Location: Toronto Canada

1851 Toronto Canada Directory, Medical Societies and Colleges

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Medical, Surgical And Benevolent Society Toronto School Of Medicine. The Toronto School of Medicine opens the last Monday in October, and closes the Iast Monday in April. The lectures correspond to the requirements of the medical faculty of the University of McGill College, Montreal. This school having been recognised by that Institution, qualifies for graduation according to its rules. Lecturers Dr. Workman, Dr. Morrison, Dr. Langstaff, Dr. Aikin and Dr. Rolph. Medical Board, Canada West. Established by Act of Parliament. President: Hon. C. Widmer, M. D., F. R. C. S., England. Members: W. C. Gwynne, M.D.; W. Beaumont, F. R. C. S., England; R. Hornby, M. D. George Herrick, M. D.; Walter Telfer, surgeon; William B. Nicol, M. D.; William Durie, K. H. and M. D.; John King, M. D.; E. Clarke, M. R. C. S., England, secretary. The Board meet at Toronto...

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1851 Toronto Canada Directory, Clergy and Churches

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Resident Clergy, Churches, And Hours Of Divine Service. Church Of England. The RIGHT REV. JOHN STRACHAN, D. D., L. L. D., Bishop of Toronto. Ven. A. N. Bethune, D. D., Archdeacon of York. Rev. H. J. Grasett, M. A., examining and domestic chaplain, and secretary to the Bishop. Parochial Clergy REV. H. J. Grasett, M. A., rector of St. James, and officiating chaplain to the forces Rev. Stephen Lett, L. L. D., minister of St. George’s church Rev Richard Mitchele, B. A., minister of Trinity church Rev. Henry Scadding, M. A., minister of the church of the Holy Trinity, and chaplain to the Bishop. Rev. Walter Stennett, M. A., assistant minister of the Church of the Holy Trinity Rev. E. Baldwin, M. A., assistant minister of St. James’s church. Cathedral Church Of St. James. Rev. H. J. Grasett, M. A., St. John’s College, Cambridge, rector; Rev. E. Baldwin, M. A., King’s College, assistant minister. Trinity Church. Rev. R. Mitchele, B. A., Trinity College, Dublin, minister. Hours of service on Sundays-eleven, A. M., and half-past six, P. M. St. George’s Church. Rev. Stephen Lett, L. L. D., Trinity College, Dublin, minister. Hours of divine service on Sundays, at eleven, A. M., and seven, P. M.; and on the last Sunday in the month,...

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1851 Toronto Canada Directory, Mineral Water to Railroad Agents

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Mineral Water Depot Goedike, E., Plantagenet water depot, King st., west. Music And Musical Instrument Store NORDHEIMER, A. & S., publishers and importers of music and musical instruments, 14 King st. east an extensive assortment of the celebrated piano fortes of Chickering, and Stodart & Dunham, at manufacturers prices. Publishers And Importers Of Music Teachers Ambrose, C. & J., Church st. Clarke, J. P., Church st. Mustard Manufacturer CRAWFORD, D., & Co., mustard, ink and blacking manufacturers, York mills, corner of King and George sts. News Agent NIMMO, JOHN, 7 City buildings, King st., east. Newspapers and Periodicals BRITISH COLONIST, semi-weekly newspaper, Hugh Scobie, King st. east. CHRISTIAN GUARDIAN, weekly newspaper, A. Green, King st. east. CHURCH, weekly newspaper, A. F. Plees, King st. west. CHRiSTIAN OBSERVER, monthly periodical, J. M’Cord. EXAMINER, weekly newspaper, James Lesslie, King st. east. GLOBE, tri-weekly and weekly newspaper, George Brown, King st. east. MIRROR, weekly newspaper, J. Dunlevy, corner of Nelson and King sts. NORTH AMERICAN, weekly newspaper, W. M’Dougal, Yonge st. PATRIOT, daily and weekly ,newspaper, Wellington buildings, King st. east, T. Thompson, editor, E. G. O’Brien, proprietor. PRESBYTERIAN MAGAZINE, Rev. J. Jennings. UPPER CANADA MEDICAL JOURNAL, monthly magazine, A. F. Plees, King St. WATCHMAN, weekly newspaper, Rev. T. T. Howard, editor, Wellington buildings, King...

