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Duwamish Indians

Duwamish Indians. A place name.

Duwamish Connections. The Duwamish belonged to the Nisqually dialectic group of the coast division of the Salishan linguistic stock.

Duwamish Villages

(According to Smith, 1940)

Duwamish Population. The Duwamish were estimated by Mooney (1928), with the Suquamish and other tribes, at 1,200 in 1780. About 1856 they are variously given at from 64 to 312. The census of 1910 returned 20.

Connections in which the Duwamish have become noted. The Duwamish Indians will be remembered mainly as one of the tribes formerly located on the site of Seattle, and one of the two of which the Indian who gave his name to that city was chief. The name Duwamish itself is preserved in Duwamish River and in the name of a small town.