Collection: History of San Mateo County California

Biographical Sketch of William Alexander Moore

The subject of this sketch was born July 19, 1851 on his father’s ranch north east of the village of Pescadero. His father Alexander Moore was one of California’s earliest settlers, coming to California from Jackson County, Missouri, in 1847 and making the trip over the plains with ox teams, arriving at Johnson’s ranch on Bear river, October 2, 1847, where he remained until he removed to Santa Cruz, Nov. 15, 1847. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now The early life of Moore was spent in farming and stock raising with such success that he has continued to follow this vocation. On April 9, 1883 he was married to Hattie Huff. The couple have one son, James Alexander, who is now with his father on their ranch of 117 acres, on Pescadero creek. Mr. Moore is a member of the Native Sons, and the Ancient Order of...

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Biographical Sketch of Dr. Archie Leonard Offield

From years of practice in this county Dr. A. L. Offield of Burlingame is one of its oldest physicians. He gave up a large practice in San Francisco to come to Burlingame nine years ago. At that time Burlingame was one of the smallest towns on the peninsula but its growth bears out the predictions that Dr. Offield made for it at that time. Dr. Offield is a member of the Burlingame Board of Health which has given Burlingame one of the best health departments of any municipality on the peninsula. The activity of the health board is apparent in Burlingame’s sanitary conditions and general state of cleanliness which have made it one of the healthiest cities in the state. Dr. Offield has built up a large practice in Burlingame, San Mateo and Hillsborough. Dr. Offield demonstrated his faith in Burlingame’s future by erecting a handsome business building on Burlingame avenue. At the time Dr. Offield built his building it was on the outskirts of the business district but Burlingame’s business district is growing at such a rate that the Offield block will soon be engulfed by similar buildings. Dr. Archie Leonard Offield was born in Oregon City on June 3, 1877. He has been a resident of California for twenty-seven years. Dr. Offield was married in San Francisco on July, 9, 1908. He belongs to the Burlingame Commercial...

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Biographical Sketch of Ambrose McSweeney

San Mateo County’s officialdom has not a more popular and efficient member than Ambrose McSweeney of South San Francisco who for the past five years has been Tax Collector. Mr. McSweeney is serving his second term of office, being returned to that position at the last county election by a majority that stamped his popularity. The standard of efficiency in the Tax Collector’s office was never higher than during Mr. McSweeney’s regime. He has supplemented his own competency and ability by a staff of high-class deputies. They have put this important function of the county’s government into such a splendid state that it has won high commendation from the Grand Jury accountants, the Supervisors and the citizens at large. Mr. McSweeney’s practice of going to the different cities and collecting taxes on certain appointed days, is a great convenience to tax payers. Many persons living in the remote parts of the county are saved long and costly trips to the county seat; and it is a boon to the many small taxpayers who cannot leave their work to settle their tax bills. Before he was elected Tax Collector, Mr. McSweeney was Justice of the Peace in the first township. Ambrose McSweeney was born in San Francisco on December 20, 1870. He was married at San Jose in July, 1897. Mr. McSweeney is identified with more than a half-dozen of...

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Biography of Racine McCoy McRoskey

Racine McCoy McRoskey was a native of Oregon, raised and educated in Portland where she passed with credit through the grammar and high schools of that city. In her early womanhood she moved to San Francisco where she lived until after the earthquake of 1906. In 1907 the McRoskeys came to San Mateo where they were living at their home on San Mateo Drive at the time of Mrs. McRoskey’s death in April, 1915. Mrs. McRoskey took an active part in club and social affairs, being a member of the Thursday Club and the Woman’s Club of San Mateo and also of the Women’s Pacific Coast Press Club and Laurel Hall Club of San Francisco. Besides these she belonged to a number of social clubs in Burlingame and San Mateo. However she will be remembered best as the author of “Drift O’Dreams,” a collection of poems and short prose sketches; and “The Missions of California,” a sympathetic study of the buildings and work of the Franciscan Fathers in this state. The nervous break-down which caused her death was the direct result of overwork incident to the writing and publishing of this book. While the artistic temperament was dominant, there was also a strongly practical side to her nature as was evidenced when she served so efficiently as chairman of the finance committee on the first grand jury in which...