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1851 Toronto Canada Directory, Public Offices

The Capital City of Western Canada, is situated on a fine bay of Lake Ontario, in the Township and County of York; the City is an electoral district, returning tow members to the Provincial Parliament, and the Courts of Law for the County are held here. Toronto possesses many natural advantages for trade, which will be greatly increased when the projected railroad lines, of which she will be the centre, are completed, distance from Kingston, 165 miles, usual stage fare, 45s, usual steamboat fare, 20s, distant from Hamilton, 45 miles usual stage fare 7s 6d, usual steamboat fare, 7s 6d. Population, including the troops usually in garrison, estimated at 30,000. In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. City Council His Worship John G. Bowes, mayor. St. George’s Ward Aldermen, Wakefield and Thompson; Councillors, Ashfield and Wright. St. Andrew’s Ward Aldermen, Ridout and Cameron; Councillors, Ritchey and Carr. St. Patrick’s Ward Aldermen, Robinson and Sheard; Councillors, Brigg and Dunn. St. James’ Ward Aldermen, Bowes and Whittemore; Councilors, Hayes and Price. St. David’s Ward Aldermen, Dempsey and Kneeshaw; Councilors, McLean and Beatty. St. Lawrence Ward Aldermen, R. Beard and T. G. Beard; Councillors, Smith and Patt. Officers Of The Corporation George Duggan, jun., recorder John King, M. D. George Duggan, senior, coroners A. T. McCord, chamberlain John Boyd, assistant chamberlain Charles...

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1851 Toronto Canada Directory, Ginger Beer to Hardware Merchants

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Ginger Beer Maker Sproat, Henry, 60 King st. west Glover Smith, Henry 150 Yonge st Glue Maker Cave, Samuel, Church st. Gunsmiths ASHFIELD, James, gun and rifle manufacturer, 21 King st west, guns neatly percussioned, gunpowder and shooting materials of every description Green, S. F., Yonge st Greene, John, 5 Martime place General Merchants BRETT, R. H., general merchant, 161 King st. east. BROWN, A. V., & Co., wholesale dealers in groceries, teas, wines, liquors, &c., also shelf and heavy hardware and crockery by the crate, Yonge st. BRUNSKILL, THOMAS, general merchant, wholesale and retail dealer and importer of wines, brandies, teas, tobaccos, sugars, coffees, rice, oils, paints, putty, glass, &c., Church st. CHANCE, SON & Co., general and Birmingham merchants, 53 King st. east. CLARKSON, THOMAS, wholesale general merchant, Front st. DARLING, BROTHERS, wholesale importers and hardware merchants, Church st. opposite Beard’s hotel. HAYES, BROTHERS, importers of groceries and hardware, 6 and 7 St. James buildings, King st., east, nearly opposite the market. HOWLAND & FITCH, general merchants and importers of wines, spirits, teas and groceries, 38 Front st. MACKAY, JOHN M., general dry goods, groceries and liquor dealer, Yonge st., opposite Shutter st. taverns supplied with wines and liquors at the lowest wholesale prices. MITCHELL, JOHN, & Co., general commission...

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1851 Toronto Canada Directory, Daguerreotype to Furniture Brokers

Daguerreotype Artists Blakeley, Alex., City buildings, King st., east. Palmer, E. J., 74 City buildings, King st., east. Dentists KAHN, CHARLES, surgical and mechanical dentist, 46 King st., west, 2 doors from Bay st. all operations in dental surgery performed upon the most approved scientific principles, and warranted to prove effective. Kahn, Charles, Bay st. Wood, Samuel, 43 King st., west. Smith, J. F., 5 King, st., east. Dry Goods Merchants (Wholesale). BOWES & HALL, wholesale importers of dry goods, Yonge st. BRYCE, MCMURRICH & Co., wholesale dry goods importers, 5 Yonge st. EWART, JOHN, jun., & Co., wholesale importers of dry goods, 25 Front st. FOWLER, HENRY, wholesale importer of dry goods, 41 Yonge st. GILMOUR & COULSON, importers of British and Foreign manufactures, and general warehousemen, 16 and 18 Yonge st. HOUGHTON & MAY, importers of staple and fancy dry goods, 4 Yonge st. MACLAGAN, J. W. D., representative of John Vance & Co., Leeds, woolen manufacturers; and of Rennie, Tetley & Co., stuff merchants, Bradford residence, Yorkville. MCKEAND, BROTHERS & Co., importers and wholesale dealers in fancy and staple dry goods, 11 Yonge st. MCMASTER, WILLIAM, wholesale dry goods merchant, next adjoining Bank of Montreal, Yonge st. MILLER, ROBERT S., importer of staple and fancy dry goods, Yonge st. O’NEIL, P. J., wholesale importer of British and Foreign fancy and staple dry goods, 29 Yonge st....

