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5White McClellan Whitmire. Annie Corntassel
6Nannie J. Whitmire. Edward Adair Clyne
7Margaret C. Whitmire. Joseph M. Easky, Thomas Grider
1122334415George Getty Whitmire. Lydia Walkingstick
1122337415William Whitmire*
2Walter Samuel Whitmire. Nannie Bushyhead Wilkerson and Ella Still.
OK3Charlotte Whitmire*
4George Washington Whitmire. Ida Bailey
5Alexander Whitmire
6Sarah Jane Whitmire. David Lee Bird
7Charles Whitmire
8Jonathan Whitmire. Minnie McTier
9Henry Whitmire
1122338415Samuel Houston Downing. Penelope Wolf
3Jennie Downing. Charles Kiper
OK3Catherine Downing. Samuel Whirlwind
4Lewis James Downing*
5William Downing*
1122237415Agnes Dougherty. Black Haw
2Sukie Dougherty. William Tutt
1122238415Nellie Downing. Thomas Lacey
1122331415James Downing. Emma Sixkiller nee England
2Margaret Downing. John J. Hicks
3Jinnie Downing. Charles Kiper
4Joseph Downing. Nannie Ridge
5John Downing
6Charlotte Downing. Charles Riper
7Walter Downing. Ada Hicks
8Agnes Downing*
9William Downing
1112332415Richard Turner*
2Jesse Turner. Susie Smith
3Nellie Turner*
4Ollie Turner*
5Rachel Turner. Skilly Vann
6Nannie Turner
7Jack Turner  Walleuke Houston
1122333415Susie Downing  Jesse McKnight
2William Downing
3Mary Downing
4Edward Adair Downing