Location: Washington District of Columbia

Biographical Sketch of Robert B. Mitchell, Gen.

Gen. Robert B. Mitchell was a soldier of the Mexican war from Ohio, a leading figure of Kansas territorial days, one of the ablest officers of the Oivil war representing the Union army of the state, and finally governor of the Territory of New Mexico. He was born in Richland County, Ohio, April 4, 1823; educated at Washington College in Pennsylvania, after which he studied law; was admitted to the bar, and practiced at Mansfield, Ohio, from 1844 to 1846. He then entered the army as a first lientenant in an Ohio regiment and served through the Mexican war, resuming his law practice in 1847_ In 1856 he moved to Kansas, where he became an active participant in political affairs as a free-state advocate, and in 1857 was elected to the legislature. From 1858 to 1861 he held the office of territorial treasurer. At the outbreak of the Civil war he entered the army as colonel of the Second Kansas, and was severely wounded at the battle of Wilson’s Creek. Subsequently he raised a regiment of cavalry and was commissioned brigadier general of volunteers. At the battle of Perryville, Kentucky, October 8, 1862, he commanded a division of the Third Army Corps, and at Chickamauga was in command of the cavalry corps of the Army of the Cumberland. At the close of the war he was appointed governor of...

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Biography of Ezra King Longley

Ezra King Longley was one of the very early members of the bar of Elk County. He had not resided continuously in Elk County since he first went there more than forty-five years ago, but in recent years he had given all his time to his general practice as a lawyer with offices at Howard. Mr. Longley is now seventy years of age. Few men of that age have had such opportunities to know American life at the fountain head and have had experiences covering so many different and varied scenes and bringing them into closer contact with the men and affairs of the time. Mr. Longley inherits the traits of a very worthy ancestry. His Longley ancestors were Scotch-Irish people who settled in Massachusetts in colonial days. His great-grandfather, Colonel Longley, was a gallant officer in the Revolutionary struggle. His grandfather, Capt. Edmond Longley, who died at Hawley, Massachusetts, in 1853, was a farmer by occupation, and at one time served as captain in the Massachusetts state militia. Ezra King Longley was born at Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, March 4, 1846. Wisconsin was still a territory when he was born. His father, Abner T. Longley, was born at Hawley, Massachusetts, November 26, 1821, and died at Washington, District of Columbia, February 23, 1896. After growing up at Hawley, where he had some experience as a school teacher, he married...

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Biographical Sketch of John Foreman

John Foreman, farmer; P. O. Charleston; the subject of this sketch was born in the District of Columbia March 17, 1823. He married Miss Harriet E. Richardson Oct. 10, 1842; she was born in Franklin Co., Ohio, March 24, 1820; they have seven children, viz., William T., John R., Joseph, Isaac P., David B., Thomas N. and Edward P. He lived in the District of Columbia until he was 12 years of age; he then moved to Fayette Co., Ky., with his parents, who engaged in farming, and he remained until 1853, when he came to Illinois and settled in Charleston, where he lived two years while improving his farm; he then came on his present place, and has lived here since. In 1865, he was elected Supervisor of Seven Hickory Tp.; he was also one of the first two Justices of the Peace of this township, being elected in 1860, and served four years; he has also served as Commissioner of Highways and Township Trustee. He owns 260 acres in this county. His parents, Joseph and Mrs. Chloe Payne Foreman, were natives of England and Virginia; they were married in the District of Columbia; they moved to Fayette Co., Ky., in 1834, where his father, died; his mother died in Lexington,...

