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3 Lucy Still*
11421344 Benjamin Pettit. Peggy Cunnigan
2 Thomas Pettit. Elsie Hughes
OK 3 William Pettit. _____ and Maria James
4 Washington Pettit. * Mary Blackbird
5 Agnes Pettit. Charles Wofford
6  Elizabeth Pettit.   ______ Robbins and William Post
7 Nannie Pettit. James Humphreys
11422314 Wiliam Crittenden. Malinda House and Louisa Cross
2 Edward Crittenden. Ghi-goo-ie.
3 Joseph Crittenden
4 Lydia Crittenden  Samuel Quinton
5 Lewis Crittenden  Rebecca Shirley and Martha Richardson
6 Charles Crittenden. Nannie Downing nee  ______
7 Jack Crittenden. Nannie Nugen and Sarah Bolin nee McCabe
8 Elizabeth Crittenden. Lord Wellington Shirley
9 Delilah Crittenden. James McDaniel, Richard Glory, Runabout Scraper and William George
10 Peggy Crittenden
11 Polly Crittenden. Archibald Vann
12 Aelie Crittenden. Thomas Butler
11423314 Sallie Wright. Moses Alberty A16
2 Lydia Wright. Benjamin Snow and Ellis Buffington
OK 3 Mary Wright. John Alberty
4 Clarissa Wright. Elijah Phillips Al 7
5 William Wright*
6 Melvina Wright. Thomas Clyne
7 Rebecca Wright. Joel Mayes Bryan Al8
8 Eli Wright. Nannie Vann
9 Delilah Wright. Reuben Daniel
10 Cornelius Wright. Harriette O’Bryan and Elizabeth Buffington
11424314 Joseph Vann. Catherine Rowe and Elizabeth Rowe A19
2 David Vann. Jennie Chambers and Martha McNair A20
OK 3 Margaret Vann. David Webber
4 Andrew M. Vann. Margaret Lasley and Susie Alexander A21
5 Nannie Vann. John Chambers
6 Catherine Vann* John Rogers and William Williams
7 Mary Vann. William Lasley
8 Keziah Vann. Robert Webber
9 Charles Vann* Eliza West
10 Clement Vann*
11 Sallie Vann. Robert Rogers and William Alexander Musgrove

A16. Moses Alberty, born April 18, 1788. Died May 3, 1877.

A17. Clarissa Wright, born October 25, 1803, married Elijah Phillips.

A18. Rebecca Wright born January 1, 1814, married Joel Mayes Bryan born October 22, 1809. She died April 5, 1882. He died August 7, 1899.

A19 Joseph Vann, whose Cherokee name was Teaultle, was born on February 11, 1798. He was a member of the constitutional convention. 1827 from Hightower District and of that of 1839. He was president of the Senate from 1841 to 1843. Elected Assistant Chief in 1839 and 1859. He died May 3, 1877.

A20. David Vann born January 1, 1800. He was elected Treasurer of the Cherokee Nation in 1839, 1843, 1847 and 185!. He was killed by the “Pin ‘ Indians on December 23, 1863.