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Location: Union County PA

Narrative of Marie Le Roy and Barbara Leininger

The Narrative of Mary le Roy and Barbara Leininger. Who for four and a half years were captive among the Indians, and on the 6th May 1759 arrived happy in this city. From her own lips never written and promoted to the Press. This manuscript gives an account of the captivity and escape of these two girls, whose families lived on Penn’s Creek, in the present Union County, Pennsylvania. It also provides a lengthy list of names of other prisoners met by the two ladies in their captivity.

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Biography of George P. Nieman

George P. Neiman. A career of singular interest and one that had been characterized by marked achievement is that of George P. Neiman, executive head of the Bank of Whitewater, an extensive farmer and stockman, and a citizen who had contributed in many ways to the growth of Butler County, and particularly to the thriving community of Whitewater, which he promoted and which is situated upon a portion of his original homestead, on which he filed in 1869. Mr. Neiman is a native of Pennsylvania, born at New Berlin, Union County, January 24, 1842, and a son of Isaac and Eliza (Swartz) Neiman. The Neiman family was founded in America previous to the war of the American Revolution, and the first of the family of whom authentic information had been obtained was Carl Neiman, the great-grandfather of George P., who was a resident of Berks County, Pennsylvania. His son, Peter Neiman, was a farmer and miller near Boyertown, and the latter’s son, Isaac Neiman, was born in Berks County, in 1813. Isaae Neiman learned the trade of harness maker in his youth, and in 1854 removed to Iowa, settling near Tipton, Cedar County, where he engaged in farming until his death, September 17, 1862. George P. Neiman received his education in the schools of Tipton, Iowa, and in his youth became a eountry school teacher, in addition to which...

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Biography of Gideon Penrod Marner, M. D.

Gideon Penrod Marner, M. D. This is a name known throughout the length and breadth of Marion County because of Doctor Marner’s long and active career as a physician and surgeon. Doctor. Marner had practiced at Marion for a quarter of a century and most of his experience and work in the profession had been in Kansas. He was born January 4, 1856, at Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a locality famous as the scene of one of the greatest calamities in history, the Johnstown flood of 1889. However, the Marner family had moved from Western Pennsylvania many years before. His parents, Jonathan and Elizabeth (Penrod) Marner, were both born in the same locality. His father was born October 21, 1825, and his mother on September 24, 1835. They were married in 1852. Jonathan Marner was a farmer and carpenter and in 1865 moved with his family to Iowa, where he spent most of his years as a farmer. He died at Iowa City August 14, 1909; and his wife passed away there on June 30, 1905. They were the parents of eleven children, five sons and six daughters. Magdalens, born January 21, 1854, died April 8, 1855; Gideon P.; William, who was born February 7, 1858, and is now practicing medicine at Miles, Iowa; Nancy, born October 3, 1860, died November 11, 1871; Sarah, born April 16, 1863; Isaac, born January...

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Biographical Sketch of A. W. Kreamer

A. W. Kreamer, lumber merchant, was born in Center County, Pa., December 6, 1844. He attended school at Marklseville Normal Institute. Also attended the Union Seminary in Union County, Pa. He united with the Evangelical Church, and has been a minister of that denomination from 1867 until the present time. He came to Jewell City, Kan., in February 1879, when he had charge of the church at that place, until 1880. He then engaged in the lumber business. Was married in Montoursvilie, Lycoming Co., Pa., August 10, 1869, to Miss L. A. Strevey, and has two children – William E., born August 31, 1871 and Roland A., born November 4,...

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Biographical Sketch of B. F. Royer

B. F. Royer, one of Burr Oak’s prominent citizens, was born in Union County, Pa., January 13, 1850; moved from there to Stephenson County, Ill., in October, 1868; from there to Jewell County, Kan., in the spring of 1872, and took a homestead three miles southeast of Burr Oak, and still owns the same. Mr. Royer is a waggonmaker by trade, and followed that business from eighteen years of age until he was thirty-two; commenced running a wagon and blacksmith shop of his own in the spring of 1873. In 1882 he bought the livery, barn and stock of O. B. Ford, in Burr Oak, and engaged in the livery business. Mr. Royer was Treasurer of Burr Oak Township seven years, City Marshal one year, and is at present one of the City Council. Was married in Monroe, Wis., November 13, 1870. to Miss Marien R. Fair. They have two children – Lila B. and Nita E. Is owner of two-quarter sections of land, blacksmith and wagon-shop, livery barn, and the residence where he now lives in the city of Burr...

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Biography of James Philip Murray

James Philip Murray. The largest institution of its kind in Kansas City, Kansas, is the Murray Baking Company. As a business it is one of the considerable assets of the community. Its product is known and appreciated by thousands of customers. The business affords employment, and on other grounds could hardly be left out of any list of leading enterprises. The business also had a human interest, since the plant is the outgrowth and product of the technical ability and the energy of one man, James P. Murray. Mr. Murray came to America some thirty-five years ago, poor in worldly goods but with a remarkable vitality and an eagerness and resolution to make something of himself. There is a heightened interest in his success because of the fact that he is a baker by accident rather than by deliberate choice. However, before taking up his experiences and activities in this country something should be said of his birth and family connections. He was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, near the Town of Dungannon, May 16, 1864, youngest of the eleven children of Philip and Margaret (Irwin) Murray. His father was both a farmer and a freighter, and in the days before railroads were built in Ireland he hauled a great amount of freight in wagons. He and his wife spent all their lives in the old country, where he...

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Biography of Robert N. McMillen, M. D.

