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Diegueño Indians

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Diegueño Indians. Derived from the name of the Mission of San Diego.

Diegueño Connections. The Diegueno belonged to the Central division of the Yuman linguistic group, being most closely connected with the Kamia and Kiliwa, but that is reckoned a branch of the Hokan stock.

Diegueño Subdivisions. Northern Diegueno, in the eastern part of San Diego County and extending an indefinite distance southward into the Mexican State of Baja California.

  • Southern Diegueno, in the modern districts of Campo, La Posta, Manzanita,
  • Guyapipe, and La Laguna, and some territory in Baja California.

Diegueño Villages

  • Aha-hakaik, at La Laguna.
  • Akmukatikatl, inland on San Dieguito River.
  • Ahta (“cane”) or Hapawu, at Carrizo.
  • Ahwat, in Baja California.
  • Amai’-tu, at La Posta.
  • Amat-kwk’-ahwat, on the stream above Campo.
  • Amotaretuwe, inland between San Diego and Sweetwater Rivers.
  • Anyaha, at the headwaters of San Diego River.
  • Atlkwanen, on the head of San Dieguito River.
  • Awaskal, location unknown.
  • Ekwiamak, on the head of Sweetwater River.
  • Emitl-kwatai, at Campo. Ewiapaip, at Guyapipe.
  • Hakum, in or near Jacumba Pass.
  • Hakutl, south of San Marcos Creek.
  • Hamacha, on the middle course of Sweetwater River.
  • Hamul, at the head of Otay River.
  • Hanwi, location uncertain.
  • Hapai, south of San Dieguito River.
  • Hasasei, location uncertain.
  • Hasumel, location uncertain.
  • Hata’am, location uncertain.
  • Hawai, location uncertain.
  • Hawi, at Vallecitos.
  • Inomasi, location uncertain.
  • Inyahkai, at La Laguna.
  • Kamachal, location uncertain.
  • Kohwat, location uncertain.
  • Kokwitl, location uncertain.
  • Kosmit, at the head of San Diego River.
  • Kosoi, at San Diego.
  • Kwalhwut, location uncertain.
  • Kulaumai, on the coast near the mouth of San Dieguito River.
  • Kwatai, at the head of Cottonwood Creek.
  • Maktati, location uncertain. Maramoido, location uncertain.
  • Mat-ahwat-is, location uncertain.
  • Matamo, location uncertain.
  • Met-hwai, southwest of San Ysidro Mountain.
  • Meti, location uncertain.
  • Mitltekwanak, on San Felipe Creek and the head of San Dieguito River. Netlmol, location uncertain.
  • Nipawai, on lower San Diego River.
  • Otai, about Otai Mountain.
  • Pamo, between the heads of San Dieguito and San Diego Rivers.
  • Paulpa, at the north end of San Diego Bay.
  • Pauwai, inland between San Dieguito and San Diego Rivers.
  • Pokol, location uncertain.
  • Pu-shuyi, inland east of San Diego.
  • Sekwan, on the middle course of Sweetwater River.
  • Setmunumin, southeast of Mesa Grande.
  • Shana, location uncertain.
  • Sinyau-pichkara, on the middle course of San Dieguito River.
  • Sinyau-tehwir, at the head of San Diego River.
  • Sinyeweche, northeast of San Diego.
  • Suapai, location uncertain.
  • Tapanke, location uncertain.
  • Tawi, west of San Ysidro Mountain.
  • Tlokwih, near North Peak.
  • Totakamalam, at Point Loma.
  • Tukumak, at Mesa Grande.
  • Wemura, location uncertain.
  • Witliinak, on a head branch of San Diego River.

Diegueño Population. Kroeber (1925) estimates 3,000 Diegueno and Kamia together in 1770; in 1925, between 700 and 800. The census of 1930 gave 322.



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