Location: Webber Falls Oklahoma

Slave Narrative of Johnson Thompson

Person Interviewed: Johnson Thompson Place of Birth: Texas Date of Birth: December 1853 Just about two weeks before the coming of Christmas Day in 1853, I was born on a plantation somewheres eight miles east of Bellview, Rusk County, Texas. One year later my sister Phyllis was born on the same place and we been together pretty much of the time ever since, and I reckon there’s only one thing that could separate us slave born children. Mammy and pappy belong to W.P. Thompson, mixed-blood Cherokee Indian, but before that pappy had been owned by three different masters; one was the rich Joe Vann who lived down at Webber Falls and another was Chief Lowery of the Cherokees. I had a brother named Harry who belonged to the Vann family at Tahlequah. There was a sister named Patsy; she died at Wagoner, Oklahoma. My mother was born ‘way back in the hills of the old Flint District of the Cherokee Nation; just about where Scraper, Okla., is now. My parents are both dead now seems like fifty, maybe sixty year ago. Mammy died in Texas, and when we left Rusk County after the Civil War, pappy took us children to the graveyard. We patted her grave and kissed the ground,telling her good-bye. Pappy is buried in the church yard on Four Mile branch. I don’t remember much about my...

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Biography of Simeon Cecil Canary

Simeon Cecil Canary is one of the progressive young business men of Southern Kansas, and is a member of a family that has some of the largest holdings in the ranch and oil districts of Southern Kansas, Northern Oklahoma, and also operates ranches in other states. Simeon Cecil Canary was born at Webber Falls, Oklahoma, May 15, 1892. His ancestors were among the pioneers of the State of Ohio, where his father, J. D. Canary, was born, in 1869. J. D. Canary was reared in Texas, and in 1898 came to Kansas. He lived for several years on a ranch just across the border in Oklahoma, but has his home in Caney since 1902. J. D. Canary is president of the Canary Oil Company and is general manager of the two large ranches owned by himself and sons. He is an active democrat. J. D. Canary married Enolia Gibson, who was born at Collin, Texas, in 1872, a daughter of M. W. Gibson. Her father was a native of Texas, was an extensive cotton raiser and owned a number of cotton gins both in Oklahoma and Texas. She died at Waggoner, Oklahoma. The children in the Gibson family were: Mrs. J. D. Canary; James, a farmer at Waggoner, Oklahoma; W. M., Jr., a general merchant and farmer at Webber Falls, Oklahoma; M. W. Gibson, who has extensive farming and...

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