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Biography of Lawrence F. Lyons

LAWRENCE F. LYONS, a member of an old New England family, gifted in his chosen profession of the law, interested in various lines of fraternal and organized advance, and a veteran of the World War, is a thoroughly representative figure in the progress of the day. With interests centering in Pittsfield, he is gaining an enviable reputation in Western Massachusetts, and his friends consider his future one of great promise. Mr. Lyons is a son of Thomas and Mary (McCarthy) Lyons, and the Lyons family has for many generations been prominent in the Connecticut River Valley in the village of Rockville. The elder Mr. Lyons devoted his life activity to the textile industry, and is now an overseer in a Pittsfield mill. The mother is deceased. Lawrence F. Lyons was born in Rockville, Connecticut, August 31, 1897. His education was begun in Pittsfield, to which city the family removed in his infancy, and first attending St. Joseph’s Grammar School, he was later graduated from St Joseph’s High School in the class of 1916. Devoting one year to a preparatory course at the Catholic University, Washington, D. C., he gained his professional training at the law school of the same institution, from which he was graduated in 1920. Returning to Pittsfield, Mr. Lyons became identified with the prominent law firm of Hawkins, Ryan & Kellogg. This firm has since become...

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Biography of Hon. William A. O’Hearn

HON. WILLIAM A. O’HEARN – A figure of the moment (1924) in the “Old Bay State” is Senator O’Hearn, who has formally entered the race for the second highest office in the Commonwealth. As a local servant of the people, as a representative to the Lower House of the State Legislature, and as a distinguished member of the State Senate Senator O’Hearn has proved himself worthy of the most unreserved confidence and highest esteem of the people of this State, and in his candidacy for Lieutenant-Governor both he and his friends feel great confidence of success. That he has countless friends in all parts of the State would argue conclusively for his victory at the polls, and in his ever forward looking attitude and his intense loyalty to the sovereign people his sincerity is unquestioned and is universally recognized. William A. O’Hearn was born at North Adams, March 8, 1887. Receiving his early education in the public schools of his birthplace, he was graduated from Drury High School in the class of 1905. Taking up his professional preparations at Georgetown University, in Washington, District of Columbia, he was graduated from the law department of that institution in the class of 1909. At once establishing his office in the city of his birth and lifelong residence, Mr. O’Hearn entered upon the practice of the law with this excellent equipment, and...

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Biography of Charles V. D. Siegel

CHARLES V. D. SIEGEL – The city of Springfield, with its population of over 162,000, has need for many lawyers. Charles V. D. Siegel represents one of the younger members of the profession, having not yet reached his twenty-eighth year, and having been in actual practice for a period not exceeding five years. In this short time, however, he has shown marked ability for the work, and the future holds much promise for him. Charles V. D. Siegel was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, March 5, 1898, and is a son of Morris Siegel, born in East Prussia, and his wife, Rose (Baime) Siegel, a native of Russia. The parents left their native homes, and upon arriving in this country settled in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where Morris Siegel engaged in business as a dry goods merchant. He is still (1925) a resident of this city and continues to conduct his mercantile enterprise which has brought prosperity to him. Charles V. D. Siegel was reared in the healthful environment of Pittsfield, and was given a good education. His early studies were pursued in the public and high schools of Pittsfield, after which he continued studies at the Morningside Preparatory School, graduating from this school with the class of 1913. He then matriculated at the Georgetown University, Washington, District of Columbia, where he studied for two years, and was graduated from the University...

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Biography of Charles T. Uhlman

CHARLES T. UHLMAN. – Mr. Uhlman, a portrait of whom is placed in this history, although a young man, is an example of what the possibilities are for a young man when guided by honesty, industry and business ability. Coming to Tacoma but a few years ago, our subject entered a meat market as an apprentice at a salary of fifteen dollars per month. To-day he is a member of the council that guides the interests of the City of Destiny, the proprietor of a large and increasing trade, with branch houses at different points on the Sound, and is erecting handsome brick blocks that will stand as monuments to the enterprise and industry of one of Tacoma’s brightest business men. Mr. Uhlman was born in Washington, District of Columbia, January 10, 1861, and is the son of Charles J. Uhlman, a former district surveyor of the District of Columbia. His mother was Minnie (Frank) Uhlman, both of his parents being of German descent. When our subject was but five years of age, the family suffered the irreparable loss of the husband and father. They resided in Washington until March 4, 1869, when he with his mother and four brothers, started West, coming to St. Louis, Missouri, and one year later to Portland, Oregon. Our subject then attended school for eighteen months. The family, in 1872, located a homestead...

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