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Palouse Indians

Palouse Indians. Significance unknown. Also called:

Palouse Connections. The Palouse belonged to the Shahaptian division of the Shapwailutan linguistic stock, and were most closely connected with the Nez Perce.

Palouse Location. In the valley of Palouse River in Washington and Idaho and on a small section of Snake River, extending eastward to the camas grounds near Moscow, Idaho. The Palouse were included in the Yakima treaty of 1855 but have never recognized the treaty obligations and have declined to lead a reservation life.

Palouse Villages

Palouse History. The Palouse are said to have separated from the Yakima.

Palouse Population. Estimated by Mooney (1928) at 5,400 in 1780. In 1805 Lewis and Clark gave 1,600. In 1854 they were said to number 500. The census of 1910 returned 82.

Connection in which the Palouse Indians have become noted. Palouse or Pelouse River, in Idaho and Washington, and the city of Palouse in Whitman County, Washington, preserve the name of the Palouse Indians.