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Daniel Sledge, Choctaw

Daniel Sledge Et Al.
Commission, No. R-278.

September. 1899. Original application to Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes for enrollment as citizens of the Choctaw Nation of Daniel T. Sledge, and Mona Sledge, Leda R. Sledge, his children, as citizens by blood; Lula Sledge, his wife, as an intermarried citizen of the Choctaw Nation.

March 30, 1905. Decision rendered by the commission denying the application for the enrollment of the above named claimants.

May 18, 1905. Decision of the commission was affirmed by the department.

November 4, 1905. Motion for review filed with department.

January 30, 1906. Department held that its decision of May 18, 1905, was correct and denied applicant’s petition for rehearing and review. Applications were subsequently received by the Commissioner to the Five Civilized Tribes for the enrollment as citizens of the Choctaw Nation under the act of Congress approved April 26, 1906, of the following children of Daniel T. Sledge: May 2, 1906. Louolga Sledge and Harry G. Sledge; June 4. 1906, Daniel Oscar Sledge.

February 14, 1907. Applications refused by decision of commissioner of this date.

March 4, 1907. Department approved this action of the commission.

The record in this case shows that the principal claimant is a full brother of William Sledge, whose case has been fully set out; that he had been residing in the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations for 10 years prior to June 28, 1898.

Wherefore counsel for claimants submit that they are entitled to enrollment as citizens of the Choctaw Nation.

Those entitled to enrollment are: Daniel T. Sledge, Nona Sledge. Leda R. Sledge.

Respectfully submitted.

Walter S. Field. Attorney for Claimants.

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