Colonel Claiborne’s Regiment Of Mississippi Militia

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Captain Gerard C. Brandon’s Company
Captain William Elliott’s Company
Captain Philip A. Engel’s Company
Captain Jacob Guice’s Company
Captain Philip Hill’s Company
Captain Randal Jones’ Company
Captain Zachariah Lea’s Company
Captain Lewis Paimboeuf ‘s Company
Captain John H. Shanks’ Company

Abby, Consider, sergeant
Adams, Samuel, private
Aldred, Ezra, corporal
Alexander, Michael G., corporal
Alexander, Robert, first lieutenant
Ally, Seth, private
Armstreet, Aaron, private
Armstrong, William, private
Atwood, Thomas, private
Austin, Ozias, first lieutenant
Bagley, William, sergeant
Baker, Lewis, private
Baldridge, Alexander, private
Baldwin, Hiram, first lieutenant
Barkley, Samuel C., private
Barrow, Francis, private
Bayley, James, private
Beason, William, private
Beaty, James C., private
Beauchamp, Baptist, private
Beckworth, Jonathan, private
Bedlescomb, Jeremiah, private
Bell, Drury, private
Bell, Joseph, sergeant
Bell, Thomas, private
Bell, Wilkinson, private
Bender, Lott, private
Bennett, William, private
Bernard, William, private
Berry, Joseph, corporal
Berry, Martin, private
Berry, Young, sergeant
Bethany, Matthew, private
Black, Alexander, private
Black, Daniel, private
Blanton, Benjamin, private
Blanton, William W., first lieutenant
Boatright, William, private
Bolls, John, private
Bond, Thomas, private
Bonner, James, private
Boothe, John, private
Bower, George Wm., private
Bowman, Richardson, first lieutenant
Boyce, Peyton, private
Boyd, James, private
Boyd, John, private
Boyd, William, private
Braden, Joseph, sergeant
Brady, Samuel, private
Brandon, Gerard C., captain
Brant, Lewis W., corporal
Brashears, Benjamin, private
Brashiers, James, private
Brasue, Nicholas, private
Brent, John, private
Brice, William, private
Britton, James, private
Brother, Lewis, private
Brown, Henry, corporal
Brown, Isaac, private
Brown, John, private
Brown, John, private
Brown, Jonathan, private
Brown, Joseph, private
Brown, Thomas, private
Bruner, William, sergeant
Brusty, Benjamin, private
Buchanan, John, private
Buckallo, Richard, private
Buddie, William, corporal
Bullin, David, sergeant
Bullock, David, private
Bullock, James, private
Burke, George, private
Burks, Leonard W., corporal
Burks, William, private
Burnett, Mark, private
Burns, William, sergeant
Burton, Charles A., private
Burton, Elbert, private
Burton, Robert, sergeant
Bush, William, private
Bush, William, private
Butler, Burwell, private
Butler, Samuel, private
Byrum, George, private
Cable, Christopher, private
Cain, John, sergeant
Calcott, John, corporal
Calcott, Stephen, private
Calvit, Stephen, private
Cammeron, John, corporal
Cameron, James, private
Camp, John, ensign
Campbell, John D., private
Campbell, Silas, private
Canady, David, private
Canady, Henry, private
Canady, Nathan, private
Carmony, William, private
Carter, Joseph, private
Carter, Kinchen, corporal
Cason, Charles, private
Cason, Henry, private
Cassity, Tacity, private
Cater, Josiah, private
Caves, John, private
Cessna, Culbertson D., private
Chambers, Elijah, private
Chambliss, Peter C., second lieutenant
Chambliss, William R., quartermaster sergeant
Chambliss, William R., sergeant
Chapman, George, private
Childers, Ware, private
Cissna, William S., private
Claiborne, Ferdinand L., colonel
Clark, John, private
Cloyd, Joseph, private
Cloyd, William, corporal
Cochran, David, private
Cochran, John, private
Cochran, John, private
Cole, James, private
Collier, Francis, private
Colvin, Talton, private
Colvin, William, private
