(See Downing) Edwin Archer, born September 19, 1817, in New York City. Married February 26, 1845, Mary Francis Vann, born September 21, 1825, in Georgia. He died May 15, 1893, and she died in 1921.

They were the parents of: Mary Elizabeth, married DeWitt Clinton Lipe; Louisa Catherine, married Freeland McIntosh; Ada, born March 16, 1860, educated in the Cherokee public schools and the Kirkwood (Missouri) Seminary from which she graduated June 8, 1882, married February 28, 1888, Daniel Vincent Jones, born December 28, 1858 in Grayson county, Texas; Cora, married William Ross Shackelford;

Charlotta Archer graduated from the Cherokee Female Seminary June 28, 1883, appointed member of the Cherokee board of education November 11, 1905; appointed County Superintendent of Public Instruction of Mayes county in July, 1908, elected to that office in 1910-12-16-18 and 1920.

Daniel Vincent and Ada (Archer) Jones were the parents of: Vera, born December 10, 1895, graduated from the Female Seminary May 29, 1907; Jean, born December 2, 1895, and Mary Jones, born July 15, 1899, and died May 11, 1917.

Joseph Vann, born February 1, 1789, married Catherine Rowe. He was elected a member of the Cherokee Constitutional Convention of 1827 from Coosawatee District elected Senator from the Sauna District August 2, 1844, and elected President of the Senate, elected again to the same office August 6, 1849; elected Associate Justice of the Supreme ourt in 1847, Delegate to Washington, 1851, Executive Councilor 1853-5557; Assistant Chief of the Cherokee Nation on August 1, 1859. He was the father of Mrs. Mary Francis Vann. He died May 3, 1877