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1851 Toronto Canada Directory, Cabinetmakers to Cutlers

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Cabinetmakers And Upholsterers FRENCH, RICHARD, chair manufactory, wholesale and retail 54 King st., west. JACQUES & HAY, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, Windsor and cane seat chair, and patent bedstead manufacturers wholesale and retail, 42 King st., west, corner of Bay st., manufactory, Bay shore. PARKER, THOMAS D., cabinetmaker, 63 Queen st., west every description of furniture constantly on hand, or made to order in the best manner, on reasonable terms. ROBERTS, GEORGE, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 115 Yonge st., opposite Elgie’s hotel a choice stock of cabinetware always on hand, or made to order. at reasonable prices. SHEPPARD J. & E., cabinetmakers and upholsterers, turners and chair makers, 264 Yonge st. WILLIAMS, H. T., upholsterer and undertaker, 61 King at., west coffins made and funerals furnished hearses and palls to let. WILLIAMS, H. BURT, cabinetmaker and furnishing undertaker, 140 Yonge st. coffins, grave clothes, scarfs, crapes, gloves, &c., kept on hand hearses and carriages kept for hire coffins delivered 10 miles free. WILLIAMS, J. J., cabinetmaker, upholsterer and undertaker, 49 Queen st., west every description of cabinet work and upholstery of the latest fashion hearses kept for hire. WILSON & HAIGH, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 34 King st., west window cornices made and draperies fitted up, according to the latest and most fashionable designs. Non...

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Biographical Sketch of Paul Kane

Paul Kane, born at York, the present city of Toronto, 1810; died 1871. After spending several years in the United States he went to Europe, where he studied in various art centers. Returned to Canada, and from early in 1845 until the autumn of 1848 traveled among the native tribes of the far west, making a large number of paintings of Indians and scenes in the Indian country. One hundred or more of his paintings are in the Museum at Toronto; others are in the Public Archives of Canada, Ottawa. Some of the sketches and paintings were reproduced in his work Wanderings of an Artist, London,...

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Clymer, Doris Schnebly – Obituary

Doris Schnebly Clymer, 99, of Issaquah, Washington, died Sunday May 18, 2008 after a short illness. She was born April 3, 1909, in Ellensburg, Washington to Joseph Jay and Elizabeth Barnhart Schnebly. Her early years were spent on the family ranch which was located in the Fairview District, where she attended a one-room schoolhouse. After graduating from Ellensburg High School, Doris went on to study History and English at Washington State College (now WSU), where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1931. In 1932, Doris married high school sweetheart and artist John Ford Clymer. Over the 58 years of their marriage, Doris and John lived in Wilmington, Delaware; Toronto, Canada; Westport, Connecticut; Bridgewater, Connecticut; Teton Village, Wyoming; and Issaquah, Washington. They traveled extensively around the United States and Canada while Doris helped John research his Saturday Evening Post covers, illustrations, and Fine Art paintings. It was Doris’ love of Western American history that led to John’s illustrated interpretations of historic events in the American West that comprised his later career. Doris was a thorough and dogged historical researcher, and it was her untiring investigations that led the couple to the precise locations where events occurred. This enabled John Clymer to be known as the artist whose works could be studied for their historical accuracy. The Clymer’s favorite areas of study included the Oregon Trail (Doris had five great-great grandparents...