Conner, George, private
Conner, James, private
Conner, Jeptha L., private
Cook, Green, private
Cook, John, private
Cook, William, private
Coon, Jasper S. M., private
Cooper, James, private
Cooper, John, private
Cordill, John, private
Corey, Samuel F., sergeant
Corner, John, private
Cotton, Able, corporal
Cotton, Haley, private
Cotton, James, private
Courtney, John, private
Couzins, Mathew, private
Coward, Needham, private
Cox, John, surgeon
Crane, James, corporal
Crawford, William, private
Crow, Clark, private
Crow, Levi, private
Cunningham, William, private
Dacosta, Nicholas, private
Daenhart, Augustus, private
Davis, Benjamin, private
Davis, David, private
Davis, James, private
Davis, Martin, private
Davis, Martin, private
Decell, George, corporal
Delany, John, private
Dell, Jacob, private
Deloach, William R., first lieutenant
Demars, Malcolm, private
Dennis, Asa W., private
Dennis, Thomas, private
Devine, Kinsman, private
Dickson, Thomas, private
Dismuke, John, private
Dixon, William, private
Dobbins, Alfred M., private
Dobbs, John H., private
Dougherty, George, sergeant major
Doughty, Edward, private
Douthard, Zedekiah, private
Dowling, Charles, private
Downing, Edward, private
Downs, William, private
Dozer, Thomas, private
Duncan, William, private
Dunn, James, private
Dunson, William, private
Dupie, Thomas, private
Durin, Jonathan, private
Edmonson, Amos, private
Edwards, John, corporal
Edwards, Joseph, private
Edwards, Nathaniel, private
Edwards, Thomas, private
Eldridge, Hollam, private
Elliott, John, corporal
Elliott, William, captain
Elmore, Joseph, private
Engel, Philip A., captain
Evans, Elijah, private
Evans, William, private
Ewing, Robert B., private
Fagan, William, private
Fait, Peter, private
Fake, Thomas, private
Falls, John, private
Fatheree, Milliard, private
Fenton, John, private
Ferguson, Benjamin, private
Ferguson, Edward, private
Ferguson, William, private
Ferrell, Daniel, private
Fife, Gilbert, private
Fife, Isaac, private
Finnehorn, John, private
Fleming, John B., private
Floyd, John, private
Ford, James, private
Ford, Joseph, private
Forget, William, private
Foster, Randal, private
Fox, Washington, private
Frasher, Ralph, private
Friley, Frederick, private
Furness, John, corporal
Gams, Fountain H., private
Garlington, Benjamin, fifer
Garlington, Edwin, private
Garriday, William, private
Gasaway, Nicholas, private
Gibson, Richard, private
Gilbert, Samuel, corporal
Gillaspie, David, private
Givens, George W., private
Glover, Anderson, private
Glover, David, private
Glover, Peter, private
Godley, Slade, private
Godley, Thomas, corporal
Goleman, William, private
Goleman, Young, private
Goober, Craddock, corporal
Goodale, Samuel, private
Goodrum, John, private
Goodrum, Thomas, private
Goodston, Benjamin, private
Goodston, James, private
Goodwin, Isaac, private
Gordon, George, private
Gordon, James, private
Gowen, James H., sergeant
Gower, Elisha, private
Graddock, Richard, private
Graham, James, private
Graves, James, private
Gray, William, private
Green, James, first lieutenant
Green, John, private
Green, Joseph, private
Greer, Aaron, private
Greer, Aquilla, private
Griffin, George, private
Griffin, Isaac, private
Griffin, James M., sergeant
Griffin, Robert, private
Griffin, William, sergeant
Grissum, Lambert D., private
Groves, James, private
Guest, Samuel, sergeant
Guice, David, first lieutenant
Guice, Jacob, captain
Guice, John A., private
Guice, John H., corporal
Guice, Jonathan, sergeant
Hall, Mathew, private
Hamberlin, Peter, private
Hanna, Josiah, first lieutenant
Hanson, William, private
Harford, Samuel, musician
