Location: Wilmont New Hampshire

North Road Cemetery, Wilmot, Merrimack County, New Hampshire

Alexander Wm. Alexander 84 yrs. and wife Rebecca Samuel Alexander Barber Julia Ann Barber Jethro Barber, Jr., died August 30, 1819 Barney Moses Barney and wife, Sarah F., and son Gilbert C. Bean Nancy E., daughter of Daird and Elizabeth Bean died 1825 Benaiah Bean, died June 14, 1856 age 59 Bixby Mabel (Clay) Bixby Brodgett Olive A. Brodgett Brown John Brown 1840 Buzzell Edward Buzzell 83 yrs. Clay Sumner J. Clay 74 yrs. and wife Alvina A. Buzzell Herbert S. Clay and wife, Elizabeth Kimball Polly Wadleigh, wife of Shubell Clay 71 yrs. Shubell Clay 76 yrs. John Clay, 81 yrs. and wife Sarah Dearborn 2nd wife Phoebe Allen James Clay and wives Mary Braley and Eunice Colby Elizabeth D. daughter of Jonathan and Ruth Clay Deacon Jonathan Clay 78 yrs. and wife Ruth 80 yrs. Richard Clay 80 yrs. and wife Mary Jane Ford and Carrie Ida Clay, their daughter David Clay 80 yrs. and wife Mary 69 yrs. Mary E. and David, Jr. and Sarah J. their children Leonard Clay John Clay 83 yrs. and wife Polly Currier John G. Currier and wife, Abiah E. Currier Gilbert M., son of Barnard and Roxanna Currier 1826 Barnard Currier 1836 and wife Roxanna 1840 Morrill Currier 92 yrs. and wife Rachel Lydia H. 2nd wife of Morrill Currier 75 yrs. Andrew Jackson, son of Lieut. Morrill and Rachael...

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Eagle Pond Cemetery, Wilmot, Merrimack County, New Hampshire

Braley Charles Braley Brown Iddo Brown (soldier of 1812) died 1889 – 92 yrs. old David W. Brown and Melinda Flanders, his wife Jedadiah Brown Azilsa E. Brown Sarah, wife of Laban Brown age 93 Two infant daughters of Benjamin and Fanny Brown died June 1835 The oldest readable stone in this cemetery is Moses, son of Laban and Sarah Brown died October 25, 1816. Bussell/Bussing/Buswell Ella A., daughter of Tryphosa Bussell Jabez M. Bussell Timothy Bussing Hiram Buswell Edmond Buswell, died 1851 – 82 yrs. old Currier Nathan Currier Flanders Amos Flanders Frazier Benjamin Frazier Hilvard Abigail, wife of Weare Hilvard Kemfield Mary E. Kemfield Keyser/Kezer Hiram Keyser Levina Kezer Sanborn Charles B., son of William and Martha C. Sanborn died 1825 Sleeper Jonathan Sleeper Taft Elizah J. Taft Tilton Sherburn Tilton Waldron Eliza Waldron Thomas C., son of Jesse and Eunice Waldron died at Mokelumne Hill, California July 16, 1853 (probably buried in California) Jesse Waldron died June 4, 1872 The original spelling of the names, as recorded on the stones, has not been changed. We have record of 29 instances of burials in this...

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Church Cemetery, Wilmot, Merrimack County, New Hampshire

Atwood Elvira, wife of George W. Atwood, formerly wife of James Durgin, age 82 yrs. and their daughter: Bertha J. Bagley Fred E. Bagley Isabelle Bagley Brown Elizabeth, wife of David D. Brown of Kensington, died 1831 age 85 yrs. Dea. Nathaniel Brown 87 yrs. and wife Mindwell 68 yrs. Randall Andrews 92 yrs. and wife Lucinda H. Brown 82 yrs. Lucy A., wife of Dexter E. Brown Clarence A., son of Dexter E. and Lucy A. Brown Carr Samuel Carr and wife Nancy age 92, their child: Nancy Ann died 1816 Rhoda E. Carr Cross John, son of Nathaniel and Betsy Cross died 1831 Benjamin G. Cross 81 yrs. and wife Sarah P. Loverin 83 yrs. Jesse Cross, 87 yrs. and wife Mary 84 yrs., their children: Mary E. H. died 1813 George A. died 1852 Everin B. Cross and wife Susan R. Cross Dill Rhoda T., wife of Ansyle S. Dill Doknes Willie J. son of Proctor W. and Mary C. Doknes Durgin James H. Durgin and daughter Ida M. Harvey Durgin Eavens Mary Eavens 87 yrs. old Emery Abby, daughter of Timothy and Fanny Emery Emmons/Emons Benjamin Emmons 85 yrs and wife Imogene V. Smith 89 yrs. John Emons Charles T. Emons 76 yrs. and wife Jennie F. French 73 yrs. Gillman/Gilliard Abigail, wife of Aaron Gillman (or Gilliard) age 80 died 1873 Gray George Gray...

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