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Biography of William A. Cornell

William A. Cornell, secretary and manager of the Geneva Brewing Company, appears to be one of those fortunate individuals, the right man in the right place, if we may judge by the results he has achieved in the industry with which he has been connected for a number of years. He has inherited, and understands how to make the best use of, the admirable traits which have descended to him from his English and Scotch ancestry, and to these he has added the best that is to be found in our own country. Both his grandfather and father were brewers and it seemed but natural that he should adopt the same calling. He has made a thorough study of the art, practically and scientifically, in Canada, the United States and in Australia, and is considered by competent judges a master in it. William A. Cornell was born in Toronto, Canada, December 25, 1864. His school education was a sound and practical one, fitted to the line of work he intended to follow in later life. He was an apt student when he applied himself to learning the art of brewing, and mastered the details with such celerity that at the age of seventeen years he was made the manager of a brewery in Canada; he has been connected with this industry without intermission since that time. He has traveled...

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Biographical Sketch of William Potter

William Potter, the first member of this family of whom we have definite information, was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1817, died at Shortsville, Ontario county, New York, in 1900. He came to Machias, Cattaraugus county, New York, as a young man, and engaged in farming. In 1860 he removed to Palmyra. He married Julia Slover. Children: James K., referred to below; John W.; Evans; Rebecca, married Solomon Burton. James K., son of William and Julia (Slover) Potter, was born at Machias, Cattaraugus county, New York, August i8, 1844, and is now (1910) living at Shortsville, Ontario county. He received his education in the public schools of Machias and spent his early life assisting his father on the farm. When his father removed to Palmyra, he went with him and lived at home until 1864, when he enlisted in Company B, Eleventh New York Cavalry, in which he served until November 15, 1865, when he received his honorable discharge. Returning to ‘Palmyra, he engaged in various occupations until 1875, when he finally settled on a farm near Shortsville, Ontario county, which he managed until 1906. In that year he moved into the village of Shortsville and entered into partnership with his brother, John W. Potter, the two conducting a coal business under the firm name of Potter Brothers. He is a member of the Maccabees, and of Herendeen Post,...

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Biographical Sketch of David Jamieson

(II) David (2), son of David (1) Jamieson, was born at Dumferline, Scotland, September 19, 1800; married at Collinton, Scotland, March 17, 1828, Margaret Muir (Parish Church records at High Edinburgh, Scotland, Rev. Lewis Balfour, minister). Margaret Muir was born in Edinburgh or Glasgow, 1809-n, and died in March, 1870. David died in 1886 in Canada. He came to America when a young man in 1834 and after living for a short time in New York City, removed to Toronto, and thence to Yorkville, Canada. Children: I. David, born in Scotland. 2. Jane, born in New York City, October 7, 1834, died in Barrie, Canada, September 11, 1910; married John Johnston (II). (See Johnston). 3. Daniel. 4. Francis. 5. John. 6....

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Biographical Sketch of Maurice A. Hollingsworth

Mr. Maurice A. Hollingsworth, a veterinary surgeon, now practicing his profession in the City of Rock Island, was born December 10, 1872, at Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been a resident of Rock Island for a number of years. He is the son of Abraham and Celestia S. Hollingsworth, who gave him an education in the Ontario Veterinary College at Toronto, Canada. After completing his studies there he took up his residence in Rock Island and commenced the practice of his profession, which he has gradually built up so that he now ranks among the foremost of his profession in this vicinity. It was not until 1904 that Doctor Hollingsworth decided to wed, and on September 4 of that year he married Miss Isabel J. McConochie, the charming and well known daughter of Ex-Mayor William McConochie. Doctor Hollingsworth ranks high in his profession, and is well and favorably known throughout the County of Rock...

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Biography of Nelson Bennett

NELSON BENNETT. – Though Toronto, Canada, must be accredited as the birthplace of the distinguished personage whose name heads this brief sketch of a most active, useful and busy life, yet were his parentage and ancestry thoroughly American. On the paternal side the Bennetts were natives of Virginia, three generations back; and his mother was of the ancient and time-honored family of the Spragues of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He was born October 14,1843; and his father died when he was seven years of age, leaving a widow and six children. The family resided upon a farm; and Nelson was afforded the opportunity of acquiring a good rudimentary education in the grammar schools near Toronto. The custom was to work on the farm six months, and go to school the remainder of the year. This was continued until his fourteenth year. In his seventeenth year he left Toronto, and came to Orleans county, New York, the old home of the family, where he attended school for one year. During much of his first year in New York, he was sick from the effects of a singular but severe accident. He was riding horseback through the timber, his horse being on a lope, when he came to a limb extending across the road, which he thought he could avoid by ducking his head. The limb,, however, so caught his body,...

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