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Biographical Sketch of Dr. William C. McLean

It is safe to say that it would be hard to find any city or county official in San Mateo County whose duties keep him busier than do those of Dr. William C. McLean, Health Officer and Dairy Veterinarian for the city of San Mateo. Dr. McLean was born in Palo Alto and came to San Mateo when a boy. Since then, up to the present time he has resided in the county almost continuously. He began his education in his chosen profession, in the Veterinarian Department of the University of California which was located at Post and Fillmore Streets, San Francisco. When the University discontinued this department, he completed his course at the San Francisco Veterinary College. His first important public appointment was Veterinary Inspector for the federal government during 190607 when his office was located in San Francisco. Dr. McLean’s next appointment was for the office which he now holds, undertaking this work two years ago. Accomplishment has always been the keynote to Dr. McLean’s public stewardship. Instead of being content to follow his work in the beaten path, Dr. McLean has systematized his work along original lines so that he has been able to accomplish daily an almost amazing amount of work. The passage or ordinance No. 175 on December 8, 1913, was accomplished by Dr. McLean’s efforts; and is a piece of legislation that reflects...

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Biography of P. H. McEvoy

P. H. McEvoy, the subject of this sketch was born May, 9, 1848, in Sidney, Australia. He left Australia with his parents in 1849, for San Francisco, by way of Honolulu. After leaving Honolulu the vessel met with such adverse winds and weather, that it was six months before land was sighted at Monterey, California. This long voyage had depleted the stores of provisions and water to such an extent that for two weeks prior to sighting land, everyone on shipboard was put on an allowance of both food and water, passengers receiving such small rations that when land was sighted they compelled the captain to land them at Monterey, rather than take any further chances of landing at San Francisco. After a residence in Monterey of less than three years, he moved with his parents in March, 1852, to the Carey Jones ranch, south and west of what is now Redwood City, and now known as the Hawes ranch, which was at this time part of San Francisco county, San Mateo county being organized in April, 1856. He attended the first school in San Mateo county, which was located on the extreme corner of what is known as Redwood Highlands, continuing until 1863 when he entered what is now known as St. Mary’s College, on Mission Hill, San Francisco. At the age of eighteen we find him farming...

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Biographical Sketch of James McCormick

The business enterprises of the little city of Pescadero are largely represented by the interests of James McCormick, who though not a native Californian, has thrown himself heartily into the upbuilding. .of his adopted land, which owes much to his earnest efforts. He was born in Ireland in 1841, the son of Peter and Catherine (Gibeny) McCormick. His parents emigrated when he was seven years of age, settling in Cathage, Jefferson County, N. Y.. In 1863, James McCormick left home, for San Francisco, and arrived in that city January 15, 1864. After about nine months in Santa Cruz, he came to Pescadero where he has resided since. In 1873 he started his mercantile business which is now the leading store in his district. In the milling business he also has timber interests and owns valuable timber lands. James McCormick is one of the most prominent figures in the public life of the county. He has served as road supervisor, deputy assessor, and later was a member of the San Mateo County Exposition Commission. In politics Mr. McCormick is a Democrat. Mr. McCormick was married in 1866 to Miss Julia S. Shaffrey, and the children born to them are Alice A., Francis, Ella M., Florence, James, Lillian E., and...

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Biography of Terence Masterson

Terence Masterson, street commissioner, capitalist, and proprietor of the Wisnom Hotel, has been a resident of San Mateo for twenty-five years. He came here a total stranger; but his fair dealings, enterprise and confidence in San Mateo’s future, have made him one of the leading citizens of the community. As city trustee and street commissioner Mr. Masterson has been devoting the greater part of his time to the welfare of San Mateo. His keen business ability is reflected throughout the work of the city trustees. The streets of San Mateo were never cleaner and in a better state of repair than during his administration. He has also supervised the vast amount of street improvements made during the last few years. Mr. Masterson has extensive business interests in San Mateo. Besides being proprietor of the Wisnom Hotel he is a stock holder in several banks of the county and the Peninsula Rapid Transit Company. He is also a member of the Board of Governors of the San Mateo County Development Association and the energy lie devotes in this cause is only a small part of his civic devotion. Among the interests that Mr Masterson holds outside of the state is stock in the famous Silver King mine in Utah from whose ore treasures, over $25,000,000 in metals has already been taken. Terence Masterson was born in Quebec, Canada on March...

