Location: Westboro Massachusetts

Miller Family of Middleboro MA

ABISHAI MILLER, than whom no man connected with the iron industry in New England stood higher in reputation for skill and efficiency in workmanship, and at the time of his death, Jan. 30, 1883, president of the Atlantic Works, which he had helped to organize and in the prosperity of which he had long been a vital factor, was born June 22, 1809, in Fall Brook, Middleboro, Mass., son of John and Susanna (Sparrow) Miller, and a member of a family which located in that town in the seventeenth century. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to...

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Biography of Albert Barnes Watkins

ALBERT BARNES WATKINS IN THE broad and varied interests of education, and as possessing intellectual powers admirably fitted for the practical application of knowledge to the wants of our young men and women engaged in the courses of study, no man in Albany has earned a more excellent reputation than Dr. Albert B. Watkins, of the University of the State of New York. His career, marked by a supreme love for knowledge, reveals in full light the earnest, persevering and successful workings of the true educator under many pressing difficulties. He was born on the 8th of July, 1838, in the beautiful village of Naples, N. Y., situated in the deep valley which extends southward from the head of Canandaigua lake, around which the charms of nature are so richly displayed, and where general intelligence, industry and thrift are prevailing characteristics. He is a descendant of Thomas Watkins, who was a resident of Boston, Mass., in 1650, and who probably came from Wales to Boston about the year 1635. He was made a freeman at Boston in 1660, and was a member of the artillery company there in 1666. The name of Watkins is of Welsh origin, and this branch of the family of which we write probably came from either Brecon or Montgomery, Wales. Nathan Watkins, the great-grandfather of the subject of our memoir, was one of the...

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Biography of Melvin Harvey Walker, Jr., M.D.

MELVIN HARVEY WALKER, JR., M. D, has been a medical practitioner in Pittsfield for nearly a decade. He is a native of Westboro, born October 21, 1886, son of Melvin H. and Ann (Moses) Walker; his father being a manufacturer in Westboro; and the mother now deceased. The son Melvin took the usual courses in the grammar grades and was prepared for college in the Westboro High School and Phillips Academy, Andover. He was graduated from Yale University in the class of 1909 with the degree of B. A.; graduated from Harvard Medical School in the class of 1915 with the degree of M. D. Dr. Walker began his actual career as a physician by serving as interne at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and then entered upon the practice of his profession at Pittsfield in 1915. He is a member of the staff of the House of Mercy Hospital, Pittsfield. Dr. Walker is a member of the Chi Rho Sigma fraternity of Harvard University, the Alpha Delta Pi fraternity of Yale University, the American Medical Association, Massachusetts Medical Society, Berkshire County Medical Society, charter member of the Kiwanis Club, and member of the Country Club of Pittsfield. He is affiliated with the Congregational Church. Dr. Walker married, September 15, 1914, Helen Gates. They are the parents of two daughters, Ann and...

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Biographical Sketch of Frederick Locke

(V) Frederick, son of Lieutenant Joshua Locke, was born at Westboro, June 6. 1757, and married (first) in 1793, at Charlestown, New Hampshire, Anna Farwell, who died in 1804. He married (second), July 15, 1805, Lucy Graves, of Washington, New Hampshire. He prepared for college at Leicester Academy, but instead of going to college enlisted in the American army shortly after the revolution began, anti remained in the army during most of the war. After the war was ended he is said to have often remarked that “he did not regret the decision he made, though he lost his pay and his health.” He was a civil engineer and a surveyor by occupation, and lived at Acworth and Charlestown, New Hampshire. He died January 17, 1834. Children of first wife, born at Acworth: Henry, September 24, 1799; Melinda, March 9, 1804. Children of second wife, born at Charlestown: Frederick, May 9, 1807; William G., mentioned elsewhere; Catherine J., February 28, 1810; Lucy G., May 2, 1811; Ann F., March 30, 1813; Sarah F., April 6, 1815; John H., March 31, 1817; Rachel W., April 24, 1819; Mary J., June 7, 1821; Benjamin F., November 13,...

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Biographical Sketch of Joshua Locke

(III) Joshua, son of Ebenezer Locke, was born August 21, 1709, and married (first) at Woburn, March, 1732, Hannah, born January 2, 1712, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Reed. He married (second) Tabitha, daughter of Dr. Isaac Bellows, of Southboro, buried at Boston, April, 1744. He lived in Woburn, Westboro, Boston ( ?) and Southboro, and was probably a carpenter by occupation. He sold land in the latter town to Isaac Amidon in 1753. and was on the alarm list of that town in 1757, and died there, in 1767. His second wife survived him. Children: Joshua, mentioned elsewhere; Josiah, born February 6, 1735, at Westboro; Ebenezer, August 5, 1737, at Oxford...

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Biographical Sketch of Lieutenant Joshua Locke

(IV) Lieutenant Joshua Locke, son of Joshua Locke, was born at Woburn. July 22. 1733, and married Abigail Maynard, probably of Westboro. He lived first in Westboro, where most of his children were born. Later he removed to Sudbury, where his son Fortunatus was born. May, 1795, he was an ensign in the army under General Winslow, at Nova Scotia, and was doubtless the Lieutenant Locke who was in the army with General Braddock and was wounded at the time of Braddock’s Defeat. He was also with Colonel Rogers, the famous ranger in New York, and was at one period one of the king’s surveyors. Many of the towns of New Hampshire were surveyed by him, with instruments presented him by King George III, for distinguished services. At the time of the revolution he was the only one of the name of Locke who was a loyalist or Tory, and when the British evacuated Boston, March 17, 1776, he left with the army. He was in one of the battles at Staten Island, where he met and recognized his sons, Frederick and Henry, in the American army. Eventually he went to England and never returned. His youngest son, Fortunatus, also went to England some years later and nothing further is known of either. His wife remained in Westboro and died shortly after her husband had departed. Children, the first...

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