Harold, Thomas, corporal
Harrigill, Joseph, private
Harrington, Hardy, private
Harrington, Jacob, private
Harrington, Thomas, sergeant
Harris, Levi C., private
Harrison, Nathaniel, private
Harville, Needham, private
Havard, Elijah, private
Heady, Elijah, private
Heath, Thomas, musician
Helms, Henry, private
Heliums, Enos, private
Helvey, Henry, musician
Henderson, Samuel, private
Henry, William H., private
Henson, William, sergeant
Herd, Thomas, corporal
Herrin, Henry, private
Herrin, Jacob, private
Henin, Samuel, private
Herron, Benjamin, private
Herron, John, private
Higgins, Peter, private
Hill, Alexander I., private
Hill, James, private
Hill, Peter, private
Hill, Philip, captain
Hilliard, James, private
Hilliard, Reubin, private
Hilson, Silas, sergeant
Hixon, Daniel, private
Holland, Alexander G., private
Holliday, Richard I., corporal
Holloway, Lewis, private
Holmes, Ahab, private
Holmes, Drewry, private
Hooper, Thomas, private
Hooter, Jacob, private
Hornsby, Joseph, private
Hope, Adam, sergeant
Hosey, Branson, private
Howard, William, private
Howard, William, private
Howell, Jehu, private
Hudson, Josiah, private
Hudson, Westley, private
Huff, Benjamin, private
Huff, Holloway, private
Huffman, Alexander, private
Hughey, John, private
Hull, Miles, private
Hunter, Thomas, private
Hurley, Thornton, private
Hyland, Christopher, corporal
Hylands, John, sergeant
Ingles, Elliott, private
Ireson, James, private
Irwin, James, private
Jack, William, ensign
Jackson, Henry, private
Jacobs, Richard, private
James, Joseph, private
Jayne, Daniel, private
Jett, James, private
Johns, David, private
Johns, Thomas, private
Johnson, Peter, private
Johnson, William, corporal
Johnston, John, private
Johnston, Samuel, private
Jones, Abraham, private
Jones, Harden, private
Jones, James, private
Jones, John H., private
Jones, John S., private
Jones, Moses, private
Jones, Randal, captain
Jones, Samuel, private
Jones, Thomas, private
Jordan, Charles H., private
Juvenot, Joseph, private
Kean, Thomas, ensign
Keith, Alexander, private
Keller, George, private
Keller, Joseph, private
Kellogg, Theron, ensign
Kennedy, David, private
Kennison, Nathaniel, private
Kenton, Simon, private
Kenton, William, private
Kerr, John, surgeon mate
Kinchen, Mathew, first lieutenant
King David, musician
King, William, ensign
Kirk, Michael, corporal
Kirkham, Spencer, private
Kirkland, Richard, private
Kline, Balthazar, private
Knight, Joseph, sergeant
La Chapelle, Dominic, private
Lambert, Abner, private
Lambert, Ashley, private
Landrum, William, private
Langford, David, private
Law, David, private
Lawhorn, John, private
Layscn, Robert, sergeant major-ensign
Lea, Major, private
Lea, Zachariah, captain
Leak, Austin, private
Leak, William, first lieutenant
Leatherman, John, private
Lee, Charles, private
Lee, James B., private
Lee, James, private
Lee, John, private
Lefoy, Mathew, private
Lender, Daniel, private
Leonard, Jacob, private
Levertson, private
Lewis, Nicholas, private
Linder, Lewis, corporal
Lindsey, Robert, private
Llewellyn, Compton G., first lieutenant
Lobdell, James, private
Lochridge, Nicholas, ensign
Long, James, sergeant
Long, James P., private
Long, Jeremiah, private
Long, Philip P., private
Louk, Andrew, private
Love, Joseph, private
Low, John, sergeant
Lowe, Frederick, private
Lowe, Lunsford, private
Lucas, Robert, private
Lucket, James, first sergeant
Lusk, George, private
Lyon, Spencer, private
Lacky, William, private
Madden, James, private
Mann, Simpson, private
Mannen, Jeremiah, private
Manning, Silas, private
Manville, Philip, private
Mark, Samuel, private
