Location: Walnut Grove Missouri

Biography of Thomas R. Appleby, M. D.

THOMAS R. APPLEBY, M. D. In tracing the genealogy of the Appleby family in America, we find that three brothers of that name left the Green Isle of Erin and came to America about the time of the Revolutionary War. James Appleby, grandfather of our subject, was a son of one of these brothers. He was a native of Tennessee, whither his father had moved from Pennsylvania in 1832, and was a soldier in the War of 1812. About 1832 Grandfather Appleby moved to Springfield, Missouri, where he was among the first settlers, but later located in Polk County, that State, where he and his worthy wife passed the remainder of their days. His son, Andrew M., father of the subject, was born in Tennessee, and was only eight years of age when the family moved by wagon to Missouri. His birth occurred in Lincoln County, where some members of this family reside at the present time. Andrew grew to mature years in Polk County, and attended school but three months in early life. He married Miss Lititia Sumners, a native of Tennessee, born in 1827, and afterward began to gain an education, attending a common school for some time. He settled in Greene County, near Ash Grove, and there reared his family. His occupation in life was farming and stockraising, but he also followed black-smithing to some extent,...

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Biography of E. O. Sloan, M. D.

E. O. Sloan, M. D. The attainment of success in life along any path of endeavor demands energy, honesty, conscientiousness, self-reliance and proper preparation. The presence of genius is also desirable, but for permanency the homely virtues and practical qualities are absolutely necessary. To the undoubted possession of these may be, in large part, attributed the success that had attended the efforts of Dr. E. O. Sloan, who had figured prominently in the medical profession of Crawford County for more than a quarter of a century, as a practitioner at Pittsburg and had maintained throughout his entire career a high standard of professional ethics and scientific principles. Dr. E. O. Sloan was born in Polk County, Missouri, February 25, 1855, and is a son of Dr. Absalom C. and Mary Jane (Hamilton) Sloan. He belongs to a family of Scotch-Irish origin which emigrated to America from Scotland and Ireland at an early day and located in Kentucky as pioneers during colonial times. In that state was born the grandfather of Doctor Sloan, Jeremiah Nelson Sloan, August 26, 1789. A farmer and stock raiser by vocation, in 1831 he moved to Polk County, Missouri, where he was elected the first county judge. He came to be a man of importance, substance and general worth in his community, and wielded a large influence for good among his fellow-citizens, who, recognizing his...

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