Collection: Indian Home Guard

Payment to Indian Officers

No. 9 B. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Pay Department United States Army, Leavenworth City, Kansas, May 28, 1866. GENERAL: I have received information which I deem entirely reliable, although unofficial, that by and through the management of some claim agent in Washington, the payment of the Indian officers in the First, Second, and Third Regiments Indian Home Guards has been ordered, and that the payment was taken entirely out of the hands of the Pay Department, and the money turned over to Judge Cooley, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, who has, or is about to pay out the same through the Indian agents of the tribes to which these officers belong. I am further informed that money was turned over for the payment of the whole number of officers, and that it would probably be paid out without regard to what payments might have been made by the Pay Department. Having paid these regiments from organization to muster-out, with one exception, and being familar with...

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Second List of Pension Claimants

Department Of The Interior, Washington, D. C., August 21, 1866. Sir: I have to request that you will inscribe the names of the following claimants upon the rolls of the agency at Fort Gibson, west of Arkansas, in the manner and for the purpose indicated in my letter to you of the 15th of March last, viz: No. 129895. Jane Arnold, widow of Jesse Arnold, deceased. No.129893. Polly Adair, guardian of minor children of Ah-Ha-jo, deceased. No. 129891. Clasia Adair, widow of Polk Adair, deceased. No.129889. Milley Lowery, widow of Eli Lowery, deceased. No.129886. Sally Price, guardian of minor child of Marcellus Rogers, deceased. No.129883. Susan Robertson, widow of Water Robertson, deceased. No 129880. Betsy Sanders, guardian of minor children of Pelican, deceased. No. 129879. Walker Deerhead, guardian of minor child of Oo-wah-ho-sa-ki, deceased. No. No. 129878. Sally, guardian of minor children of Oo-wo-ha-sa-hi, deceased. No. 129877. Nancy Otter Sifter, widow of Otter Sifter, deceased. No. 129975. Mary, widow of Wax-se-ha-jo, deceased. No. 129974. Ma-gue-a-gue, widow of Wox-se-harjo, deceased. No. 129973. Wattie, guardian of minor child of Washington, deceased. No. 129964. Lucinda, widow of Tat-se-fix-e-ke, deceased. No. 129963. Adam, guardian of minor child of Tommeh, deceased. No. 129962. Wiley, guardian of minor child of Jimmy, deceased. No.129960 Catharine Tieska, widow of George Tieska, deceased. No. 129954. Betsey Perryman, guardian of minor child of Mack Milford, deceased. No. 129953. Kessa,...

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List of Pension Claimants

Department Of The Interior, Washington, D. C., March 15, 1866. Sir: In order to enable Mr. Whiting while at Fort Gibson to pay the pensions which, upon the investigation he is required to make there, may be found to be due, I have to request that you will inscribe the names of the following-named claimants upon the pension-rolls. The rates and commencement of the pensions allowed will be hereafter supplied. The names of those claimants thus inscribed upon the rolls who may be found not to be legally entitled to pensions will be stricken from the rolls on the receipt of his report after his return; viz: Ann Brown, widow of Isaac Brown. Atuchita Davis, widow of John Davis. Akey Sanders, widow of Wilson Sanders. Arley Walter, widow of Walter. Arley War-cksi, widow of Wales-ka-but. Anne Tun-nee-no-ce, widow of Tun-nee-nc-ce. Ann Tiger, widow of Red-bird Tiger. Akey Cochrane, widow of Wind Cochrane. Anna Brown, widow of Thomas Brown. Ah-yah-noo-le Bear, widow of John Bear. Anna Ellis, widow of Nathaniel Ellis. A-Nee-Key, widow of Sid-a-wa-gy. Anna Baldridge’ widow of Samuel Baldbridge. Anna Blackbird, widow of William Blackbird. Aneey, widow of Os-wa-se-ty. Aley Poor, widow of Poor. Anna Barron, widow of Jack Barron. Anna Cah-wah-s-sa-shi widow of Cah-nah-s-sa-shi. Akey Walker, widow of John. Walker. A. King Dragger, widow of Asa Dragger. Ah-ter-yan Deer, widow of Young Deer. Anna Balbridge, widow of...

