Location: York County VA

Genealogy of Daniel and James Allen

K133 DANIEL and JAMES ALLEN: settled in York Co., Va., in 1634. (New Kent Co. was later formed from York, and Hanover Co. from New Kent.) K134 CHARLES ALLEN: probably the s. of either Daniel or James; b. in New Kent Co., Va., about 1700; m. Susannah -------; m. to what is now Charlotte Co. about 1755. K135 JOHN ALLEN: d. Nov. 1, 1816; m. Ann Sims, dau. of Micijah Sims, in 1780 or 1781; served in Rev. Army with 14th Va. Regiment as Sergeant. (1) Lucy S. Allen: 1781-1864. (2) James: 1783-1843. (3) Sally Rivers: 1785-1851. (4) Sims: 1787-1870; m. (first) Margaret Calhoun; m. (second) Sally Whitehead, nee Vaughan. Issue by first wife: (A) Joseph W.: 1825-1898; m. Letitia A. McDearmon. (a) W. J.: b. 1849; m., first, 1869, Alice Hamlette; m., secondly, 1889, Kate Walters. (b) Sims A.: b. 1850; m., first, 1870, Mary Chappell; m., secondly, Miss Malony. (c) Arthur Clifford: b. 1852; m. Rosa Hamlette. (d) Mary M.: b. 1853; m. Nathan Bell. (e) John R.: b. 1855; m. Hester Riggin. (f) Sam J.: b. 1856; m. Lizzie Allen. (g) Frank Edgar: b. 1859; m. Mary B. Anderson. (h) Drury Addison: b. 1860; m. Lula Garland. (i) Lee McDearmon: b. 1864; m. Mattie Mays. (j) Thos. R.: b. 1866; d. unm. (k) Cornelia Frances: b. 1868; d. unm. (l) Florence M.: b. 1870; m. A....

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Slave Narrative of Benjamin Russell

Interviewer: W. W. Dixon Person Interviewed: Benjamin Russell Location: South Carolina Age: 88 Ex-Slave 88 Years “I was born fourteen miles north of Chester, S.C. the property of Mrs. Rebecca Nance. After eighty-eight years, I have a vivid recollection of her sympathy and the ideal relations she maintained with her slaves. “My father was just Baker, my mother just Mary. My father was bought out of a drove of slaves from Virginia. I have been told my mother was born on the Youngblood place. (Youngblood name of my mistress’ people in York County.) My father was a slave of a Mr. Russell and lived two or three miles from the Nance place, where mother lived. He could only visit her on a written pass. As he was religiously inclined, dutiful and faithful as a slave, my mother encouraged the relation that included a slave marriage between my father and mother. My mother in time, had a log house for herself and children. We had beds made by the plantation’s carpenter. As a boy I remember plowing from sun to sun, with an hour’s intermission for dinner, and feeding the horses. “Money? Yes, sometimes white folks and visitors would give me coppers, 3-cent pieces, and once or twice dimes. Used them to buy extra clothing for Sundays and fire crackers and candy, at Christmas. We had good food. In the...

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