Robert N. McMillen, M. D. Doctor McMillen began the practice of medicine in Kansas thirty-five years ago, and was among the first physicians in Pratt County. Much of his early practice was among the pioneer homes of that section. For seventeen years his home and offices have been at Iola, and he still carries the burden of a heavy practice at that city. Doctor McMillen represents Scotch ancestry, who came to America many years ago and were pioneers in the State of Kentucky. His grandfather Robert McMillen was a native of Kentucky, was a farmer there, and met his death as a result of accident. Isaac McMillen, the father of Doctor McMillen, was born near Lexington, Kentucky, in 1826. He grew up in that state, and was early attracted into a profession which engaged the services of many men in the early half of the last century just as railroading does today. He became a steamboat captain, piloting boats up and down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers from St. Louis to New Orleans and also from Pittsburg to St. Louis. For a number of years he had his home at Bellaire, Ohio, in Belmont County. He married there, and his death occurred at Bellaire March 23, 1857. The cause of his death was smallpox. In politics he was a democrat. Captain McMillen married Margaret J. Davis, who was born...

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Biography of Virgil Marion Blanding

Virgil Marion Blanding was born December 8, 1827, at Grenell Mills (now Aldenville), Wayne County, Pennsylvania, and died March 3, 1907. His father, Reba Blanding, was one of the original proprietors of Grenell Mills, but spent his later years on his farm nearby. His mother was Beulah Ann Grenell. Both branches of the family were of Hugunot stock; the known line of descent on the father’s side running from William Blanding, who emigrated to America and settled in Boston in 1640, where he soon after became “selectman.” His four great grandfathers, Noah Blanding, John Martin, Michael Grenell and Elijah Marshall, were soldiers in the Revolutionary War, the last named being a member of Arnold’s expedition against Quebec and one of the first inside the enemies works. He was wounded, made a prisoner and exchanged, and afterwards fought under General Wayne at Stony Point, continuing on active duty until the close of the war, from which he emerged with the honorable record of a brave, faithful and gallant patriot. The maternal great grandfather, Michael Grenell, was participant in the battle of Saratoga, and in that engagement distinguished himself by his courage and devotion. Mr. Blanding received a thorough common school education, and after courses in several academies entered Bucknell University at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, the leading Baptist collegiate institution of the State, from which he graduated in 1852 as valedictorian of...

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Union County, Pennsylvania Census Records

1790 Union County, Pennsylvania Census Records Free 1790 Census Form for your Research Hosted at – Ancestry Free Trial  Hosted at Pennsylvania USGenWeb Archives Young Census Information Hosted at Census Guide 1800 U.S. Census Guide 1800 Union County, Pennsylvania Census Records Free 1800 Census Form for your Research Hosted at – Ancestry Free Trial  Hosted at Pennsylvania USGenWeb Archives Young Census Information Hosted at Census Guide 1800 U.S. Census Guide 1810 Union County, Pennsylvania Census Records Free 1810 Census Form for your Research Hosted at – Ancestry Free Trial  Hosted at Pennsylvania USGenWeb Archives Young Census Information Hosted at Census Guide 1810 U.S. Census Guide 1820 Union County, Pennsylvania Census Records Free 1820 Census Form for your Research Hosted at – Ancestry Free Trial  1820 Union County, Pennsylvania Census Images $ Hosted at USGenWeb Census Project Index Partial Washington, Freeburgh Washington, and Perry Townships Hosted at Pennsylvania USGenWeb Archives Young Census Information Hosted at Census Guide 1820 U.S. Census Guide 1830 Union County, Pennsylvania Census Records Free 1830 Census Form for your Research Hosted at – Ancestry Free Trial  1830 Union County, Pennsylvania Census Images $ Hosted at Pennsylvania USGenWeb Archives Index Hosted at Pennsylvania USGenWeb Archives Young Census Information Hosted at Census Guide 1830 U.S. Census Guide 1840 Union County, Pennsylvania Census Records Free 1840 Census Form for your Research Hosted at

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Union County, Pennsylvania Cemetery Records

Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. Cemeteries hosted at Union County PAGenWeb Project Cemeteries hosted at Union County Pennsylvania USGenWeb Archives Young Cemetery Cemeteries hosted at Union County Pennsylvania Gravestones Dreisbach Union Church Cemetery New Berlin Cemetery White Deer Cemetery Cemeteries hosted at Union County Pennsylvania Political Graveyard Cemeteries hosted at Union County Interment Grace Evangelical Cemetery Hartleton Cemetery Lincoln Chapel Cemetery Mifflinburg Cemetery Cemeteries hosted at Union County Pennsylvania Find a Grave Allenwood Cemetery Alvira Cemetery Baker-Kelly Family Cemetery Brown Gravesite Bucknell Cemetery Buffalo Church of the Brethren Buffalo Crossroads Presbyterian Cemetery Buffalo Mennonite Cemetery Chestnut Hills Cemetery Church Hill Cemetery (Kelly Twp) Church of God in Christ Mennonite Cemetery Dreisbach United Church of Christ Cemetery Dry Run Cemetery East Side Cemetery Ebenezer Cemetery Eilmsport Cemetery Eyers Old Winfield Cemetery Forest Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery Grace Evangelical Church Cemetery Hartlend Cemetery Hartleton Cemetery Hartleton Hill Cemetery Hartleton Mennonite Church Cemetery Hartley Family Cemetery, Scenic View Farm Hartley Family Cemetery Hettrick Burial Ground Highland Cemetery Hillside Cemetery Hilltop Cemetery Hironimus Union Cemetery Iddings Cemetery Johnson Family Burial Site Keister Cemetery Kester Dunkard Church Cemetery Klopp (Clapp) Cemetery Lantz Cemetery Laurelton (Laurel Run) Union Church Lee Burial Site Lewis Cemetery Lewisburg Cemetery Lincoln Chapel Cemetery Lincoln Methodist Episcopal Church...

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