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Biographical Sketch of Henry Martens

Mr. Henry Martens has been a resident of California for thirty-five years, during all but five years of which period he has devoted himself to the steel industry in San Mateo County. In 1886, after an exhaustive search for the best location for a foundry, Mr. Henry Martens together with Mr. J. W. Heney, selected South San Francisco and founded the Enterprise Foundry. In 1892 the firm was incorporated. Mr. Martens is one of South City’s strongest boosters. In a recent interview he stated that the Enterprise Foundry of which he is president owes much of its prosperity to its advantageous location which splendidly meets all their requirements. The heavy steel buildings they have erected during the last few years in making additions to the plant, make it the largest and most perfectly equipped steel foundry on the Pacific Coast. Mr. Martens was born in Germany on April 17, 1860 and secured his early education in that country. He came to America and on September 22, 1884 he was married in San Francisco. Mr. Martens is a member of the Redwood City Chapter of the F. & A. M....

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Biography of Robert W. Mantz

Robert W. Mantz is now entering on his fifth year as the first supervising principal of the Redwood City public schools. Beginning with about 300 pupils under his supervision the schools have now nearly 600 enrolled. On the initiative of Mr. Mint is the first public school playground in San Mateo County was equipped at Redwood City and a play ground carnival held to celebrate the event. Also on his recommendation sewing, cooking and manual training in all the grades were introduced, this being the first elementary school in the county to adopt these courses. The Redwood City Grammar School now has one of the best manual training laboratories in the state, housed in a separate building, and is successfully accomplishing junior high school work. The school has an annual exhibit in the school auditorium of hand work from all grades including furniture from the 7th and 8th grades. This exhibit is exceedingly popular, draws large crowds and antedates in its inception, the Junior Exposition of San Francisco by two years. Three years ago Mr. Mantz arranged for an art exhibit which resulted in the purchase of $400.00 worth of pictures and statuary for the classrooms and corridors. The school holds the state record for returns from such an exhibit. Two new school houses are now being built to accommodate the overflow in the lower grades from the Highlands...

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Biographical Sketch of Albert Mansfield

San Mateo county’s bar claims many of its best citizens. Among these is Albert Mansfield, city attorney of Redwood City, and son of former Sheriff Joel H. Mansfield, who has spent his lifetime in this county. Mr. Mansfield is one of the county’s most successful young attorneys. Although he opened up offices only eight years ago he has built up a large and growing practice. To care for this business Mr. Mansfield maintains an office in Halfmoon Bay in addition to his offices at the county seat. During the eight years that he has practiced in the county, Mr. Mansfield has been associated with many famous litigations among which was the Coburn case and the trial of S. R. Timothy for the killing of J. J. Moore. In public life Mr. Mansfield has been city attorney of Redwood for the past eight years, and in this position he has had a most intimate connection with the growth and development of this city. He has been a spirited worker in all leading civic movements. Albert Mansfield was born at Halfmoon Bay on October 21, 1884 and has spent his entire life in the county. He graduated from the county schools and later from Hastings College of law in San Francisco. He started to practice after five more years of study in the law offices of Ex-Governor Budd in San Francisco...

