Location: Woodbury County IA

Biographical Sketch of A.L. Bennetts

A.L. Bennetts, proprietor of the New York Fruit Store-established business in 1879-was born in N.Y., in 1826; came west to Wis. in 1848, and, after traveling about, finally located at Forth Winnebago. He afterwards moved to Minnesota; from there to Saginaw, Mich.; thence to O.; then back to Mich.; from there to Chicago, and then to this city. He served in the late war two years under Gen. Burnside, in the 9th army corps. He has held various town offices. He married Grace Brigham of Wis. They have three...

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Biographical Sketch of M.A. Comeau

M.A. Comeau, carpenter and joiner, -shop opposite High School building-was born in the Province of Quebec, Canada; came to the U.S., and settled in Mass., in 1863. He removed to this place in 1879, and engaged in his present business. He married Mary Gelines, of Canada. They have four children-Malvinas, Edwin, Emma and...

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Biographical Sketch of Hon. Wm. L. Joy

Hon. Wm. L. Joy, president of the Sioux national bank of Sioux City, and member of the law firm of Joy & Wright, was born in Townshend, Winham County, Vt.; came to this city in 1855, and engaged in the practice of his profession with N.E. Hudson; he entered the present partnership in 1868. Mr. Joy was elected to the State legislature in 1864, and again in...

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Biographical Sketch of E. Morley

E. Morley, bookkeeper in Sanborn & Follett’s lumber office, was born in Chenango County, N.Y., in 1835; was engaged in various pursuits until 1867, when he came to this city and engaged as...

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Biographical Sketch of P.P. Gibbs

P.P. Gibbs, proprietor of the St. Elmo Hotel, between 5th and 6th streets, was born in Pittsfield, Vt., in 1821; moved thence to Brandon, where he served eighteen years as magistrate, and held many municipal and other offices of public trust. He was married in 1873 to Adeliza Sargent, of Pittsford, Vt., and has one child-Irving. In June, 1881, Mr. Gibbs located in Sioux City, and assumed the proprietorship of the hotel above mentioned, which he has ever since continued to conduct tot he satisfaction of an increasing public...

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Biographical Sketch of William Lerch

William Lerch, proprietor of billiard hall, was born in Germany in 1841; came to America in 1864. He has built several of the business blocks in this city, and engaged in his present business in...

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Biographical Sketch of John Malmquist

John Malmquist, of the firm of M.C. Carlstrom, & Co., dealers in foreign and American marble-Douglas St., opposite Journal office was born in Sweden 1836; came to America in 1871, and settled in Vt.; removed to Mich.; thence to Chicago, where he remained four years, and came to this city in 1880. He married Julia Brown. They have three children-Harry, Edwin and...

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Biographical Sketch of D. Elliott

D. Elliott, dealer in crockery, glass, wood and willowware, house, hotel and steamboat furnishing goods, established this business in 1870; his establishment was destroyed by fire Dec. 5th, 1875; reopened Dec. 7th, of the same year. The building has two stories and basement, all of which he occupies, carrying one of the largest stocks of goods of this description west of Chicago. He was born in Pennsylvania; has been in Iowa twenty years; was formerly in business in Iowa City. H.E.Sawyers, head salesman, for the above firm, has been connected with this house for more than twelve years. He was born in Davis County, Iowa, in 1856; came to this city with his parents in 1857, where he has made his home ever...

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Biographical Sketch of A.C. Larson

A.C. Larson, proprietor of the Oriental Steam laundry-corner of Pearl and 3rd Sts., was born in Denmark in 1857; came to America in 1870, and settled in Iowa; came to this city in 1880. He married Lydia...

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Biographical Sketch of F.C. Hills

F.C. Hills, of the firm of Hills & McKercher, successors to Groninger, dealers in hardware, stoves, tin ware, wagon stock, barbed wire, etc., sole agents for Adams & Westlake’s non-explosive coal oil stoves, also agents for rubber paint, galvanized iron cornice work a specialty-numbers 33 and 35, Pearl St.-was born in England in 1843, came to America in 1849, and settled in Oneida County N.Y.; removed to Iowa in 1868, in the interest of the S.C.P.R.R. Co., and located in this city in March of that year. He was general traffic manager for the above road, and the first railroad agent in Sioux City. He served as 2nd sergeant in the late war in Co. E. 117th N.Y.I., under Col. Wm. R. Pease. Mr. McKercher, of the above firm, was born in Flint, Mich., and was for some times traveling salesman for a Chicago house. He came to this city in the winter of...

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Biographical Sketch of J.W. Denton

J.W. Denton, of the late firm of Flinn & Denton, of the Central meat market, was born in Keokuk, Iowa, in 1856; moved to Neb. in 1859, and in 1872 to Council Bluffs; came to this city in...

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Biographical Sketch of S.B. Jackson

S.B. Jackson, ex-sheriff of Woodbury County, was born in Pennsylvania in 1845; removed to Linn County, Iowa, in 1864; thence to this city and engaged in the real estate business. He was elected mayor in 1877, and served three terms; was elected sheriff in 1879; his term expiring with the beginning of the present year; Mr. Jackson served two years in the late war in Co. B., 17th Pennsylvania...

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Biographical Sketch of Capt. A.J. Millard

Captain A.J. Millard, undertaker, corner 9th and Douglas streets, was born in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.; came west in 1856, and in November of that year located in Sioux City, where he engaged in building operations under the firm name of McDougall & Millard, and continued in the business twenty-two years. In 1861 he raised a company of one hundred men, by a special order of the war department. The company was called the Sioux City cavalry, and was engaged against the Indians. He served with that company three years, six months of the time in an official capacity, by appointment of Gen. Sully. In 1863, he accompanied Gen. S. on an expedition as...

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Biographical Sketch of S.O. Gibbs

S.O. Gibbs, proprietor of American House-Jennings St., between 3rd and 4th Sts.-has newly refitted and refurnished his hotel with a view to accommodating the traveling public, farmers and boarders at reasonable rates. He was born in N.Y. in 1825; removed to Wis., in 1869. The same year he came to this city, where he worked at carpentering, and next opened a meat market. He served in th U.S.A., at Leavenworth, Kan., was treasurer of Concord township four years. In 1880 he visited Salt Lake City,...

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Biographical Sketch of H. Hilgers

H. Hilgers, dealer in staple and fancy groceries, provisions, flour, etc.-7th St., west side-was born in Germany in 1832, came to America in 1852, and settled in Galena, Ill.; removed to this city and engaged in farming for thirteen years, when his health failing him for that pursuit, he engaged in his present business. He has served as school...

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