Location: Wyandotte County OH

Biography of Peter Moyer

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Peter Moyer. On the old historic farm in Shawnee County, not far from North Topeka, which was located by the Hon. Thomas Ewing of Ohio, and which was later occupied by the famous United States military leader, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, resided Peter Moyer, who had lived in this community since 1878. Prior to that year he had lived in a number of communities, in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan, but after coming to Kansas settled permanently and had never cared to leave the Sunflower State. He had devoted himself to farming throughout his career and the success that had come to him had been a reward for a life of industry and honorable, upright living. Mr. Moyer is a native of the Kingdom of Bavaria, and was born May 22, 1845, his parents being also natives of that country. His father, John Moyer, was a woodworker in the land of his birth and there passed his entire life as a plain, unassuming man, content to follow his trade and rear his family, without desire for public preferment of any kind. He and his wife had five sons and two daughters: Adam, Henry, Margaret, John, Peter, Jacob and Eva, of whom Adam, Henry, John and Peter came to the United States, the first three named settling in...

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Biography of Charles W. Brown

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Charles W. Brown, a resident of Caney, had a close relationship with this section of Southeastern Kansas, where he had resided for more than thirty-five years and where he still owned a large ranch. Mr. Brown’s mother was an eighth Osage Indian and a member of that tribe, and her family thus had proprietory rights in the lands of Southern Kansas and Northern Oklahoma long before white settlers were permitted to settle there. In the paternal line Mr. Brown represents a pioneer family of Wyandotte County, Ohio. His ancestors came from England in colonial days. His grandfather William Brown was born September 12, 1796, in Somerset County, Maryland, and was an early and very prominent settler at Carey, Ohio, where he died in June, 1866. With an exceptional education he was a leader among his fellow citizens and served as a judge at Carey for many years. He was also a writer and author, and spent most of his life on a farm. He married Eliza Kooken, who was born in Pennsylvania, February 14, 1804, and died at Carey, Ohio, in 1876. Charles W. Brown was born in the State of California January 26, 1861. California was the home of the family for a few years while his father W. S. Brown sought a fortune there...

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Biography of Henry Herman Kiehl

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Henry Herman Kiehl, who had lived in Kansas since the spring of 1870, is one of the foremost citizens of Lyndon. While the days of border ruffianism were past when he came to Kansas, his individual experience covers most of the period of growth and development. As a farmer he had a full share of the hardships and difficulties which the early agriculturists had to encounter and he fully deserves all the prosperity that had come his way. His grandfather was a native of Germany. His father Eli Kiehl was born in Pennsylvania, became owner of a brick yard and a tannery in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, and his later life was spent as a farmer. Eli and his oldest son were drafted for service during the Civil war, but were released on account of physical disability. His cousins Amos and John Kiehl were both Union soldiers. Eli Kiehl married Maria Uber, also a native of Pennsylvania. They were the parents of eight children, and the fourth in order of birth was Henry Herman, who was born February 25, 1852. In 1864 the family moved to Wyandotte County, Ohio, where the father followed farming for a couple of years, and then bought 160 acres near Findlay, Ohio. Four years later the mother of the family broke a...

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Biography of Christian Franklin Herring

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Christian Franklin Herring. Starting his independent career as a cowboy on the open plains of Texas, later engaging in handling stock in the Indian country, next carrying on farming in Montgomery County, Kansas, and giving this up to be identified with mercantile pursuits and the oil fields of Oklahoma, Christian Franklin Herring finally settled down in his present business, that of proprietor of an automobile garage at Tyro. Mr. Herring’s career has been a varied and interesting one and has included the vicissitudes and experiences that make up the lives of the men who have sought and found success in the West and Southwest. The prosperity which has attended his present business indicates that he is firmly established in business life, while that he has placed himself substantially in the confidence of his fellow-citizens was demonstrated in 1915, when he was elected mayor of Tyro for a two-year term. Christian Franklin Herring was born at Upper Sandusky, Wyandotte County, Ohio, January 20, 1856, and is a son of Christopher and Mary (Ellis) Herring. Henry Herring, the grandfather of Mayor Herring, was born in 1792, in the Canton of Basel, Switzerland, and as a young man served in the regular army of his native land. In 1841 he brought his family to the United States, settling in...

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