Marler, James, private
Marrs, Thomas, private
Marshall, Reuben, private
Marshall, Solomon, private
Martin, Aaron r private
Martin, Christopher, private
Masey, Drury, Jr., private
Mason, Charles, private
Massey, Drury, Sr., private
Master, Baptist, private
Master, John, private
Masterson, Vatchel, private
Mathews, Samuel, private
Mathews, Westley, private
Matthews, Lyman, private
Maxwell, George, private
May, David, corporal
May, William, sergeant
McAleb, Alexander, private
McAlpin, Duncan, private
McCartney, James, private
McCarty, James, private
McClendon, John, private
McCune, Archibald, private
McDaniel, Daniel, private
McDaniel, John, private
McGehee, Archibald, sergeant
McGeniss, William, private
McGhee, James, private
McGhee, Samuel, private
McGohan, Peter, corporal
McGowen, James, first lieutenant
McKean, James, private
McLaughlin, John, private
McLaughlin, William, private
McLeod, James, private
McLin, William, private
McMillion, John, private
McNeal, Archibald, private
McNeal, William, private
McNeefe, William, private
Merriday, James, private
Metts, Jacob, private
Metts, Tobias, private
Miller, George, corporal
Miller, Thomas, private
Minton, Joshua, private
Mitchell, Andrew, private
Mitchell, William, sergeant
Monday, Littleton, private
Monger, Thomas, private
Montgomery, Andrew, first lieutenant
Montgomery, John, private
Moore, John, corporal
Morgan, John, private
Morgan, Laburn, private
Morgan, Shadrick, private
Morgan, William, private
Morris, John, private
Morrison, John, drum major
Murfee, Morris, private
Murphey, Wiley, private
Murphy, Benjamin, private
Murphy, Nathaniel, sergeant
Murphy, Samuel, private
Murray, Christopher, private
Murray, Thomas, musician
Mygott, Austin R., fifer-corporal
Neal, James, private
Nelson, James, private
Newson, William, private
Nicholas, James, private
Nichols, Benjamin, private
Nicholson, Samuel, ensign
Old, James, private
Oliphant, James, private
Osborne, James, sergeant
Ostin, Ozias, first lieutenant
Owens, William, private
Paimboeuf, Lewis, captain
Painter, Edward, private
Pate, William, private
Patton, Francis, private
Patton, William
Paxton, John R., private
Payson, Robert, ensign
Pearce, Edmund, private
Pentecost, George W., private
Perkins, Isaac, private
Petit, Lewis, private
Petty, William, private
Peyton, Joseph E., sergeant
Phelps, Samuel, private
Phillis, Jacob, private
Philips, Thomas, private
Pierce, John, private
Pinson, Daniel B., private
Pitchford, Augustin, private
Pitman, Julius, private
Platner, John L., private
Platner, William, private
Pleasant, Washington, private
Potter, John, private
Powell, William, private
Prestage, John, private
Prestrage, Samuel, private
Price, Benjamin, private
Price, Jonathan, corporal
Quine, Lemuel, private
Quine, Mordecai, private
Quine, Robert, corporal
Rains, Stephens, private
Rains, William, private
Rails, Harris, private
Rails, James, private
Randall, Hiram, private
Randall, Isham, private
Raybourn, Mark, private
Reed, John, private
Reed, William, private
Reynolds, James, private
Rhambart, Zachariah, private
Rheams, Lemuel, sergeant
Rhodes, Jacob, private
Richards, Archibald, private
Riley, Stephen, private
Ring, Mark, private
Ripley, Samuel, corporal
Robert, Redding, drummer
Roberts, Abraham, sergeant
Robinson, Raymond, major
Robinson, William, private
Robinson, Younglove, private
Rollins, Benjamin, private
Ross, Daniel, private
Ross, Nimrod, private
Row, John, private
Rowe, Benjamin, private
Rush, Elijah, private
Rushing, Matthew, private
Rushing, William, private
Russell, Hugh, private
Russell, John, private
Salters, Jacob, private
