enlisted in 1863 in Company K, One Hundred and Third Ohio Infantry; served five months and was discharged on account of physical disability. In March, 1867, he came to this locality, and has since been engaged in farming. He owns 760 acres of land, and is one of the most successful farmers in the county. Married, in 1841, to Miss Lucy A. Foster, of Lorain County, Ohio. They have two children–Hiram G. and Emily (now Mrs....

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Biographical Sketch of Fred Renard

Fred Renard, proprietor of the Eagle Mills, was born in Cologne on the Rhine, Germany. In about 1850, he came to Dodge County, Wis., and engaged in farming. In 1860, he came to Washington County Neb., and also followed farming, where he owns about one section of land. In 1873, he came to Oakland and built this mill, which was the second mill built on Logan Creek. This mill he has since operated. It has three run of stones for wheat and one for corn. He also owns fifty-five acres of land with this...

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Biographical Sketch of C. B. Barlow

C. B. Barlow, dealer in drugs and general merchandise, was born in Cheshire, England, in 1861, and came to Paterson, N. J., where he remained a few months, then came to Boston and engaged in silk manufacturing, known as the Boston Silk and Woolen Mills. In 1865, he returned to England; remained there but four months, then came to Chicago. In 1867, he came to Decatur and opened a general store, which he has since continued. In 1873, he bought out a stock of drugs, and has since then carried on this business also. He has been a member of the council two...

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Biographical Sketch of John G. Preston

John G. Preston, farmer, Section 19, P. O. Oakland, is a native of England. In 1842, he came to America; in 1852, he engaged in railroading and continued in this business about twenty-eight years. In 1867, he purchased this land, and in the spring of 1880, located here. He owns 800 acres in this county, also 100 acres in Douglas County; is largely engaged in livestock, and now owns 135 head of cattle, and 125 hogs. About five teams are used in working this farm, which is one of the largest in this...

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Biographical Sketch of Samuel Fried

Samuel Fried, live stock, is a native of Sweden; in 1864, came to Henry County, Ill.; in 1867, came to Oakland, and homesteaded 160 acres of land in Section 31, which he improved; in 1868, he was appointed Postmaster, and held this office till 1875; he then opened a general store, and continued it about three years. He has held various local offices–Assessor, Treasurer of the School Board, and...

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Biographical Sketch of L. Kryger

L. Kryger, druggist, manager for C. F. Goodman, is a native of Buffalo, N. Y. The past twenty-one years, he has been engaged in this business. In 1871, he opened a drug store at West Point, Neb.; continued there about nine years; June, 1880, came to Lyons; has since had charge of this...

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Biographical Sketch of Joe Bayer

Joe Bayer, farmer, Section 15, P. O. Alder Grove, is a native of Franklin County, Penn; came to Burt County in 1872, and located on this farm, then an unbroken prairie; he owns 440 acres, now well improved and a large part fenced; his house, barn and other buildings will compare with any others in this county. He is wintering about fifty head of cattle, about one hundred hogs, and employs three teams to work his...

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Biographical Sketch of George E. Atwater

George E. Atwater, of the firm of Atwater & Hoppock, general merchandise, is a native of La Porte County, Ind. In 1872, he came to Decatur, and the following year he established this business. His means then were limited to $25 only. He has worked into a large and prosperous business. Their sales now amount to about $25,000 a year. He is chairman of the village Board of Trustees, and Vice President of the Decatur Mining Company, organized in February...

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Biographical Sketch of F. J. Fried

F. J. Fried, of the firm of Cook & Fried, lumber and coal, is a native of Sweden; in 1874, came to Fremont, Neb., and engaged in the lumber business; in 1877, came to Omaha, and there edited a Swedish paper one year; came to Oakland in 1879; he with Mr. Cook then established this business. He was married in 1878, to Josephine Vickell, of Sweden; they have one...

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Biographical Sketch of R. S. Hart

R. S. Hart, agricultural implements, is a native of Monroe County, N. Y.; in 1865, came to Nebraska; located in the Logan Valley. He owns 266 acres of land, which he improved and now rents. In the fall of 1881, he removed to Lyons and established this business. He enlisted, in 1861, in Company B, Tenth Wisconsin Infantry; served three years. He then re-enlisted in the Hancock Corps; served to the end of the war. Mr. Hart turned the first sod and broke the land where Lyons is now...

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Biographical Sketch of Thomas Wood

Thomas Wood, grocer, is a native of Leicestershire, England; in 1857, came to Ogle County, Ill.; followed farming. Enlisted in 1861, in Company K, Forty-sixth Illinois Infantry, and served to the end of the war. In 1866, he came to Marshall County, Iowa, and there followed farming; in 1871, he came to Decatur, and ran a threshing machine and engaged in breaking prairie. In March 1879, he commenced this business; he sold the past year fifty-five hogs, and owns now 140...

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