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Location: Westmoreland Pennsylvania

Biography of John McKimens

John McKimens. Pottawatomie County was organized in 1857, It is one of the oldest counties in that section of the state that was fairly well settled during the border period of Kansas history. The present county seat, Westmoreland, was established in 1871 and was named for Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The pioneer who gave the name to the county seat was the late John McKimens, Sr. He was one of the first settlers in Pottawatomie County, having located at the present site of Westmoreland in Oetober, 1856, a year before the county was organized. John McKimens, Sr., was born in Pennsylvania in 1822 and came to Kansas from Westmoreland County. His grandfather had immigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania. His father, Henry MeKimens, was born in Pennsylvania and spent his life there as a farmer, dying in Westmoreland County in 1870. He married a woman of German ancestry. John McKimens, Sr., grew up in Pennsylvania, and on coming to Kansas located on a farm in Pottawatomie County, and in 1858 secured the establishment of a post office, which was the nueleus around which the present City of Westmoreland developed. He preempted a claim of 160 acres, and gradually developed a good farm, and at the time of his death, which occurred at Westmoreland in 1896, be owned 250 acres. He was a leader in hls community in making it a free...

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