Salvage, Benjamin F., first lieutenant and quartermaster
Samson, Andrew, sergeant
Sanders, Joseph, private
Sanders, Keatland, private
Saunders, James, sergeant
Saunders, James, corporal
Saunders, William D., private
Scott, Casen, private
Scott, James F., sergeant
Scott, John W., private
Scott, Nehemiah, private
Scurry, Eli, private
See, Howell, private
Seward, Belloup, private
Shafer, David, private
Shanks, John H., captain
Shannon, James, private
Sharkey, Allen, private
Sharkey, Patrick, sergeant
Sharp, Samuel, private
Shaw, Thompson, private
Shelby, Moses, private
Shields, Benjamin, ensign
Shipton, Peter, private
Short, Eli, private
Shumeld, Isham, private
Shuffield, Kinchen H., private
Shull, John, private
Sibley, Benjamin, private
Sibley, West, private
Simmons, George, private
Simmons, Isaiah, private
Simmons, John, private
Simms, Peyton, private
Smallwood, Elisha, private
Smith, Henry, private
Smith, James, private
Smith, Laban, private
Smith, Whitmal, corporal
Southard, Joseph, private
Spillman, Ellis E., ensign
Spurlock, David, private
Spurlock, Drury, private
Steel, Robert, private
Steele, Robert S., sergeant
Stephens, James, private
Stephens, John, first lieutenant
Stephenson, Jonathan, private
Sterling, James, private
Stewart, John, private
Steward, Robert, private
Stockton, Samuel, private
Stoker, Henry, private
Stoker, Matthew, private
Stoker, William, private
Stone, Frederick, private
Strange, Littleberry, private
Strodart, George, private
Stroud, Dixon, private
Stroud, James, private
Stuart, Thomas, private
Sugg, William, private
Sutton, Stephen, private
Swain, James, private
Swan, Robert, sergeant
Swearingame, Joel, sergeant
Tanner, Cullen E., corporal
Taylor, Brice, private
Taylor, Thomas, private
Terry, John, private
Tharp, Jesse, private
Thomas, William, private
Thomkin, Thomas, private
Thompson, Archibald, private
Thomspon, Joab, private
Thompson, John, private
Thompson, John, private
Thompson, Richrd, private
Thornhill, Robert, private
Tines, Minor, private
Tomlinson, Jacob, first lieutenant
Tooten, William, private
Trefox, Charles, private
Trimble, Walter, private
Tullis, Thomas, private
Tyson, Jordan, private
Upton, John, corporal
Urie, Robert, private
Vance, William, corporal
Varnell, Richard, private
Vaughn, Thomas C., private
Verdon, Godfrey, private
Vickery, Aaron, private
Vining, John, private
Waggoner, Joseph, corporal
Waid, William, private
Walden, William, private
Wallace, Oliver, private
Warren, Daniel, private
Warren, Joseph, private
Warsaw, John, private
Washburn, Henry, private
Watson, George B., private
Weaks, Zadock, private
Weatherby, George Wm., first lieutenant
Weatherly, John, private
Weeve, Frederick, private
Welch, John, quartermaster sergeant
Wells, John, private
West, William, private
Weygatt, David, private
White, Henry, private
White, Jacob, private
White, Joel, ensign
White, Joseph, private
White, Nelson, private
Whitworth, Abraham, private
Wigley, Job, private
Wilcox, Benjamin, private
Wilcox, John, private
Williams, David, private
Williams, Elias, private
Williams, Jacob, private
Williams, John, private
Williamson, James, musician
Willis, Reason, private
Wilson, Abel, sergeant
Wilson, Benjamin, private
Wilson, John, private
Wilson, Matthew, private
Wilson, Samuel, private
Wilson, William, private
Winnborae, David, sergeant
Wood, John, lieutenant-colonel
Wood, John, private
Wood, William, private
Woods, Joseph, private
Worsham, Joseph S., first lieutenant and adjutant
Wright, John, private
Wright, William H., private
Yokum, Allen, private
Young, George, private
Young, Peter, private
Zeagler, John, private