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Lost and Missing Warrants

Saint Louis, January 5, 1870. DEAR SIR: We shall send you by to-morrow’s mail second-bounty warrants to the amount of $5,758, which we had been instructed to send you by Judge Wright for collection. We also send you a list of the warrants, showing each one separately. You will please collect the amounts as soon as possible, and remit the same to us. Should any of these warrants not be paid you will please the same and return to us, as they belong to three different houses in the city to whom we have to account for same. We will send the warrants by registered letter to you. Yours, truly, HENRY BELL & SON. Mr. ALEXANDER CLIPPERTON, Fort Gibson. Office Of Orr & Lindsley, 306 Main Street, Saint Louis, January 5, 1870. DEAR SIR: We herewith hand you, enclosed by request of Judge John W. Wright, Washington City, sundry Indian orders to said John W. Wright to pay sundry sums as specified in enclosed list, out of their bounty as soldiers, said orders being in favor of Ross, Gunter & Co., and W. P. Ross & Co., and now owned by us. We enclose a full detailed list and description of said orders, with receipt annexed, which you will please sign and return to us by first mail. Judge Wright has no doubt instructed you as to manner of...

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Marble Salt Works and Store

Cherokee Nation, May 1, 1866, Received of Joseph Starr his discharge as a private in Company I of the Eighty-third Regiment United States Colored Infantry, to collect bounty thereon, and to return March 1, 1866. JNO. W. WRIGHT. By JOHN B. WRIGHT. BARBARY ELLEN STAR, the mother. Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation. Marble Salt Works And Store, To Alex Clapperton, 1870 Dr April     9 To hauling $2 46 April 9 To 1 pound blue mass 1 25 April 28 To hauling to and from Smith, 6 days, at $3.50 per day 21 00 May 1 . To 224 pounds sugar, at 18 cents per pound 40 32 May 4 To hauling 3 00 May 10 To rent for kettles 22 22 40 May 11 To hauling 5 25 May 11 To 1 lamp3 3 50 May 11 To hauling2 2 50 May 15 To hauling 9 75 May 30 To hauling to Lick 5 62 May 31 Paid Guleger 16 65 May 26 Paid for flour and hauling 99 75 May 31 Paid to Jones 19 50 April 10 Paid Jim Morris. 4 00 May 3 Paid Samuel McGilleroy 22 40 May 10 Paid for John Heughs 2 25 281 60 The above has all been duly credited. True copy, less the hauling to Lipe and Bryant; Lipe, 824.40, Bryant, $21.24, May 25 and May 28, 1870. Marble Salt Works,...

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Drafts Issued, For Clapperton to Collect

March, 1870. In these following cases the drafts for $85 were issued today in the following cases: Names of soldiers. Co. Reg’t. Names of soldiers. Co. Reg’t. Wolf Downing H 3 Joseph Price I 3 Edward Bowfin I 3 Saw-Poor-Boy I 3 Warm I 3 John R. Goard I 3 John-nee B 1 Henry Margua I 3 Gal-ke-pu-ke B 1 Qua-Pug-Dog I 3 Warrody-stop H 3 -Nicholas Hun I 3 George Downing. I 3 Sam Walking-Stick I 3 Hary Back H 3 George Helderbrand H 3 Grade Henson I 3 Johnson Guskey H 3 Pig Mike H 3 Dear Sandy: [Clapperton] I send you the above list. Collect all you can for Saint Louis creditors of Ross. In the case of John-nee, there is $185-two bounties, and I am only paid for one. I will get an order from Commissioner of Indian Affairs to collect for me $15 to make it right. All is going on right. I hope to see you in a mouth, and I hope you and Nash and Rob can fix up the salt-works. If Brown will go there and keep sober, I would take it. All well, J. W. WRIGHT....

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Indian Home Guard

During the war of the rebellion a number of the residents of the Indian Territory, members of the various tribes therein located, were organized into regiments for military service in the armies of the United States, and were designated as the First, Second, and Third Regiments of Indian Home Guards. They were regularly mustered into the United States service, borne upon the rolls of the Army, and paid upon the monthly muster and pay rolls by paymasters of the Army. Numbers 1 and 2 of accompanying documents show that those troops were regularly recognized as in service.

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