The Duke Of York – Cheetsamahoin, who was usually styled His Royal Highness, the Duke of York, appears to have been hereditary chief of the tribe of the Clallams, who occupy the land at the mouth of the Strait of Fuca on the south side. He was an able, faithful ruler, and highly esteemed by the Whites. As early as 1854, he was officially appointed head chief of his tribe by Governor Stevens through the agent, Michael T. Simmons. He held this office and performed its duties with vigor and fidelity until, in 1870, he was found to be growing too old and infirm for its active obligations, and by Agent Eells was at that time constituted a sort of honorary chief, whose counsels were to be respected. He was a good, faithful man, and doubtless saved many lives by his honest adherence to our government. He died a few years ago at a great age, and was followed to his grave by a great concourse of people of both the white and Indian races.