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Biography of John MacBain

The development of a few graveled lanes to eighty miles of paved and macadam boulevards is part of the story of “honest” John MacBain’s seven years as supervisor of the Third Township. When John MacBain took office, in 1904, his dream was to give his constituents a system of perfect roads. With not a foot of macadam or paved road in his township, he started out on this gigantic undertaking, on which he has worked tirelessly ever since, with the exception of the four years that he was not in office. The roads of the Third Township now have no superiors in the State. The two main arteries are the State Highway and the Middlefield road, both of which are paved. From them branch off Atherton avenue, Fair Oaks avenue and Oak Grove avenue, all of which are paved, and Ringwood road, Glenwood avenue and Valparasio avenue which are macadamized. The Woodside road is a perfectly paved stretch running from Five Points, six miles back in the hills, to Woodside. A beautiful macadam and paved road connects Woodside, Portola and Menlo Park. Plans are in preparation for the improvement of the Alpine road and the macadamized boulevard into La Honda considered to have few rivals in California. Supervisor MacBain has administered his other official duties as competently as he has built his roads. He was one of the leading...

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Biographical Sketch of Sebastian Lombardi

Successful dairyman, farmer and cattleman. Thus in a few words we can outline the interesting career in San Mateo county of Sebastian Lombardi. Nevertheless success did not come without effort and a hard struggle. When Mr. Lombardi first came to San Francisco to go into the dairying business he was without money, but he soon had established a paying business. With the capital he realized in his San Francisco venture he again entered the dairying business in San Bruno upon a larger scale in 1900. He rented a place here in the beginning. Today he owns this place together with other property in San Bruno, San Francisco and Stanislaus County. Mr. Lombardi was born on Dec. 8, 1866 in Switzerland. He has been living in California since 1890 and has been a resident of San Mateo County for the last fifteen years. He was married in San Francisco on February 15, 1902. Before leaving San Francisco for San Mateo county, Mr. Lombardi took a thorough course education In the night schools of that city to fit himself for the responsibilities he knew would in time be thrown upon his shoulders, as well as to prepare himself to earn more money. In recognition of his ability and of his sterling integrity he was appointed postmaster of San Bruno, which term he served for two years. He is also prominent in...

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Biography of Mrs. Mary J. Linsay

To help our fellow travelers as we meet them along the highway of life is commendable, but there is one way of doing good that far surpasses this – and that is to “help people help themselves.” Mrs. Mary J. Linsay makes this a business, helping people help themselves and we are informed that it is a paying business. In short Mrs. Linsay operates a busy and successful employment agency in San Mateo at 338 Minnie Street within only a few doors of her home. Coming out to California with her father twenty-five years ago to settle in San Mateo she can justly lay claim to the distinction of being one of the pioneer residents of this city. John Cook, her father achieved a successful career as a landscape gardener, having laid out the D. O. Mills home at Millbrae, and some other fine residences at Piedmont, California. In August 6, 1901 her marriage to Thomas Linsay took place in San Mateo. From the very start the couple prospered so that in a few years they were able to purchase considerable San Mateo real estate. Unfortunately Mr. Linsay did not live to enjoy the fruits of his labor but passed on but a few years ago leaving his estate to his widow. This includes the home at 324 Minnie St. together with considerable other real property. Mrs. Linsay takes...

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Biographical Sketch of I. Lindeman

After twenty-five years of business experience in San Francisco, I. Lindeman sold out his interests there to enter what he considered a more productive field; and as a result we find him sole owner and proprietor of the Peninsula Creamery, and one of San Mateo’s most active and progressive business men. Mr. Lindeman’s house in San Francisco supplied many of the large wineries and liquor dealers in the state with corks, bottles, labels, and machinery. This brought him into intimate contact with conditions in many localities. With this general knowledge of the state he decided that the most advantageous move he could make was to locate on the peninsula. With the old San Mateo Creamery as a nucleus, Mr. Lindeman established the Peninsula Creamery which is a model in sanitation and improved methods. The improved facilities and service brought a large increase in business; and now the institution serves a large part of the community. Mr. Lindeman has prominent fraternal affiliations. He has been secretary of the Foresters lodge for over 20 years. By carrying delinquents who otherwise would have had to drop out of the order, Mr. Lindeman has made many steadfast and lifelong friends. He has also been a member of Bay City Parlor, N. S. G. W. for twenty-eight years and for twenty-five of these years he acted as secretary. I. Lindeman was born in San...

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